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Easy Earnings Magnet Review: $10 adpack Ponzi plan

There is no information on the Passive Profit Magnet website domain name suggesting that has or runs the business.

The Passive Profit Magnet internet site domain name (“passiveprofitmagnet.com”) was signed up on the 27th of November 2015, nevertheless the domain name enrollment is currently readied to personal.

Kent-Rainer-Buenaventura-admin-passive-profit-magnetUp till lately, the Passive Profit Magnet domain name was registered to “Kent Rainer Buenaventura” of “Revshare Income”. An address in Quezon City, Philippines was additionally given.

The address Buenaventura made use of to register the Passive Profit Magnet domain name matches the address offered on the Passive Profit Magnet Facebook web page.

According to Buenaventura’s own Facebook profile, he is presently utilized as a delivery motorist.

Keep reading for a complete review of the Passive Profit Magnet MLM business owner possibility.

The Passive Profit Magnet Product Line
Easy Profit Magnet has no retailable service or products, as well as associates only able to market Passive Profit Magnet associate subscription itself.

When subscribed, Passive Profit Magnet affiliates can make $10 down payments with the business.

Packed as well as each $10 deposit are a collection of advertising credit ratings, which could be utilized to display advertising on the Passive Profit Magnet site.

The Passive Profit Magnet Compensation Plan
Easy Profit Magnet sees associates invest $10 on the promise of a promoted $15 ROI.

Referral payments on $10 investments are paid by means of a unilevel payment structure.

A unilevel payment structure positions an associate on top of a unilevel group, with every directly recruited affiliate placed directly under them (degree 1):.


If any kind of level 1 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are positioned on level 2 of the initial associate’s unilevel group.

If any sort of degree 2 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are placed on degree 3 and so forth and so forth down an academic infinite variety of degrees.

Easy Profit Magnet cap payable unilevel levels at three, with reference payments paid as adheres to:.

degree 1 (directly hired affiliates)– 6 %.
level 2– 3 %.
degree 3– 1 %.
Signing up with Passive Profit Magnet.
Associate subscription and Passive Profit Magnet is free, nonetheless affiliates need to invest a minimum $10 in order to take part in the MLM revenue chance.

Based on the Passive Profit Magnet FAQ;.

Easy Profit Magnet is an Online Advertising as well as Revenue Sharing program.

Our company offer our participants a set 5 % day-to-day refund for 30 days from adpack acquisitions.

Passive Profit Magnet do little to mask the fact that they are running a cookie-cutter ad-credit Ponzi plan.

Affiliates invest $10 on the guarantee of a marketed $15 ROI, paid out of recently spent associate funds. This defines Passive Profit Magnet as a Ponzi plan, and reference payments including an added pyramid layer to the system.

Easy Profit Magnet will certainly continuously do benefit showing you as long as people continue purchasing the system, either with reinvestment of their earned money, or by getting brand-new advertisement packages.

Similar to all Ponzi systems, as soon as newly invested funds dry up Passive Profit Magnet will discover itself incapable to meet its ROI liabilities.

We are immune for any kind of lost monies because of reducing of the influx of new participants.

When that takes place Passive Profit Magnet will fall down from the bottom-up, leaving most financiers out of pocket.



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