Welcome everyone and we’re back for our weekly roundup of blockchain and crypto news we know you moved up following on from our mammoths EOS show last week we’re back to our normal format Lisa’s not very well she’s been poorly… ‘it’s the black lung pop’ so bear with us with us but I’m sure we’ll get there what do we have on the show well on the show this week we’ve got David Siegal from pillar project in 2030 talking about his predictions for 2019 and he’s always a really interesting guy to listen to about the crypto space we talked to a very fascinating man called Richard Heart and he’s going to talk about BitcoinHex but first up let’s have a look at the news roundup first up from coin market cap we have a quick look and it’s generally speaking mild read across the board from invest in blockchain five crypto predictions for 2019 here are the headlines the link below for the full story number one the BTC bear market is over no new highs and no new lows number two some old coins reach and exceed their previous all-time highs in BTC number three regulators targets and big name i CEOs refunding investors number four etherion goes proof of stake number five 51 percent tax increase on shared hashing algorithm coins from news BTC 10x surging on a reissued pay credit cards 10x tops the FOMO chart for the top 100 the moment with a surge of almost 50 percent the reissue of pay powered credit cards in Singapore appears to be driving momentum South Koreans are jumping on this token as bit hum gets almost half the daily volume in KRW at the moment from coin Telegraph Bitcoin analyst Brian Kelly says no shot for Bitcoin ETF in 2019 crypto entrepreneur and regular contributor to CNBC Brian Kelly claimed that there is no chance for a Bitcoin exchange traded fund or ETF approval in 2019 discussing the overall state of the crypto currency market Kelley predicted that 2019 turn out better than 2018 the analysts argued that we are somewhere close to the end of the bear market but we might have another dip lower it wouldn’t surprise me at all hedging his bets there from a and B crypto Tron is expected to launch live stream BitTorrent in 2019 Tron TRX the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market cap continues to strive forward in the market the foundation has made another announcement pertaining to their next big plan for BitTorrent one of the biggest torrent platforms around the globe with over 100 million monthly users in blockchain Banta now I caught up with David Segal earlier in the week and he told me what he thought his predictions for 2019 in the cryptocurrency space would be no one will be surprised to learn that I think that 2019 is still the year of infrastructure we are still building this highway that people are going to go down I mean the the block chains they call them now level 1 they’re slow they’re expensive there’s another new one every day who knows how that will shake out the coins I predict that we’re generally going to end this year with some pretty useful stuff both at what we call layer 1 and layer 2 so we’re going to be adding things to block chains to make them faster more efficient and more fluid from one chain to another you’ll be able to do more on separate chains but and so so as a result I think we’ll end this year you know with a lot of progress so I I would I would you know go out on a limb I’m gonna say that I think that many of the major coins will be roughly twice what they are today that wouldn’t surprise me with plenty of violet volatility so what the actual number is I don’t know but roughly I think will have a kind of a nice you know reasonable steady rate of growth this year and I think it’s pretty exciting what’s going on in this let’s the top 10 chains we’ve got some new entrants like radix and hash graph I think maybe a bunch of these things are looking pretty interesting and people will be developers will be building on them and that those communities will be growing Yas is obviously off to a rocking start for this year we’ll see where that show shapes up I think there would be a lot of different people building on that so it’s another it’s another highway that we’ll see if we can use ëthere ium has a tremendous amount of activity right now and it’s very impressive so so we’re kind of coming back to double down on aetherium at pillar because we see the advantages of these new layer two and and new protocols that people are putting together and we’re going to be working on storage solutions and identity and payment channels and things to make things cheaper faster better much of that will be for us on aetherium this year and we’re of course going to be integrating many new coins on our and our wallet we hope to have radix nem Bitcoin litecoin I’d like to have – I can’t promised any of these things for pillar but I’m hoping that we have quite a few working on the pillar platform by the end of this year I also think that many of the idealistic projects that were shaking out and more or less killed last year by the downturn will come back in a kind of version for things like democracy and collaborative voting community tools I think we’ll see many of the interesting ideas take new shapes I also think that tope most tokens are already dead and that I SEOs are no longer for raising money an ICO is really for distributing tokens if you have a working system already and then much of the action will switch to security tokens and of course I’m a big proponent of the equity token I think equity financing is right for most startups so we will see a tremendous amount of work on equity tokens we at 2030 will be launching a an equity token issuance platform I don’t see a lot of liquidity in equity tokens for years so we’re gonna work hard to create some new standards that might help that I’ve formed a new group called the digital asset standards Association dasu and we’ll be working on common standards that everyone who has an equity token can use to create more liquidity across many different exchanges this is not the year of equity exchange this is the year of equity issuance and then next year we’ll start to see equity exchange and I would say honestly it’s going to be four or five years before we see real liquidity in the tokenized equity markets at the same time people are tokenizing real estate funds assets valuables collectibles musical instruments partnerships and all kinds of interesting things and so we’ll see a a Cambrian explosion of tokenization of assets the one there’s one wave or one trend happening where we think we’re seeing people tokenizing existing stocks so you know you’ll be able to buy a token that represents Apple stock or other you know stocks traded in the markets or indexes other things you can buy and I don’t think that’s going to go in anywhere at all I don’t think that’s fit for purpose because if you want to buy stocks you already have pounds and dollars nobody lives his entire life and ether just go set up a you know trading account and buy those there’s I don’t see a big advantage to having those tokenized I do see it in private equity I’d see a revolution in private in tokenizing private equity because we don’t trade private equity and you can’t easily trade private equity so there I hope we have a liquidity resolution and in five years I hope most and this is a huge market large privately held companies will have and medium and small-sized companies will have much more liquidity because of what we’re doing today but I don’t see a whole lot of reason to tokenize public stock especially because of the rules because of the the laws that enfranchise the middlemen for holding public stocks I don’t think really that’s going to work lots of other exciting trends coming this year I don’t have anything specific in mind but I think we’re gonna make a lot of progress and mostly again an infrastructure I kind of would have to predict that there’s no amazing app DAP that comes out this year we will probably have some exciting collectibles I’m guessing we’ve seen you know one round of that already a year and a month ago and I’m sure we’ll see some of that this year but I’m mostly seeing infrastructure projects and I hope we end the year with you know higher throughput lower prices more stability and and a lot of more choices of the kinds of things we can do with blockchain in a double blockchain bounty for this week you lucky people actually here caught up with Richard Hart from Bitcoin hex so a lot of you have asked us about Bitcoin hex so as always we like to deliver when people come and ask the question so we’ve got Richard Hart from Bitcoin hex on the other end of the line and Richard are you there I’m here hello fantastic thank you for taking the time to chat really appreciate it and I guess first of all could you give us the sort of top line for anybody who doesn’t know what Bitcoin hex is sure you may have heard of Bitcoin it’s a really cool cryptocurrency that started out at $0 of value about 10 years ago and it recently went up to 20,000 at the end of 2017 and you used to be able to just mine it for free on your computer and people that did and didn’t sell it got really really really rich in those 10 years that’s been around it hasn’t added much in the way of features so if someone really smart and with an audience comes along and improves some things than the people that participate in that thing could get really rich – particularly when it’s being given away for free I mean what are the key differentials between Bitcoin and Bitcoin hacks I mean what what does what does it do this the main change sure so in Bitcoin if you want to make new bitcoins you have to mine and if you want a mine you got to spend a lot of money to some foreign company to buy hardware that you hope shows up on time if they show up on time you might make a profit and then if they don’t show up on time or they never show up you just lose your money and it’s not that great and you have huge electricity bills and it’s very technical so if you can get the same security by putting your project on someone else’s blockchain that’s already paying for all that hard work then you can do all the cool game theory of making early adopters rich without all the expensive sending money to Asia – by mining hardware so instead of sending a you know a 100 or $300 or whatever price miner you’re gonna buy you just buy coins and then lock them up so in Bitcoin the new coins go to miners and in Bitcoin hacks the new coins go to people that have bought tokens or received them by air drop or the fork whatever and they just lock them if you lock them longer you get paid more just like a CD in your bank so instead of sending money and buying mining equipment and maybe never you know making anything this you just lock up the tokens and you receive new ones at the end of your lockup period so it’s it’s better you know and mining the more people that compete with you with their miners over the same pool of coins it just burns more electricity and reduces the amount you get paid but in this system if more people compete for you to stake their coins and like lock them it takes more coins off of the market which raises the price so in Bitcoin mining like when everyone buys a bunch of binding hardware they got to sell them they gotta sell those coins they make to pay their electric bills any but contacts won’t have electric bills so if a lot of people stake their coins it just takes them off supply and then the price is gonna go up right if the demand is the same or higher but the supply is reduced you’re just gonna get a higher price so it’s self reinforcing good so it’s like proof of steak meets token leasing or just pure proof of steak or it’s a hybrid so this is proof of steak game theory with proof of steak economics however it is piggybacking a proof of work network so right now it there’s a network called aetherium it’s the second most powerful second most valued maybe third most valued now have to look market cap right flips around a bit you know so it’s it’s the most your only options if you want to launch a trustless secure crypto token are to either make your own new blockchain which is very easy to attack anyone can take a little bit of their hash rate that they put on that coin and come screw your clean up so if you don’t want to be attacked in that way then it’s better to work as a sub token or piggybacked on top of something that already works very well so if if the if aetherium broke and it stopped working well then we would just lock the system state before it broke and then airdrop to another that use the same type of code of which there’s like four or five options or we could just do our own chain which would be harder that type of failure is extremely rare I can’t think of a token that’s just outright failed in a long time how do you then claim Bitcoin hex so there’s there’s three ways that you can get them you get them for free because anyone that holds a Bitcoin at the snapshot like the little date that we set at this block height we’re gonna take a picture of the system state if you held Bitcoin at that time you can go in your wallet and use this feature all good wallets have called sine sine statement you open your wallet you go to sign statement you choose which Bitcoin address you want to sign from you sign claim Bitcoin hacks too and then you put in your Bitcoin hex address which is just an etherium address and then I you click sign you click copy you paste it under the claim to land Bitcoin hex you click Submit you’re done so it’s as easy as opening your Bitcoin wallet pasting in your the coin tax address clicking sign copying the signature out pasting and on the Bitcoin Hex’s claim tool clicking submit now that that date has not yet been set we hope that is the seven weeks away that’s our best guess that’s assuming an odd it only takes three weeks and our complete code out and on our side takes four weeks it’s about seven weeks we’re in the testing phase on the code now so the code is mostly done we’re just making sure that it works as well as I can work is the cheapest fees and all that stuff if we coded it poorly we could have you know maybe been done a little quicker but the fees would be higher so we prefer to have it efficient right so in terms of hardware wallets like Ledger’s and stuff you know I know you have to have your coins in an address it starts with the number one or BC one a lot of these ledger defaults I think to giving you an address it starts with three you need to take your coins and send them to another address that starts with one so if you have a ledger you can tell it to use legacy mode and it’ll use an address that starts with one there’s no way for us our trustless claim tool that operates on the blockchain that can be audited and verified that everything was perfectly done it can only process addresses that start with one and bc1 it cannot process addresses that start with three it’s a technology thing too hard to explain here yeah because my I think mine for example a Segway on the ledger which I think means that I would have to move them in that case to to another one and then once the snapshots occurred take that just into Bitcoin hex claimed them and then move them back if you go to Bitcoin hex com there aren’t videos there yet but I will be producing a bunch of videos on how everyone can do everything from start to finish I like educating so good it will be very easy for people understand you can get this stuff you could just refer people so if you if you I would have to search the exact syntax but I believe it’s claimed Bitcoin Dexcom forward slash whatever your theorem addresses if you use that link it will just credit 5% extra money from inflating the currency to whoever referred you so you could refer people to Bitcoin hacks the project to claim and as long as your aetherium address was at the end of the claim tools address it gets set in a cookie and then when they claim their claim pays them their coins and it pays the refer the 5% which is the easiest referral program I’ve ever seen you don’t need an email address you don’t need to sign up it doesn’t care where you live you don’t need to know anything about anything you just slap your aetherium address at the end of the clean tool URL I think it’s pretty neat sounds good that sounds easy easy as good because a lot of these kind of scenarios with referrals can become hugely complicated alright and then the third the third thing is that you could just buy them if you find someone that wants to sell them to you they’re not trading on market yet because they don’t exist yet so we have to wait until they exist before we can you know work on getting them traded places interesting so seven weeks keep an eye on what’s going on and keep an eye our guest at the website for latest well if you want to if you want to check the best status you know my twitter is very good forward slash Richard Hart win at 50k people in there and the straped Channel in telegrams got 5600 people that’s Timea /r ape like strawberry grape those are the two best spots eventually I’ll actually mail the mailing list that’s on Bitcoin tax I just don’t like spamming people really so if you i’ve never mailed the list yet so if you put your email address in there I definitely will mail the list the next lake when I get the FAQ up uploaded to the website I’ll probably mail the list to tell everyone hey check out these questions I’ve been asked a hundred times they’re all answered in one place now thanks so much for joining us it’s been a real pleasure so much and I will definitely come and find you after this and have more of a chat because I’d love to get you on film for the docket also great enjoy the rest of your day into it I think so much and that is sadly tear another week ended for our wonderful show hopefully I will be a bit better next week oh let’s have some sympathy Felisa and some subscribes and likes and comments don’t forget to like subscribe comment below about anything you’ve seen anything you want to see she’s dragged herself out of bed this morning or poorly had a shower got ready to do this so throw her some love and I’ll be back in bed shortly after this another thing is I know everybody was really keen when we were doing our daily crypto updates but with our travel schedule it became a little bit too much to be doing those videos every day the good news is we are now curating a daily page on crypto smoothie if you’ve got a crypto smoothie com you’ll see that we’ll have the latest news every day commentary the best videos best blockchain channels and it’s a really good place to get your morning cup of coffee work out what’s going on all the market reports different indexes different ways to sort of check how trades going on check it out crypto smoothie calm every morning first place to start your day but remember until we see you next week you’ve been blood chain

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