Coinpressions Detailed Review


coinpressions review


coinpressions review

coinpressions review


Hello my name is Frank Hester and I want
to introduce an opportunity to you
called Coinpressions. I’ll be launching
this opportunity in the near future probably
around mid to late August and
once it get closer to launch date I’ll
have more details but I wanted to get an
overview video out to kind of talk about
the highlights and really just a brief
look at what Coinpressions will offer to


its members so let’s talk a little bit
about our mission and what we’re trying
to accomplish here at Coinpressions we
want to be a business created for the
% that struggled to create a positive
cash flow online we not only want to
help our members earn income through
coin prescience we want to provide a
platform for them to promote and grow


their other online opportunities and we
truly believe that we are a business
created by online marketers for online
marketers and as we move through the
presentation I think you’ll understand
and see how we recruit we believe we
have that % that group of people that
struggle to make money online have their
best interests at heart and what we’re trying to
offer with this comp plan.


Let’s look at the legal stuff out
of the way here, it says as with any business your result
in Coinpressions will vary from other members and will be
based on your individual capacity,
business experience, expertise and level
of desire there are no guarantees
concerning the level of success you may
experience with Coinpressions each
individual success depends on his or her
background dedication desire and
motivation to succeed.


So let’s hit the
highlights here we wanted to have a low
startup cost to make this opportunity
global and be attractive to the masses
% of our members will earn in this
compound if our members remain active
they’re going to earn and I think you’ll
understand how important we feel that is
as we move through the presentation
and we are a three-wide tiny forced
matrix and we have top loaded it and
because we feel that we want to get
people into profit as quickly as
possible because it is a monthly payment
program and that is extremely important so many
matrices bottom load where the downline
is bigger it looks great on paper but
very people get there we want it to be a
three entry and get people into profit
as quickly as possible a % payout
which is actually we’re just slightly
below now the order reached a fraction
percent below ninety percent payout back
to the members and our product will be
an advertising platform at a phase in
the mission statement we want to help
you not only make money here but to
promote and build your other online
opportunities well I’m matching pay for
the leaders in the industry a way for
them to make extra money not just on the
matrix but a percentage of their
personal referrals matrix pay yes we
will be accepting cryptocurrency will
have payments and with Bitcoin
Commission’s out with Bitcoin payments
in will be through coinpayment


and then will be making a commission payments
back with Bitcoin we may have some other
payment processors what we felt it was
very important in today’s economy to
offer cryptocurrency as the primary way
of making payments and paying Commission
and one of my biggest pet peeves in this
industry is poor customer service there
are some great customer service and
opportunities out there but as a whole
this industry has allows the customer
service and we’re going to strive
extremely hard for the customer service
to be very pleasant and and to reply
back in a timely manner and if we don’t
have the answers we’ll let you know that
and we’ll get them well how they
obviously will have a customer service
email but we’re also going to have a
official company Facebook group will
appoint some moderators that are
experienced enough to answer some
questions in there and so there’ll be
multiple ways for you to get your
questions answered and we’re a very
simple program so there’s not going to
be a lot of questions and if we if we do
what we say then there shouldn’t be a
lot of customer service needed
we’re going to strive very hard to
deliver on what we promise to our
members so now some details about the
business you see our price point is low
at per month and we feel that a
price point that will allow us to appeal
to the masses on a global basis we do
have a three by ten force matrix the
first level we’re going to pay out ten
dollars on the first level


and as I stated earlier it’s a little different
than most of the matrix
opportunities most of them shortened the
matrix but put a lot of money on
whatever that bottom level may be with
its level level or level but what
happens is a lot of the members that
don’t build at a rapid pace
they either never get there they quit
before they get to that bottom level
where all the money is or it just takes
them so long they don’t experience any
success in the business it you know it
may take too many people to get to
break-even we felt it was very important
to have a and free and be able to
break-even quickly and it doesn’t matter
how these three people get there whether
they get there from your efforts from
spillover or systems from your up line if
you get three people on your first level
then your monthly is covered because
we’re going to pay you ten dollars for
each of those and it’s only per
month then the rest of our comp plan is
extremely simple one dollar per member
from the matrix on levels two through
ten and we purposely made this matrix
very large a three five ten is a lot of
people but a lot of people puts you know
a lot of potential income in the comp
plan now one of the things that while
our main focus is to try to obviously
help the ninety seven percent we talked
about the struggles we do want to be
attractive to the leaders in the
industry and we felt by adding a
matching matrix pay at twenty five
percent matching matrix pay that’s going
to allow the big builders to go out and
generate some significant income from a
very low cost program


very fast we contemplated on a unilevel but we
felt a matching matrix Per would put
more money in the leaders pocket and
then it wouldn’t take away from what
we’re trying to do but other % so we
know just based on some of the interests
that we have we’re going to have people
that sponsor or more people
into this business and you can see at a
you know with only a $ cent program
a percent matching pay on a
hundred people can be some significant
income for the leaders in the industry
and by having that percent matching
pay that creates an unlimited income
potential in the comp plan because now
it doesn’t matter where your personal
referrals fall you have a potential to
earn through ten levels of their matrix
through the % matrix match so now the
part that has really got me excited
about this in this comp plan is what we
call the break-even pull that’s what’s
going to allow us to pay commissions or
bonuses I guess it’s more ways a better
way to put it to percent of our
members that remain active that are
renewing their membership % of our
members are going to earn due to this
break-even pull and we’re taking is %
from every active member and it’s going
in the pool and when I say every night
remember I mean every member that renews
every new member that join $is
going to go into the break-even pool so
what that equates to is roughly well
request to % a little over % of our
total revenue in is going to this pool
now the way that works it’s going to be
paid monthly to all the people that
renew that are earning less than
per month so just here’s a scenario of
how that may look if we are fortunate to
launch when I hope we do say mid-august
obviously we would not have any renewals
in the month of August but we would have
renewals during the calendar month
of September the way this break-even
poll would work is we would look at
September st through September th we
would look at all of the members how
many members made a renewal payment
during that month we pull that lift and
then we we’ve kind of paired that list
down to all the members that made a
renewal payment but earn less than
from the matrix that matrix pay and any
matching matrix pay that they got if
they earn less than per month
they’re going to earn a share of the


break-even pool we would divide that out
and then we would pay that out now it
caps atyou know which is why we
call it a break-even pool it’s not a
make profit pool what we’re trying to do
here is not create a passive program but
we’re trying to help that that group of
people that struggles to get into profit
within one month we firmly believe that
if that could people would stay active
in the business and promote it for two
three or four months they would be in a
positive cash flow situation but most
people quit too soon and we want to help
them stay around to finally experience
success in this business and we’re a
capita we’re just assumed that the

pool pays out twenty dollars for the

month of September that’s why the share

is valued at if someone has earned less

than in that case $ during the month

of September and they made the renewal

payment then in the first week of

October they would get a full twenty

dollar payout to them as a bonus from

the break-even pool if someone has

earned let’s say $ then they would get

the money to gross them up toto

breakevens let me get and the

balance of that would roll over into

the next month pool so we’ll always

start the next month with a surplus and

so we’ll always have we hope is a

healthy bonus pool to help discrim a

knack t’v in the business long enough to

finally experience success and what that

creates that creates what we like to

to view as a built-in team approach

because every active member is paying

for all the active members regardless of

whose line they’re in there create

they’re contributing three dollars this

pool which is going to help those that

are not yet in profit so it’s kind of

like the Robin Hood Theory those that

are making money are helping those that

are not making money to help supplement

them assist them stay active encourage

them to stay with the business until

they experience success so that is our

program I hope you like what we’re

trying to offer here we believe that the

break-even hole will help us have one of

the highest retention in the industry

retention and a monthly program is

extremely poor and our goal is to change

that there’s no reason that we can’t

have a program that is low cost and and

be able to encourage and entice those

that are not yet in profit that to take

that two to three months four months

whatever it takes for them to get in

profit our matrix we want to help

encourage them and assist them to remain

active until they are finally in what we

call a profit situation and

understanding how what residual income

is and how it works and how important

the leverage part of that is in this

industry we want to bring that leveraged

and residual income back into network

marketing there’s a lot of one-time

payment programs out there and those are

great but what made this industry

extremely great and so what brought me

to it in the first place back in

was the leverage of residual income and

being able to leverage my time because

of residual income and I want to kind of

bring that back to this industry that’s

our goal with compression so I hope you

liked what you saw we’ll be launching

again as I said very soon if you know

someone shared this video with you reach
back out to them ask questions and just
be ready to join will be will be ready
as soon as we can and again we hope that
is somewhere
around mid-august again thank you for
taking time to watch this video any
questions just reach out to me if you
can find me or get back to the person to
share the video with you thank you


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