Earn 1,250 NEU for each Friend you Refer to NeuCoin!‏


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In advance of the Presale starting on April 28, NeuCoin just published its Strategic Plan. If you haven’t already, check it out now and then share your opinions through a questionnaire and earn 2,500 NEU.

You can earn even more by referring your friends to take the questionnaire too. Your friend will get 2,500 NEUcoin and you’ll get a referral bonus of half that amount. That’s 1,250 NEU per friend!

Email, tweet and facebook your friends and tell them to go to neucoin.org to learn about NeuCoin and then share their opinions using your custom referral link to the questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/neucoin2?referrer=109

Good luck and thanks for spreading the word! And remember, the NeuCoin Presale starts on April 28. Don’t be late.


The NeuCoin Project Team

PS – here’s some sample text you can use for emails and tweets:

I just learned about NeuCoin, the new Bitcoin that’s easy for everyone – and earned 2,500 free NeuCoins (worth $25) by taking a questionnaire. You can also get 2,500 free NeuCoins by checking out Neucoin.org and then taking their questionnaire using this link: GET NEUCOIN FOR FREE CLICK HERE

I just learned about NeuCoin and got 2,500 (worth $25) FREE for taking a questionnaire. Get your 2,500 NeuCoins too! Check out Neucoin.org and take the questionnaire using this link: GET NEUCOIN FOR FREE CLICK HERE

Just earned 2,500 free NeuCoins (worth $25) on NeuCoin.org. You can too – take survey on GET NEUCOIN FOR FREE CLICK HERE



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