Coinomia Review – from Pre-launch to Launch NOV. 14, 2016


coinomia review

coinomia review

So finally we have opened up the shopping carts
and here are few important pointers you need to be aware of asap

1) Option to purchase bitcoin mining contracts is live in your
backoffice under mining tab–>> order section

You can purchase upto 1000 pool contracts ,
100 machine contracts and 10 rack contracts in
a single transaction…

Once you place an order ( you can purchase using bitcoin directly or your usd balance) ,
you will see your order history in mining–>> purchase tab

Option to purchase etherium contracts is not yet live and
will go live once we are settled with the launch
atmosphere in next 1-2 weeks probably

2) In order to ensure that there is a smooth transition from
prelaunch to launch , we will not be doing first closing today
but rather on 16th morning at 9 AM UK Time for direct
referral commissions and first purchase binary and at 9.30 AM
on 16th morning of repurchase binary

This gives IT and Tech team ample time to ensure that payout
calcuations are smooth and we are not overpaying or under paying
and at the same time give all of you guys/gals chance to
upgrade at the highest possible level so you don’t miss
out on any commissions from the team

Whatever data you see right now in your backoffice in commission
section will be readjusted on 16th once final closing happens…………

3) Mining Contract Payouts will start 24 hours after the purchase
is locked in the system and hence in this scenario , 16th morning 9 AM is
when first closing will happen and hence your mining payouts in BTC
will start from 17th morning from 8 AM UK Time…..

This will be a regular practise and mining payouts will always
start from next closing onwards

So example btc payouts of purchases of mining contracts done
on 18th , will start from 19th and so on……

4) Withdrawl of commissions + mining payouts will be live from 17th onwards
as we need atleast 24 hours after first closing on 16th to go through
entire data and ensure everything is correct and after that it
will become a daily feature

All payouts will be processed manually and will be processed
anywhere in a 24 hour to max 72 hour time window directly
in BTC and Etherium’s which you can cash out asap in $$$$
to your bank accounts using the popular Bitcoin
exchanges in your respective country.

5) Final Winners for all categories will also be calculated on
16th with first closing of first purchase binary and repurchase

If you are among the ones who is running for leadership rewards
for launch day and you think you have a chance , I will, personally suggest
you to not to slow down and rather double your efforts even more for next
48 hours as there will be lot of movements on leaderboards
in next 24-48 hours….

6) Last but not the least ,kindly have patience during this launch atmosphere
as we have surpassed all numbers beyond expectations and converting such a
big database from prelaunch to launch will always have here and there
small glitches no matter how good we do it….

Though at corporate we are trying our best to ensure that we are able to
give you guys a smooth expierence as we go from prelaunch to launch phase
but there can always be some errors in reports display of your commissions ,
some calcualtions etc etc

Everything will be corrected and streamlined in next 7 days or so……..

But so far so good and things are looking as smooth as they
can be apart from occasional here and there bumps……

is about to touch 110,000 members any moment now and worldwide
alexa rankings of under 17,000 which is quiet an accomplishment
considering we just started our prelaunch 40 days back roughly…

We have already created noise in the marketplace and our
competition is watching us very carefully -:)

What has happened till now is just a teaser of what is about to come
and trust me when I say this that we will be the biggest company i
n biz opp space in crypto currency niche and at this rate of growth
we should be hitting 500,000 members in next 120 days and approx
1 million members in next 180 days and so on….

Tons of more exciting announcements in form of our own crypto currency
and network marketing education platforms , our live events ,
our permanent leadership rewards , mining data of alternate coins
and many more exciting things coming………..

Whatever you have done till launch I am sure is great work but now
is not the time to slow down but rather increase your efforts so you
can finish 2016 with a bang and enter in 2017 with great momentum…

Wish you all good luck and hopefully all of you
will enjoy your time here with Coinomia

– Thanks And Regards
Phil Lewis

P.S Make sure you are a part of our corporate Facebook group
so you get all updates on a first hand basis

And Also subscribe to your youtube channel so you
can enjoy daily corporate training videos to help you
grow your Business



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