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ExpAsset Review

What’s up YouTube welcome back to my channel my name is Sean Logan in this video we’re gonna talk about expert asset which is a cryptocurrency mining company and an educational company that I’d joined over a year ago and I’m gonna give you a little a little preview of what this program is like and why I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start building a stream of income from their computer so first off in order to understand this thing you need to understand that it’s a hybrid it actually there’s actually two compensation plans that you can profit from by getting in this thing if you do it the way that I teach so there’s a matrix and a binary tree and if you’ve gone if you’ve purchased my my private social media Mentor Program you know the difference between those two if not there’s a link in the description of this video get in to my social media mentor program because it’s gonna teach how to make a a little money alright so if you’ll see here we have some different wallets here we have a profit wallet a mining wallet and a regular wallets and then we have a cash wallet let me up our withdraw right here see I’ve withdrawn over 16,000 dollars in this program and then we have our binary plan no I purchased a binary plan for $1,000 a while ago and it actually already expired it already paid me back a hundred and twenty percent profit so I’m gonna go over go over all this stuff it’d probably take me like 15 minutes or so you can see here over on the left we have all this navigation here now the main things that you need to know in here is we have this thing called affiliation and then we have this right here this is the matrix now when you click on affiliation this is actually our binary tree we have a leg going right here on the top and we have a leg going down here on the bottom so this would be like your right leg this would be your left leg so we have a we have a binary rebuilding out that you can earn from and then we also have a matrix that you can earn from so what I recommend in order to maximize profits is you get into the matrix right here it’s only 25 bucks to get into the first level and 75 bucks to get in a second and so on and so on and then you also get a binary plan so what I did is I actually I just got all three of these and then I went I use profits to get into this one now this is where the mining starts at the m 250 when you start get the m 250 you’re gonna start getting little mining profits now Bitcoin mining is very slow right now all across the globe there’s no exception to that I’m it’ll probably it’ll pick back up you know and we see Bitcoin go back up to like you know 7,000 8,000 10,000 and beyond the mining profits will increase but right now it’s very slow but does not stop us from making lots of money off this matrix the binary plan so I showed you the I showed you how how it kind of builds out they have it going sideways now what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna purchase a binary plan right now while I’m recording this so you’ll see we have this cash wallet here and we have this this this other wallet now as you’re mining earnings come in here and as your profits come in here on this profit wallet and the mining wallet so this this profit wallet comes from your binary your binary plan that you get this comes from the mining and then commissions from the the matrix and the the binary get loaded like directly in here so these two wallets right here you don’t have to do anything with these once a week they will automatically send money from the profit wallet and the mining wallet into your wallet over here on the right to this green one now if you wanted to purchase a binary plan or purchase a matrix position what you want to do is anything that you have in here you need to transfer to this green this cash wallet down here this is the one that you use to purchase within the system so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to buy a hundred dollar binary plan so I’m going to see if who knows we have 80 80 something bucks here we have 18 bucks there so I need to transfer this to the cash wallet so we’ll transfer the 80 to 30 cents and now see we have 100 bucks down here in the cash wallet now we’re gonna use this to purchase a binary plan so we click on binary plan and we’re gonna grab one Isis’s plan has been purchased so within the next couple days or so we’re gonna start seeing daily profits come in from this by night plan it averages 1% a day some days it might be like other days it might be right on the money right on 1% but it’ll be some slight fluctuations that’s how it was for me because I’ve already purchased a whole buy I purchased $1,000 binary 2 binary plan earlier and it already paid me out the full one 120% so that’s what their their projected goal is to get everyone 120 percent profit on these binary plans let me show you this was a video I made actually back in 2017 my I joined this thing back in 2017 I’ll show you a really quick clip this is the CEO right here of him walking around in their mining form so you know that they actually do have a mining farm and they that they are a real legit company that does what they say they do because most companies are fake they don’t do what they say they do so we’ll watch this little video clip right now so that’s their mining form I’m the CEO his name is Patrick you can look him up on YouTube he goes everywhere and does presentations and educates people and cryptocurrency and stuff like that I gave you just even typed in like expert asset CEO and at YouTube like there’s there’s a bunch of videos of him traveling around like here’s one watch it really quick so that they’re a very active company that’s putting on seminars all over the world I’ve actually made a bunch of money off this when they open when they went into another country and they opened up this opportunity into another country and the matrix this mining matrix when they opened this program up to a new country tons and tons of people flooded into this opportunity and because I had already purchased a matrix position in advance I just started getting paid out like freaking crazy from this matrix so they do things like that like they’ll literally open up a country and if you’re already you already have a spot locked in in this matrix and you already have a binary plan purchased you might all of a sudden just out of nowhere just start getting tons and tons and tons of commissions on here because you took action and that’s what happened with me when I first joined I had my initial network that that Kate that joined me you know within my social media and in my my circle and then they started opening up other countries and just more and more people flooded into this network and we all made a lot of money I’m gonna show you some of the the Commission’s that we got in here so you can see this this is a history right here of all these payouts that I’m getting you see these 375 625 32 cents 125 375 125 51 times these are the the mining payouts that are they’re really low right now but it doesn’t matter 125 625 375 1250 625 see all these I mean I how just I have tons of pages of these I mean like like we can go back to like page six like look at all the pages I have of these payouts that are just constantly constantly coming in from this program I have to I mean look at all the pages of payouts I have I literally have like over a hundred pages of payouts from this program so they’re they’re out there they’re doing the hustle like they are opening up countries they’re bringing tons of people into this network that’s why I highly recommend you get both you get the binary plan and you get the matrix all right it’s cheap like you can get a binary plan for a hundred bucks I mean I got $1,000 binary plan when I first started but it already expired and I just had like a hundred bucks on there so it transferred it back in and then the matrix 25 bucks to get in now when you’re when you’re just getting started what you’d want to do with this thing is come in to where it says affiliation so this is back this or binary tree now remember there is a left leg and a right leg or a top in the bottom and if you’ll notice up here there’s actually two referral links we have a referral link for the top and a referral link for the bottom so you want to keep your legs evened out so this would this would be your bottom referral link this is your top so be aware that when you’re when you start building it this thing if you come into your where to go where to go down all the marketing you can you can download the PDF the PDF file and give a PDF PDF presentation like I did in one of my other videos I’ll just I’ll go to it really quick so you can see what it looks like but if you ever want to give like a PDF PowerPoint style presentation you can go through this I did this before in my other video so I’m not gonna like give the PDF presentation in this video but if you want to see it I did post a video on it a few months back but this company has been paying out for well over a year you know I joined back in 2017 you saw maybe my YouTube video from back in 2017 and they’ve never stopped paying so if you’re like a big networker if you got a network of people and you want to get them into a real legit company that actually has real products and real services that they sell and has a real mining farm this might be a good option for you they also have what you can buy cryptocurrency down here they have a little link to to an exchange that you can you can get involved in those people already know how to do that though constructional movies you know if you need help setting up everything is in here there’s one other thing I wanted to show you so all your products so as you go through through these different different levels in your matrix and things like that you you unlock different educational products you can get signals so these are all the products in here that they’re selling so this is where the profits come from like when you’re getting paid out the daily profits on your binary plan it’s coming from people purchasing these products and then when you’re getting paid out did the little daily profits from the mining it’s from that mining firm that I showed you in the video so this is like a transparent long-term company the way I see it because I mean you saw my video back in October I had videos from back in October of 2017 this is when I did seven months ago there’s when I did six months ago so I’ve been doing updates on this program you know as as things progress with it and as I keep getting results with it there’s a lot other marketers doing stuff with this program it’s big I mean there’s a lot of people in this thing but this thing is solid this thing has is not going anywhere so long-term stable program with real products real mining foam so I will continue to update as things move forward with expert asset if you need any help learning how to do social media marketing and getting people to join a program like this send me a DM on Facebook and I’ll get you some some trainings about how to how to use Facebook and how to use YouTube and how to use Instagram and all that stuff alright that was my update on expert asset if you want to join expert asset there is a link in the in the description of this video let me know after you you get in and then I’m gonna add you to some of the other there’s a bunch of Facebook groups for expert asset as well where you can get additional support so that there’s a whole bunch of them in here we also have a Facebook group chats let me find out there it is this is our expert asset Facebook group chat where you can get additional support and connect with other members so I can add you to that as well when you get started so just let me know let me know if you have any questions my name is Sean Logan and that is my little update for expert asset I will see you guys later

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