F2 Trading Corp Review: FX Trading Corp Reboot Legit or Scam? Watch This!


F2 Trading Corp Review

everyone says Jessie saying welcome back to another video this time we’ll be talking about f2 trading Corp is the latest network marketing company in the trading niche and someone probably approached you about the business opportunity maybe it was in a telegram group or Facebook and now you landed on this video to make sure this is something that’s legit and it’s something that you want to do well the good news is I’m gonna walk you through the company products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join it up but before we get started make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel click that bell notification button for more reviews like this and other trainings on my channel and also it’s gonna learn how to market online the right way visit a millionnaire java comm i will show you step by step on how to you know basically knock it out of the park with any kind of business opportunity if you’re in network marketing affiliate marketing e-commerce small business we can help you take it to the next level by customizing a plan just for you or your particular business and if you don’t have a business we can show you some great steps on what kind of business you should get started in that are more newbie friendly so anyway let’s get into this so f2 trading Corp was prior to this was called FX trading Corp which went under and in the FX trading Corp website they were talking about how f2 trading is the next basically that’s her name they basically rebooted themselves because of some issues basically they I guess ran out on vestments people stopped investing in them and they ultimately almost went under but they relaunched us up to trading so basically Phillip hand on Facebook identifies himself as FX trading Corp global master distributor right now I’m not sure if he actually runs f2 trading Corp because it’s basically FX trading Corp it’s different name but looks like he’s going to go full force with this one again but before he got in you know involved in trading companies as you know as a FX trading he was actually a distributor in Jeunesse which is a skincare company just totally do legit I still going strong today but as a right now f2 trading Corp doesn’t exist outside of the you know out basically doesn’t exist outside a telegram group that I found even if you go on the energy Google ff2 trading Corp it’s a website basically it’s a login form that you have to register to and that’s about it you can’t really do anything outside of that so so the trading the f2 trading core products they don’t have any retail products or services basically you can become an affiliate and then and as an affiliate you can promote their affiliate membership the compensation plan I have more detail in basically f2 trading Corp members invest into the company a company be on a promise they’ll get three percent daily ROI for 200 days now this will run you anywhere between the f-100 package is a hundred bucks where the F 50000 package is fifty thousand dollars you can also earn six percent Commission’s on the funds invested by a person sponsored affiliates so that is could be pretty large if someone actually goes with this that’s a big Commission anyway what draw restrictions and f2 trading Corp I basically have two trading Corp members restricted from withdrawing more than the following fifteen percent of the daily returns slash Commission’s 10 percent of the weekly returns slash Commission’s seven percent of the return loss Commission’s earned over a rolling 15-day period three percent of return slash Commission’s or burned over a rolling thirty day period so residual Commission’s on the investments are paid through a binary compensation plan that just means you have a left and a right leg to qualify for this you need to sponsor these two people put one on the left one on the right and basically at the end of each day after trading Corp checks and adds up all the investment volumes on both your legs and pays you up to eight percent on the lesser leg and any left over volume is over to the next day the maximum amount you can get in one day is $30,000 so residual Commission’s on daily returns is to a unit level composition plan you can get paid up to ten levels deep and you are capped at two percent of the investment volume I’m not gonna go in to detail here but I’ll put this blog post in the description box below so you can actually take a look for yourself and take your time with it I’m just gonna skim through this really quickly basically star-1 produce through a three thousand accumulate a week or buying the binary team side volume or qualify for level one so as a star one you you qualify for level one as a star ten you qualify up to 10 levels one to ten this just means you need to produce twenty million in accumulated weaker binary team side volume okay and also they got star rank rewards once you hit star six and higher you can get the following rewards a star six you can get a Rolex or a submarine watch whereas a diamond star you can yeah let me see here qualifies a diamond star which is twenty thousand sorry two hundred million in accumulated weaker binary side volume and have a two personally sponsored black star or higher affiliates you can get five million dollars which is pretty huge okay pasta join will run you a new petite up between one hundred two fifty thousand so the final verdict this f2 trading corn scam exists well to be honest anything any company that promises any kind of return is pretty much a scam look at just FX trading for example what happened to them all you know f2 trading Corp made no effort of changing their business model or product line or anything to make them legit they basically just changed your name and are gonna do it all over again and if you ask any FX trading Corp investor they’ll probably lost their shirt in this one so basically after trading Corp claims all the external ROI is through trading box which is pretty much krabi us because if that was the case if they figured out a way to do that FX trading Corp would still be going strong and they don’t need any investments from affiliates they can just get a small bank loan and its completely crush it but that is not the case basically what happened was FX trading Corp went under is because people start recruiting and because they were using newly invested funds paying off execs existing members that was how they made near ROI and obviously once recruitment slowed down the auto eyes slowed down and went to a standstill so to reinvent themselves it has caused themselves up to trading for they threw a lot of hype in it and now they’re gonna try to do it all over again at the end of the day same things gonna happen to this recruitment is gonna slow down and the company is gonna go under and 99.9% of people that join this company as investors will lose their money and that’s about it so I do not recommend this company get started in something that’s legit that’s physical products that have you know really went through the test of time CBD stuff is very popular these days you can probably take a look at that I reviewed a bunch of those type of companies on my channel so take a look at those but other than that just be smart about this if it doesn’t have a real product and there’s no real retail going on it’s pretty much a scam okay so anyway I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel I click that Bell notification button for more videos like this and other trainings on my channel and if you want to learn how to promote any kind of business online the right way step-by-step doesn’t matter if you’re in an MLM some kind of business opportunity affiliate marketing e-commerce you have your own small business we can help you take it to the next step-by-step and will customize the program that seat suits your needs so that’s the millinery dr.com so anyway I hope you enjoy this video and I’ll see you the next one take care buddy you

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