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There we go we’re recording so hello how you all doing good evening whether you’re watching this right now live you’re gonna catch this late on the replay I will be sharing this to many of you who we knew we Watson it later on the replay thanks for watching I definitely definitely want to tell you that look first and foremost turn off Facebook get out of all the all the social media sites turn off the TV put your phone down get away from anything make sure you pay attention to what I’m about to share I got a I got a slide that I’ll go through I just created it with my business partner we have a slide will show you we’re gonna walk through it show you the presentation show you what this amazing new platform is it’s it’s it’s brand new it’s only been out they’ve been working on it for a while now but they just launched it a few months ago they’ve been running tests my business partner alfredo delgado which you’ll see here in a moment he actually knows the owners I’ve only met them on chats haven’t met them in person yet but we’re looking forward to really getting this going you’re gonna see why because of what bitcoins been doing Bitcoin has been blowing up I was for the first time Bitcoin blew off I was involved and did pretty pretty well and another opportunity a couple years ago when Bitcoin was going through a boom back in 2017 and I’m excited to catch this next one because I do believe between now and 2020 which is only six months away we’re gonna see a huge explosion so with that thank you all for watching make sure to turn off all the distractions pay attention with that I’m gonna share my screen and we’ll show you what this is all about so right there you should be seeing the Bitcoin deal you should see that it says 2019 Bitcoin deal I’m gonna pause my video and go right into the presentation so you all should be able to see this so 2019 new Bitcoin deal thanks for being here thanks for watching this again if you’re watching this and recording make sure you watch the whole thing if you’re watching life thank you for being on here live right now let me walk you through the through the presentation here tonight so first and foremost if you’re brand spanking new to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole I’m not gonna give you a full crash course I’m not gonna show you every single thing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but I’m going to keep it very very simple just tell you a few things so you know for those of you wondering what is Bitcoin bitcoin is a crypt currency a form of electronic cash is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer network without the need of any intimate intimate Aires so that’s what bitcoin is in a nutshell it’s just basically a crypto currency it’s a form of currency it’s an electronic cash it’s that simple how does Bitcoin work Bitcoin works on a vast public ledger also called the blockchain that’s probably what’s the most powerful part about bitcoin is the blockchain where it functions and works where all the transactions are confirmed also included in things called blocks as each block enters a system it is broadcast to the peer-to-peer computer network of users for validation in this in this way all users are aware of each transaction which prevents stealing and double spending where someone spends the same currency twice the process also helps spot-clean blockchain users trust the system so very very simple the price of Bitcoin here’s just a graph performance of what Bitcoin has done in the past I think this is from when it this is okay so this goes back to July to about the summer of 2014 to to about today 2019 to the start of 2019 as you can see it was very very low for those of you ever done any type of trades or trading and you work with charts you can see that Bitcoin did a huge jump back in 2017 about mid 2017 all the way up into the end of 2018 I’m sorry into 2018 and then it started dipping back down on April of 2018 until it went to the low at the start of 2019 right around 3,800 I believe $3500 but now looking at where it is today today it’s at 11,000 360 actually that was at the time of creating this chart I believe if I go to my Google site right now if I check online right now I think it’s even high if I go to Google right now accidentally check right now as we’re live and I do Bitcoin to USD right now it’s at eleven thousand eight hundred and eighty seven so just in a few hours since creating this chart I created this chart I believe about four or five hours ago we could see that Bitcoin was at eleven thousand 360 and already in just a few hours it’s climbing near twelve thousand dollars at its lowest point back in 2009 when the first sale of Bitcoin happened it was one Bitcoin was equivalent to 9 that would be nine ten thousandth of a penny I believe if my math it’s been a while since I’ve been in that grade school level where I know exactly how much of a penny that is but let’s just say that’s well under a penny back in 2009 when it was sold on at it at its highest level December 18 2017 one Bitcoin crossed twenty thousand eighty nine dollars twenty thousand eighty nine dollars was the highest level today it’s trading out a letter at this moment it’s trading at eleven thousand eight hundred and eighty seven so that shows you why it’s very very important to pay attention to Bitcoin and play around with Bitcoin and have Bitcoin investment now let’s talk about why timing is important I just showed you in this previous chart here the graph of why it would have been different if you would have joined back in when it when 2009 when it was worth not even a penny what day what how your life could be different with it think about it 100 dollars of Bitcoin purchase at the lowest level would have netted you about a hundred and eleven thousand Bitcoin you could have been the owner today if you would have purchased a hundred Bitcoin back when it was at nine ten thousandth of a penny you would have been the great owner of about a hundred and eleven thousand Bitcoin at today’s price at eleven thousand three hundred sixty we just talked about it just grew by five hundred dollars since I created this this presentation that would be about at one point two billion dollars at today’s price let’s look at I know that’s a huge amount of money not all of us were fortunate enough we were probably all skeptical when we heard about Bitcoin back in 2009 or to even 2010-2011 in 2012 you could still buy in the pennies and in the cents but we were all skeptical we didn’t believe it you listened to the news you thought what you listened to what everyone said Oh some fake currency some digital currency that’s as dangerous that sounds weird that sounds skeptical that sounds scamming and we didn’t pay attention so obviously we weren’t first we aren’t fortunate enough to be sitting with hundreds of millions of dollars or billions of dollars but let’s look at it even a macro or micro level at a smaller amount if you would have owned just one Bitcoin back on January 1st of this year which we’re at today were mid part of the year that was worth around $3,800 well today where it’s trading at eleven thousand three hundred sixty at the time of this recording that would have been just a passive income or a passive earning of seventy five hundred dollars that you would have earned by just owning one Bitcoin that you purchased on January 1st and you held on to it today on in the end of June where it’s worth almost twelve thousand dollars you would have passively passively have earned and made almost eight thousand dollars let’s look into just a few weeks ago if you would have purchased Bitcoin just a few weeks ago again that’s why timing is so important when you start in anything and join anything one Bitcoin that you would have owned at the beginning of June would have been worth around eighty five hundred dollars to buy it again at today’s amount eleven thousand three hundred sixty we just talked about its trading almost at twelve thousand at the time of this recording this live video that would have netted you almost a three thousand dollar increase now I don’t know about you all if you’re a network market if you’re doing any other businesses some of you could be making $3,000 a month some of you might not be making $3,000 a month but just in a few weeks how timing is so important barring it just a few weeks ago would have netted you almost three thousand dollars today just owning one Bitcoin now as the red shows analyst investors and many reputable news agencies predict that Bitcoin could hit as much as a million dollars per Bitcoin so think about I’m talking about right in this slide we’re talking about why timing is important some estimates some put some experts predict Bitcoin can hit 1 million dollars per Bitcoin what if you own just one big corner – bitcoins are 10 bitcoins or 50 bitcoins if you start on what I’m about to present to you and show you here very very shortly what that can mean for you if Bitcoin comes up climbs up to a million dollars let’s not throw that let’s not go that far how about if Bitcoin hits a hundred thousand dollars between now and the end of the year by 2020 what would a hundred thousand dollars times you being able to stack and earn 10 15 20 30 50 even a hundred or two hundred bitcoins what would that do for you if Bitcoin would hit 100 thousand dollars within the next few months I’m pretty sure right now I can’t see you all obviously but by in the chat go ahead and comment down below if Bitcoin you all should be able to go in the chat if Bitcoin hit a hundred thousand dollars and you all and I would and I’m able to show you how you can stack and double your Bitcoin in the next six seven months you can do it for infinity but forever but with this opportunity we’re just speaking about the present time comment down below if Bitcoin hits a hundred thousand dollars what would that do for your life how would you love to see that okay I see I see the chat filling up there a couple of people in the chat so so that’s amazing that’s awesome one go back that’s awesome keep commenting below Bitcoin is gonna continue to grow folks it’s gonna continue to grow you want to make sure you act fast and get in early because I just showed you how right here in this graph eight thousand five hundred fifty five dollars just three four weeks ago is what it was valued at today it’s training right now at the moment of this video where we’re all watching it whether we’re live now at the replay right now it’s trading on eleven thousand eight hundred eighty five dollars it’s gonna continue to climb obviously you can always go back down but were on a bull run like we were back in 2017 where we saw it climb from I think it was training around $900 $800 where it got up to the high shoulder lis er here 20,000 $89 it literally climbed up from just eight nine hundred dollars a Bitcoin all the way up to 20,000 eighty-nine within a span of about six or seven months again timing is crucial and important I can’t guarantee or or promise you what’s gonna happen a Bitcoin these next six seven months but data an analyst show that we we are in place for another bull run like we were in 2017 so let me ask you this question what if you can double your Bitcoin what if you can double your Bitcoin go ahead and comment below if you can double your Bitcoin what would that mean how about if I can show you how you can double your big point every month every single month let’s say you start with one Bitcoin the next month you have two big coin the following month you have for Bitcoin the month after that you have eight bitcoins in 16 and 32 and so forth and Bitcoin climbs up to $100,000 what would that mean for you how about if I can tell you you can double your Bitcoin every week this week you can start with one Bitcoin and by week two you have two by week three year at four by week five you’re at eight and so forth how about if I can tell you can actually double your Bitcoin every single day have I caught your attention go ahead and comment below if I got your attention about being able to double your Bitcoin even on a daily basis you can actually I don’t have a slide for this but you can actually double your Bitcoin multiple times a day if obviously you all follow through with the plan that’s on there awesome I see the comments I’m not gonna click on the comment so I don’t interrupt the slideshow but I see you’re all paying attention we actually picked up several more people so it’s amazing we got a packed house it’s also that you are here but let’s look at these early adopters these are the type of notifications and the type of things that you see in these this is the type of impact and the type of results that people who take action see as you can see here the very very first slide on the left there you see a new payment receive of point six four five Bitcoin at today’s estimate that’s slightly that’s a that’s just under six thousand dollars today actually that’s over six thousand dollars that’s more than half a Bitcoin the second slide there you see something you see the same person that earned 0.499 and so forth Bitcoin almost half a Bitcoin again just slightly under six thousand dollars the third one I apologize I know it’s a little boring not as cleared or clean but that one has a payment of point seven zero eight Bitcoin and so forth that’s over six thousand dollars in today’s estimate what bitcoin is valued and then the fourth one also shows a payment of point for a just under half a Bitcoin that’s just under six thousand dollars in today’s estimate of Bitcoin trading at around eleven thousand eight hundred this is just the example one early adopter now I want to stress that these these results here are from a similar platform to what we have not the same one but a similar platform with what we what we’re about to show you here very very shortly is even better and has a better system and better ownership behind it these are just examples of people I’ve worked with in the past as well as my business partner who’s experienced these results how about these amazing results look at this other business that uses a similar business philosophy or similar business tactic and check out the profits the very very big screen there you see where they’re carrying about a twenty thousand dollar balance in their ledger on this back-office and their total profit at the time of this screenshot was what what’s that one point eight almost one point nine million dollars total profit on this ledger of this back-office for this specific platform now if we also look at the other two smaller shots we have there where they show a total profit I mean look at that I got to make sure I’m reading this right I believe I am fifty nine million dollars fifty nine million dollars is the total profit that this specific person had with a similar business to what we’re getting ready to present and show to you here very very shortly right underneath that it shows that he has a current balance of six hundred and thirty three thousand dollars so just a little over half a million dollar balance on his account for him to withdraw but he’s earn fifty nine million dollars at the time of this screenshot with this performance now again these are not results from this system it’s a result from a similar system where we want to take some results I do want to stress for those you’ve never been in a crypto world of the Bitcoin world these numbers are common big numbers like this happen just think about it one Bitcoin is almost twelve thousand dollars ten bitcoins is a hundred and twenty thousand dollars so you’re playing in a different field again I don’t know what your experience is what you’ve done before network marketing but when you play in crypto it’s very very different I know my I’m pretty sure my business partner is on when he gets on I’m sure he’ll share his story that timing wasn’t crucial for him to I know and I witnessed myself firsthand how he was able to change his car to a ridiculous multiple six for your car three hundred fifty thousand dollar car all thanks to getting in early and then growing and stacking his big coin thanks to businesses and platforms like this and then being able obviously to take that passive income where you see your big coin three hundred percent five hundred percent even a thousand percent thanks to the increase and the boom and the bull run we’re currently on let’s go on to the next slide so guys here it is I’m going to present to you double your Bitcoin with daily binary Bitcoin which is powered by virtue coin that’s the name of this platform that’s the name of this business they’re called daily binary BTC daily the binary Bitcoin BTC if I haven’t said it for those of you who are brand new to Bitcoin BTC is just the acronym for Bitcoin that’s what BTC is short for but daily binary BTC or daily binary Bitcoin is the business I’m gonna be I’m gonna share with you show you how it works give you a high-level look at how it works I’ll take some questions after I stop the recording and you can obviously always inbox and ask additional questions there but again this is powered by virtue corn which is an ISP or a corn on its own let’s go ahead and talk about how you earn now I want to tell you very very simply there are two ways you earn money with daily beat with daily binary BTC there are two ways you primary earn you earn by a daily residual pay so when you qualify when you join and you join out whatever level there are six levels there’s the 0.025 there’s 375 the 0.1875 the half a Bitcoin the one-and-a-half Bitcoin and the three Bitcoin which is level six whatever level you join in it shows you based on their math on how their how the money duplicates for them based on the trades they’re doing how their coins performing they estimate let’s say for example you come in at the bare minimum planned one for most of you that’s why I’ll tell you to start if you’re brand new to Bitcoin if you’re playing with the lower amount of funds I would tell you start at level one 0.025 Bitcoin today is a right is just under three hundred dollars to get started that’s not a whole lot of money basically if you if you do absolutely very very little your money will dope will double in two hundred and eighty days because you get a two percent binary or two percent payment every single day once you’re qualified now people are gonna ask how do I get qualified it’s very very simple to get qualified you just need the sponsor and refer to people into the business which folks look I was a newbie and I was brand new in marketing at some point in my life I know how hard it is I know how hard it can get but believe me it is not difficult to just get to people but to qualify like it says their residual binary when qualified the qualifications are very very simple you start earning as soon as you sponsor one person on your left and one person on your right this next chart shows you how tight how the matrix how the the binary works and how the charts work everyone goes underneath somebody there is no wide again I don’t know your experiences in network marketing and the different types of businesses out there you do not build wide in this business everything is built down so people are going to come under you no matter what for example this is alpha Gaucho’s back-office as you see here he’s up in the top however he’s forced to put people down here so let’s say you decide to join today because again timing and positioning is everything if you’re one of the early adopters and you get started well guess what the very first person I joined without Fredo is going right here on his left leg right here on the on the right on the left then he’s gonna build the right side and you’re gonna go over here from there after those two positions are filled there’s only one out of four other places for people to go to and it’s down here to these four positions so think about why timing the position is everything not only is it everything for Bitcoin because the more you wait the more bitcoins gonna continue to grow and the more money you’re losing by not being position to earn Bitcoin and take advantage of that passive income that’s happening that’s one aspect of why timing and position is everything but second I’m sorry timing is everything but then second positioning is everything because guess what happens with this person let’s say Joe or Joel joins here on Alfredo Delgado’s left leg right here well eventually Alfredo is gonna just pile down and join and force people down underneath Joe that’s gonna help Joe earn more on the second aspect of the pay plan we don’t have a chart showing it but the second way you earn money off of the pay plan is by the amount of points or bitcoin that are accumulated in your legs again I’m gonna repeat it first and foremost you earned Bitcoin by just a passive income meaning that every single day they’re trading for you you’re earning passively anywhere from two percent all the way up to ten percent if you start off at level six again every single day you’re earning two three four five seven or ten percent every single day when you’re qualified and that can double in those amount of days however if you recruit and you position yourself early and you have a huge downline because at the end of day there isn’t Alfredo’s not building this way there’s no Alfredo one here Alfredo two here there’s no one going left and right everyone’s going down so you’re gonna find people going in under you I’ve already seen it because I joined under Alfredo and he’s already forcing people underneath me which helps me you see right here it says left Bitcoin three right Bitcoin zero that’s the amount of Bitcoin that’s on each side of his legs so as this accumulates you get what they call a bonus off of your weaker leg so whichever one is your weaker leg you get a bonus depending on what level you start out at so that’s the second way you earn so again first way you’re gonna earn anywhere from two to ten percent on a daily basis the second way you’re gonna earn off of the binary when you’re qualified at your building your legs you’re gonna earn off of your weaker leg and don’t remember there’s a third way that the company doesn’t promote it but there is always a third way you’re you’re earning money and that’s passive income Bitcoin Rises you’re earning money so if you joined today you buy for example level 1 is 0.025 that causes you $300 today well guess what in two months Bitcoin could be at twenty thousand dollars well now when that point oh two five changes in for it’s not worth even more because of the passive growth that bitcoin is having on a daily basis if that makes any sense so two ways a company pays out but never forget that third way that you earn passively thanks to bitcoins Bullrun that we’re currently on very very simple if you’re ready to get started some of you are either here because I brought you to the presentation I think I’ll Fredo’s watching so I’ll bring them on I’m sure he’s gonna have a few more things actually let me let me see if I can find a let me stop the share let me see if I can find him and bring him up to the panelists here real quick and see if he’s got anything else to add on there before I share our contact information what uh what’s up man near me yeah here great presentation man I’m ready to sign up presently hey that’s awesome at it you know I like that I like the fact that uh you know you stated a lot of hard facts about Bitcoin I mean it’s not a mystery anymore is not a fad is that this is the truth okay he’s been around for years and there’s a people a lot of wealth let’s say was formed through the movement of Bitcoin so here we are once again where this movement has taken place which I believe is going to be even a bigger movement than the one I was a part of where I was able to capitalize pretty well for myself one of the things I was able and fortunate to do was get involved in Bitcoin at the right time the right moment like we’re telling you right now and I’m able to do a few investments and an accident side wealth as well I was able you knew this I didn’t unless I mean a cross on it as well and did an investment property as well I was able to purchase you know my super sports car which I have an enjoy now a McLaren and here’s a cool thing you know I think about it you know most people would buy vehicles right I didn’t buy anything I trade it I traded Bitcoin for a 350 thousand dollar car because that’s what I did I exchanged the Bitcoin at I had at the value at the moment and in exchange I got a vehicle right so I didn’t buy anything I had to spend anything I’d have to go to my bank account and add the plenty dollars out I literally waited for Bitcoin to hit a high enough price how comfortable with which also was the highest price that had ever reached and I exchanged that for a $350,000 McLaren so which I have today and I enjoy it very much and it’s all thanks to me I mean position here we are once again we’re not only declined but the whole crypto currency world is up for a major bull run and it’s about time so guys you’re gonna see this old media you’re gonna probably get emails about it we are at the forefront of an opportunity for you guys to capitalize in a huge way all you have to do is follow the steps we’re gonna leave our contact information at one of the slides guys there is a link but we’re not gonna give away any links we’re not gonna do anything of that nature yet because all we want to do is get you guys seriously motivated engage with us send us an email you can message me or do steady on telegram we’re both in the same team we’re both gonna offer you the same value and make sure you guys are part of this wealth building situation that we have right now and it’s gonna move very fast I mean it was just in a matter of days we cone went from 8,000 to 9,000 10,000 11th almost 12 and it’s gonna continue to rise and as this is happening gaiz millionaires and more and more millionaires are being made every time this happens and we want you to be a part of it if you’ve been a millionaire it’s not part of what you want to do that’s fine but you know what why don’t we help you you know earn some Bitcoin make another six figures and multiple six figures on the side with cryptocurrency and you know change your life and that’s that’s really what we have to offer you so at this moment this this is really just a pre-launch webinar here’s the cool part is that the only people that know about this are the ones that are on this call I did not email my list I did not put this on Facebook I do not do this on any other social media platform or YouTube or anything eels the self webinar and let’s invite a few serious people on this fall and let them know that you guys have the edge to get involved now okay we’re going to do actually a full launch on Thursday we’re gonna start telling more more people the day before you every time that happens you lose a position and then you’re forced under the next position in the next position so timing is everything guys just like you saw in the slides and was a company that followed the same business model and because the guy at the top took the position and the tiny was right he I think at the time earned fifty nine million dollars which god knows what it is now because that was the bitcoins price of three thousand seven dollars we don’t he imagine what his wallet is looking like but more importantly guys we want to know what’s in your wallet okay just like the commercial says so we want to help you and here’s the thing if bitcoin is foreign to you that’s that’s okay because we’re actually going to break down how to get Bitcoin how to acquire it how to keep it in a safe place we’re going to provide you with all that information so that not only are you prepared to earn Bitcoin but you’re also prepared to store it in a safe place I’m going to teach you all the ins and outs at least a basis of what you need to know in order to run a Bitcoin business when I first started I had no idea what kind of wallet to use I didn’t even know what a wallet was back in the day was very hard to buy Bitcoin and was only very few places that bought and sold it but now it’s become more mainstream you can buy it almost anywhere you can even use your credit card to make purchases I mean it’s it’s gone it’s evolutionized to an area where it’s almost impossible for you not to find a way to acquire it but of course one of us that people decide to join our team once you decide to join our team we’re gonna put you on our Facebook group and give you all the same a Polish how did say these for you to keep your business going but again you guys right now the ones that we invited are the only ones that know about this right now and that screenshot was taken right before this webinar so our teams are not in place yet we just got a few people but we put together but as people are starting to come in and take action those positions are gonna start falling down and it’s gonna happen is you’re going to end up later pass the next person the next person so we want to really help you guys get positioned at the top so you can get the highest return on your opportunity and you know we want to hear your success stories and want to continue to grow and blow this thing out the water guy so you know that’s that’s really it like I said we’re going to have a full webinar on Thursday we’re gonna have more details when I have a link and we’re also there’s a bonus there is a method that I that will show you how to earn up to $1,000 in cryptocurrency it’s not Bitcoin but it can be exchanged to Bitcoin $1,000 of cryptocurrency that you can it’s yours to keep to do what you want with it you can hold on to it you can see the value goes up you can even sell it for Bitcoin okay but the cool part there’s no money down you don’t have to put any money out of pocket for this method but we’re only gonna show this method to people that take action that was serious once so if you guys want to know how you can earn up to $1,000 in cryptocurrency which again you could be it can it’s your money to do it you want it use it to fund the program you can use it to whatever you want if you have big coin laying around hey just use it to get started today and like I said we’ll give you guys access to our Facebook group we’re also going to give you some free social media marketing training to show you how to promote this opportunity and we’re gonna show you this method on I even earn up to $1,000 crypto without making any investments guys so here’s a deal put it put your information in put our information again this is pre-launch we’re not giving you guys any links today what we’re gonna do is give your information let us know if you’re invited by me hey Alfredo so your webinar I’m interested here’s my telegram there’s my skype there’s my email and if you were invited by Diaz Nettie that’s his information as well so I look around Facebook and email and again guys regardless of who invited – were on the same team so we’re all gonna work together anyway but just follow the person who showed you this webinar and get started all right guys it started because this is me like I said we are at the beginning stages of a company I mean I’ve just launched within the past week meaning we’re we are going to be the first 50 or 100 people in this opportunity we’re gonna hit the ground running and the reason why we did this webinar because timing is everything you want to show you guys before hits the masses so I know on Thursday we’re going to have probably over a thousand people on our webinar as we go public and start really showing people what this is all about so we want you guys take action get started right away you’re on this webinar because we care enough about – you care enough about you to show you what we’re planning to do in the next couple days so reach out to us and I look forward to working with you guys again that was a very good presentation Bitcoin is definitely something that can add to portfolio of wealth hey you never know you can have you know liquid cash in your bank you know that here’s the thing this is what makes you a millionaire okay it’s not having a million dollars in your safe okay a millionaire comes in old fashions and this is what I learned all right you could be a millionaire by having investment properties that equate to a million dollars or more in business you can have it in addition to your online business what we learned about recently one of our businesses that we have a middle this is long then we have liquid cash okay which is available to us we have you know other investments like precious metals you know I have real estate but we also have now cryptocurrency which is played a big role in my wealth portfolio over the past few years guys I’m not even lying to you with this Bitcoin price my income my portfolio in that section alone has fought tripled without me doing a damn thing like literally I haven’t done anything there was nothing required but because I took advantage of the first time that we had this situation where you know Bitcoin was going crazy I was fortunate enough to hold on to something I kept holding it and here we are today I have you know acquired a decent amount of Bitcoin over the past couple years and without me having to do anything my whole portfolio just fun tripled over the last 30 days guys so we want you to be in that situation we want to hear about it we want you to change your live faith you wanted my Rolls Royce my all means go ahead one of my business partners bought the $500,000 Rolls Royce truck with Bitcoin okay and he’s enjoying every moment of it and that’s the truth I know how this works Bitcoin moves very very fast guys so you know reach out to us leave our information up so they could take a screenshot let’s leave it there so they can have it up guys reach out to us if you’re serious let’s get you going it’s very simple it’s a very easy process to get started with this opportunity but do it now before we start sharing this with the masses and then I don’t want you to say hey it’s you know it’s too late to get started okay guys so that’s all from me back to you Dios you know amazing thank you for sharing look guys I was personal witness I did pretty good with big corn also two years ago when we got sorry I was witness without Fredo like I mentioned earlier and and I joke with him on how timing is so important because again he had to spend less Bitcoin because when he purchased that that that sports car it was at a time where Bitcoin was at the highest level so I mean think about it and we’re all positioned well if we take action we’re all position ourselves again where when many experts predict that this next boom to go I I personally think it’s gonna definitely hit thirty fifty thousand between now maybe even a hundred thousand between now and 2020 again I can’t say for sure but we’ll just have to wait and see but timing positioning is a good thing I’ve already got several of you hitting me up on Facebook so a lot of you taking action thank you for that I will be getting back with you all taking action there was one question I saw someone asked how are we able to double our Bitcoin in a week so that’s why timing and positioning is important and let me show you the chart here let me say if I go back and go to the chart the reason why time in position is so important if you start early you’re starting all the way up top so what happens is you’re being forced people beneath you because again how frado’s here he’s gonna fill every one of these spots with everyone he he brings in plus the people that he’s forcing in are also gonna be referring people so the way you’re able to again let me let me show you this you are either gonna double your Bitcoin anywhere from two hundred days up to two hundred eighty days however if our early and you do a good job of sharing this opportunity and you’re in a position where the bitcoin is quadrupling underneath you there’s lots of people coming in because of timing and positioning you’re able to take to cut this 200 to 280 days one day to two days to a week to 30 days to 45 days I’ve seen people and cotton similar businesses cycle and be able to close out their package on a daily basis on a multiple daily basis on a weekly basis on a monthly basis now that honestly that’s probably not going to happen within our first few days or first few weeks unless if it blows up again that depends on you and that depends on how fast we get this out to the masses but what I will tell you is if you start early you have a much higher probability of cycling and closing out your trades these these Bitcoin packages on a weekly and monthly basis right now it’s gonna happen no matter what and 200 to 280 days but the more referrals a more team building you do the faster it happens and timing is crucial and positioning is crucial because if you start early you’re gonna start in one of these top positions here and everyone’s forced underneath you it doesn’t build wide it only builds down so I hope that answers that question I think that’s it we’re gonna go ahead and stop it there I’ll fertilize nothing else so everybody let me take my camera put my camera back on so again just reach out to any one of us you had our contact information someone one of us sent you here that’s why you’re here we have a full house so make sure you come back to whoever sent you here we’ll send you a link to get started if you want to come back on Thursday we’re gonna have the full launch and the amount of people I see right now is nowhere near will we’ll see on Thursday but again we just wanted to get some early adopters and people in early let’s say it again I can’t stress how important timing and positioning is timing and positioning is everything there’s a lot of decisions I’ve made that put me in the position I’m in and there’s a lot of positions I haven’t made that didn’t put me in the position to be in so don’t don’t be last but definitely make the decision to get started yet going again it’s just point oh two five at the lowest level that’s just under $300 and that’s not that much so thank you for watching I’ll have the replay up for those who you want to watch it later well I’ll send out the replay and I’ll see you guys hopefully inside a system good bye everybody you

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