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Hey guys welcome to this video in this video I would like to discuss a new business opportunity that has launched on the 1st of August so today we have August 16 so that business is pretty much 2 weeks old so the business is called X wallet X X W wallet and what they offer is four different services so they would offer them four different areas so one is exchange one is wallet one is trading and one is payment so you can basically exchange cryptocurrency within the wallet that is offered here and you can also earn daily income from those exchange commissions and on top of that you can benefit from a crypto trading that is also attached to this concept so and you you can also have a payment card that will be launched and we will discuss we will discuss the white paper in a few moments where you will see all the dates and yeah okay so so what’s the deal with xw wallet so this is a daughter company of bebop payments so view of payments is a Austrian company that has been around for 18 months approximately so and what they offer is yeah they’re basically connecting the crypto world with the traditional banking world so you can load cryptocurrency to your to your debit card and that’s a MasterCard and go and spend it in the shop right in a store so this is what they’ve been doing for 18 months so this is a well-established yeah payment service and now they’re coming out with a exchange wallet and this is what we are discussing today so they they have a xw coin that you can that that you will use to invest or to add money to to the trading to the to the trading software right and you can buy it through the back office so and in a few moments we will discuss the back office but let me just mention one more thing so they will also offer a xw card program and those cars will be available in countries Germany Switzerland and Austria so you can basically lease a car using your xw coins alright so let me quickly jump into the presentation so yep here it is okay so they basically offer daily payouts they offer a very attractive compensation plan they offer security and they also offer some rewards for for the community so if you build a team you will be rewarded with affiliate commissions so so in the book back office you will see different features you can exchange between crypto and Fiat you can also exchange within cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin cerium and unlike in regular exchanges where you need to find a customer first to sell your your Bitcoin let’s say here you have Bitcoin and the theorem available at any time so they have cryptocurrency in stock so that that means you don’t rely on the customer that has to have the same amount that you are looking for so the cryptocurrencies always in stock right you can also replenish your back-office with euros and you can use a sip that was it for that yeah so this is how the dashboard looks like and we will have a live demonstration in a few seconds this is how your affiliate tree will look like so there will be in total 10 levels were where you can receive matching bonus so this is the profile where you enter your data and kyc will be mandatory once it’s implemented right now it’s it’s not active but you will have to go for the KYC at a later stage so this is how you upload your documents and and your ID and then as far as the revenue so in order to start you need to deposit at least 500 euros so right now it’s 300 and beginning beginning with first of September that will be 500 euros worth of crypto or in yeah o in fiat currency and what you get is 0.32% daily paid out in xw coins and that’s a year seat winning token right that will be posted to your back-office on a daily basis as far as the compensation plan you will be receiving a matching bonus right so it’s not a a one-off commission based on the amount your partner will invest it’s a percentage from from earnings of your partners so if your partner is earning let’s say 10 bucks a day you will be receiving 5 bucks a day right this is how it works and in order to unlock those levels you need to have a certain number of direct partners so one active direct partner so one partner that has invested at least from that euro will unlock the first level so you will be receiving Commission’s for your first level partners and if you have to direct partners with at least 500 euros you will receive matching bonuses for two levels so and that goes on with three partners you get three levels with with six partners actually you get four then eight partners you get five and if 10 partners you get six and the maximum level of yeah the maximum number of levels is 10 and therefore you need 20 direct partners alright so as far as the road map so this is all accomplished right so the token was launched the exchange was launched the car program will be launched in October the app will be launched in January 2020 the payment tool is scheduled for May 2020 and the official listing of the yeah of the token will happen in August so let’s quickly go back to to the website so let’s have a look at the team of X W token so you will what you will find here is a very transparent management team so they have registered two different companies one in Slovenia and one in Austria so those three gentlemen would be belonging to the Slovenian d.o oh right so and this company is fully compliant with Slovenian legislation so they have all the registrations as far as their cryptocurrency activities so this is fully compliant of the local law and as far as the Austrian company this is led by Benjamin hack sock a Austrian citizen so he’s also the CEO of Viva payments and Nava company and as you can see that’s a Austrian GmbH so the Austrian limited right and yeah you’ll see the whole team here and they yeah they also have people that are looking after specific markets like this guy behind camera he would be responsible for the russian-speaking market right so this is as far as the team and this person here Benjamin head so he is always available for leader calls he’s he’s very present publicly right so he’s accessible for for the leaders he’s doing webinars and he will be attending the events so very transparent very open and then as far as the two companies so that would be the head company in Ljubljana in Slovenia right the CEO is Christian could Cigna and then the Swiss camp no the Austrian company is based in Klagenfurt in Austria and you will see all the registrations here also in the text ID and the CEO mentioned here as far as trading so they will be publishing monthly trading reports and that will be that will be no PDF like you would see from other companies it will be a hot link so you can go to that link and see all the trades you can verify all the trades so this will be done on a monthly basis so they they will be very transparent with their customs ok now let’s have a quick look at the back office so this is the dashboard and you will see the different cryptocurrency prices here and you will see your balances so I already have some xw coins and before you can start you have to replenish your wallet theory I’m a Bitcoin you click on that little icon here in the middle and then you make your payment right and once you have received your payment you can then go to the exchange and exchange your Bitcoin 2xw token and then you just go back to wallets now what you have to do is add your X W wallet coins to the profit wallet right and you just click this button here on the left hand side and you had the amount you want your transfer and you are done so your funds will be blocked for 30 days after 30 days you can take out your money right if you do it before those 30 days you will pay a fee of 10% okay but you can take out your initial investment at any time right so this is basically what I wanted to show you and then here on the downloads you will have the German presentation you know you will have the white paper you will have the compensation plan in German and English so and you can also have a look at the white paper and I guess we will discuss the white paper in a separate video since this will just yeah blow the schedule here we don’t want to make this video terribly long but yeah that’s the white paper that we can discuss in a separate video all right guys thanks for your attention I hope you liked the video so if you if you liked the business and want to join you will find all the links down below and yeah thanks for watching bye

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