Dogs and cats are refusing to let their humans work out at home, and it’s pretty hilarious

Everyone handles self-isolation differently, but many find it helpful to establish some sort of daily routine.

For those who enjoy regularly working out — or who have decided to give exercising a try because they won’t be moving around as much — a routine could be as simple as setting aside a time each day to work out in the house.

Since people in the U.S. and around the world are being asked to stay home as part of a large social distancing effort to slow the spread of the new coronavirus (which results in the respiratory disease COVID-19,) more and more people are working out indoors.

There are a bunch of free workout services, fitness apps, and YouTube channels that can help you stay active in the comfort of your own home, but if you have a pet exercising indoors might not be so simple.

Turns out, household pets like dogs and cats aren’t huge fans of giving their humans space to work out. So when pet owners attempt to do yoga, jump rope, or do push-ups at home, their animals keep interrupting. 

People have recently started documenting their failed workouts on social media, and luckily for us, many have shared photos and videos of their furry gym buddies. Please enjoy, and always remember to check for pets before you squat.

I tried to keep a bit of routine & work out in the morning..

The dog had other ideas..

— Helen Moore (@MissHEMoore) March 24, 2020

My parents dog just wanted to help my dad with the workout, this is Kam! 😂

— jess💞 (@jessirocks14) March 25, 2020

It’s impossible to workout at home with a dog

— Sasha Jones (@TheSashaJones) March 25, 2020

Tried to workout, turned into a wrestling match with the puppy 😊🐶

— Josephine Faust (@josephines_art) March 25, 2020

I tried to do an online workout today, and Eleanor Roosevelt decided she needed to whisper conspiracy theories into my nostrils the whole time.

— Mary Laura Philpott (@MaryLauraPh) March 25, 2020

How’s everybody’s home workout routine going? Tried to do some push-ups today. The beagle was a huge help.

— Nancy Floyd (@nancy_c_floyd) March 22, 2020

Tried to stretch after an early morning workout while #WorkingFromHome. Fletcher has other ideas. #TeamEllen #EllenForIN2

— Ellen Marks for Congress (@EllenForIN2) March 24, 2020

Day 5 of Quarantine: I tried to work out and then my dog showed up…🙂🥺

— Nadia Vazquez (@Luvsoccer_12) March 20, 2020

me: i wanna work out
*pulls out mat*
my dog:

— soft r 🥺 (@santiagolden) March 24, 2020

I’m trying to do a home workout and it’s impossible

— J α d e (@Jadelsia_) March 20, 2020

At home workout is going great. My downward facing cat pose is on point!

— Beth77 (@Beth77) March 22, 2020

this is my dog begging for my attention while i workout (he does this every single time and refuses to leave)

Almost killed my cat with my ass filming workout vids

— Mikala Jamison (@notjameson) March 23, 2020

I tried to work out. My cat decided I was the perfect spot to nap. This is day 10 of my social distancing – it’s not easy but we can do it! Going on walks away from people helps.

— Madison Bateman (@madisonbateman) March 22, 2020

When you try to get a home workout in but you have cats… Daisy looking at me like “this is my yoga mat now”

These pets just want to play, so be sure to give them some attention and perhaps try to safely incorporate them into your exercise routine.

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