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What’s already came from we’re coming at you through daily crypto update alright so again I’m doing the regular video releasing scheduling now so back to Cocoa scope if you guys are subscribed to you on Cocoa scope you getting your videos on time every single day if you’re watching this video on YouTube however you’re watching it one day later than everybody else make sure you get subscribed to you on Cocoa scope if you want to stay up to date on all this important stuff and let me tell you the next couple of days and weeks here with cash Forex group are going to be crucial for learning stuff early secondly you can follow my telegram group that’s T dot me slash King of women 1 as well as my Twitter page which is at foam will underscore of alright so we’re going to be talking more about cash Forex group in this video it’s going to be a little bit of a shorter one I just wanted to really express my excitement for cash Forex group there’s been some development some news that I wanted to kind of let you guys know about so that you guys can stay in the loop for this stuff and that’s kind of the key that I’m really want to be talking about today make sure that you are guys are in the loop following the groups so that you also get the information first for everything related to cash Forex group so the the name the video the title the video you can see it on the screen here path to $20,000 the reason why I had that is because I did actually upgrade to the 2000 dollar package as of today it happened really quickly I’ll get into that in a little bit but I’m planning on upgrading to the 5000 dollar package hopefully by the end of the week here or by within 7 days which is going to net me a total profit a total potential profit of $20,000 because 4 times you get 4x whatever you’re putting in depending if you’re going to do go for the promoting route and getting the bull income or if you’re just getting the bare income so that’s the whole purpose of that right there okay so some news that you guys should be aware of right now and just to kind of reiterate the excitement that I have for this why I think this thing has so much potential and why it is currently growing way faster than you can probably tell at the moment let’s just take a look at this this this post says this is by Justin holiday on the Facebook group it says the owner will be on on the team Carl Wednesday night with a couple of special updates we will hear before any other team really exciting so this is all some what this means is if you’re watching this video on KOCO scope that means tomorrow or maybe later today depending on what time zone you’re at at I believe 10 o’clock p.m.

Eastern Standard Time they’re going to be doing a zoom call I’m gonna have the links below to their Facebook page as well as a couple of other things as well if you guys stay connected with that Facebook page a connected with that whatsapp group those are the two places that you really need it to be if you want to be involved in this community and know what’s going on and then that will be able give you the link to the zoom conference call and that zoo these zoom conference calls are really really good especially in the beginning I remember with cloud token the zoom conference calls were how we got all of the information about what’s out with cloud token right now and what’s already to come so it’s really the best place to learn about your platform and learn about what’s going on what’s gonna happen and also ask questions these zoom calls are open to the public essentially you know if you have the links you can join the zoom call and you can go ahead and ask questions while you’re in there you can type them in somebody else can ask them for you and that’s the way that we got a lot of questions answered with cloud token and a lot of people felt more secure with that altogether so this is gonna be a good opportunity for those of you guys who have some questions to be to ask in cash Forex poopin some people been asking me some really good questions too so this is on the facebook page as well again I highly encourage you guys after you sign up and you you know you take a look at and you’re like me this is something that I really am interested in I highly recommend you guys join the Facebook group but this is the FAQ so I wanted to go over this for you guys there was actually one thing that I got a little wrong but we’ll just completely wrong on my video my first video introducing cash forex group and that’s well I’ll just say that now that is the 15% daily I said daily a lot of times they’re not making 15% daily that’s a really unrealistic number and I’m glad that I got that you know covered and figured out there’s they’re saying twelve to fifteen percent up to so a maximum probably around 12 to 15 percent weekly so that means because I was looking at some of the payouts that other people were getting obviously I haven’t gotten a payout yet because I haven’t been in for more than 72 hours yet but they’re looking at a gain of about 8% that was little else yesterday’s gains from the trading and if you add that up you know two times five it’s about ten percent could go up to upwards of 12 to maybe even 15% at the end of the week at the end of those tre five trading days so that’s really cool that those numbers are more sustainable in my opinion more realistic and you know the potential is there for you to hit that 2x in a pretty short amount of time if they’re hitting one point nine eight percent per day in this platform so let’s look at these some of these questions and it’ll clear up anything that I messed up before so can I withdraw my initial package of 70% the answer to that question is yes so some people were asking me this a little bit earlier today I don’t remember who it was but this is your answer so your answer canceling the contract to get a capital minus 30% commission that we paid to the Academy product minus a penalty it’s been settled it’s been settle on the terms and policies and procedures so the answer is yes you you can get that withdrawal out however the feature I don’t think is available on there yet you have to keep in mind a lot of people have been coming up to me saying hey well where’s this where is that why can’t we see this yet this is pre-launch you guys are getting in here on the ground up just like with cloud tooken in the very beginning the lot of features weren’t just not there a lot of things were just not working a lot of updates had to happen it’s the same case with the cash FX group I just talked to another guy a few minutes before I recorded this video and he was asking about a feature and I said hey listen if you if you really want everything to work really smoothly you want all the features to be there you want it to be if your main concern is functionality and information then wait about one or two months when all of that stuff gets ironed up and it’s legit and you can find all that stuff really easily the same case happened with clouds look and if you wait if you got involved the cloud soakin in the very beginning you didn’t know path the stuff that you know today but you know a lot of the information is hearsay and the developers saying that it’s coming soon that’s the advantage of being an early adopter in this stuff if you’re gonna be an early bird you’re going to get in on all of the stuff as early as possible and maximize your gains maximize your team but if your main concern is not maximizing gains or maximizing teams of your main concern as information then definitely just wait I can’t give you all the information in the very beginning before it’s even released so it’s you know it’s a seesaw in my opinion I always think that it’s the best opportunity for me this is just me personally to start start really early and learn as you go and this is just me you know if I learn as I go I might put in a little bit now and the same case happened with cloud took and where I just you know I started putting in more and more as time went on but I didn’t miss out on that beginning team building in that beginning gains because I was too scared I didn’t have enough information what they’re saying is legit and solid let me just tell you that so here’s the next question how long does it take for my daily payouts to kick in I just said this a little bit earlier 72 hours then you’re gonna start to see daily payouts and I think it’s a midnight that might also be Eastern Standard Time though that the payouts happened but I’ll I’ll verify that when I can actually get a payout next question and when can we withdraw our earnings fast starts instant credited and withdraw immediately so I’ve already done a fast start withdrawal and it came through within four hours let me click on that button unilevel trading is weakly credited weekly your matrix is credited by weekly or every two weeks every 15 days your matrix matching every 15 days so that’s that’s from people spilling up underneath you and it’s one of the biggest reasons why the earlier the better and in the case of if you’re looking at maximizing your earnings because people are going to be matched underneath you for this matrix for you to be able to build this and that’s that’s where the huge a lot of the huge gains are gonna come from for it from a lot of people I just saw Justin on the whatsapp group say you know he’s really excited because the developer who’s gonna be on the conference call tomorrow spoke to him about some you know private details and I’m pretty sure the he alluded the fact he couldn’t say exactly what it was but he kind of alluded the fact that the numbers were incredible so a lot of people are getting signed up for cash FX Group and the reason why this is a big deal is because not not because I know a lot of times people say a lot of people are joining it so it’s gonna be more sustainable because the new money he pays the old manual that’s not really the way that I’m thinking about it in this case the way that I’m thinking about it is a lot of people are joining and getting interested in cash forex group because it seems like it’s got all the pieces there that they’re looking for like I talked about before you know people are thrown lots of opportunities daily people like people throw me all kinds of stuff on a daily basis hey join this check this out check out my new project check out this thing I may check out this thing I’m in and I pass on almost all of that stuff pretty pretty easily because the information and the security that I need is not 100 percent there and I don’t join it let alone talk about it so with cash forex group it seems like it’s resonating with people quickly so you know people won’t just join things willy-nilly especially in a time like this when crypto is really on a downtrend right $9,000 again we were at $13,000 a few weeks ago and and it’s kind of going down so it’s and times like this people don’t like to spend money in crypto but the fact that cash forex group is getting so many users and joining up into it at least based on what Justin kind of alluded to my I can’t I can’t confirm or deny that but seems like a lot of people are signing up for it with a lot of different evidence pointing to that it seems also like you know people have faith in cash for x3 people like it’s real it’s really resonating with them what the what their vision is okay continuing on here what’s taught what times our Commission’s release so the Trading Commission run is Monday through Friday on midnight so I talked about that and the Trading Commission’s put is pushed out from Saturday on Saturday at 12 p.m.

Noon Eastern Standard Time the fast start is real time so fast start you’re going to get that stuff immediately as soon as somebody signs up you get that fast start bonus unilevel is Saturday through Friday at midnight and you know level is credited Saturday at 12 p.m. at noon Eastern Standard Time most of you guys you can review this while you’re in the platform if you’re concerned about any of this stuff the payouts this is the times that they actually happen so you can send of the support ticket or get some updates if you don’t get stuff like this these times but remember wait 72 hours before you get any type of earnings next question is when we upgrade do we pay the whole amount or packets balance only so you pay the package balance only so with that kind of means I believe what that means is if you’re at be $1000 package and you want to get to the and you want to upgrade to the $2000 package you don’t pay another $2,000 you only pay one thousand more dollars to match that package balance so the numbers don’t get astronomically high it remembers what package you’re at already and you upgrade to that by putting in the difference between your your package that you’re at and the package that you’re upgrading to can we use their profits in our back office to upgrade yes you can I haven’t done that yet but I probably will I don’t know it depends on how much I’m earning and how quickly I earn to get to the $5,000 level can we sign up and pay with Fiat no this is BTC in and BTC out only and what is the minimum withdrawal that is $100 okay so hopefully that answers all your general basic questions I did my withdrawal like I said earlier of $8,000 in here $8,000 I mean $800 in here and I came through within four hours I’m gonna withdrawal this 360 as well because I already did do the upgrade for the $2,000 package I don’t really have any reason to keep this in here too much unless I’m building up to the $5000 package which I am doing but I’ll do that on my own with a with a crypto instead of the dollar amount balanced and you can see here that this did change so the yesterday is set to a 1k now it’s at 2k and hopefully by the end of the week it’ll be at 5k and I was getting pretty close to the end with my referrals because I’m at 31% here they’re like 60% with the other one other things to take a look at here is this right here this is the the pinging map of the IP addresses of all the people that are logged on at the moment it’s late and there’s already a lot of people logged on here in cash FX already when I first looked at this platform it was just like me and nobody else in the US and it was kind of populated to here and low populated there but now it looks like the United States team is starting to grill you can see that there’s a lot of pings all over the place in the United States and we’re getting into different ways in the world so I like this map it really gives you an idea of how much activity cash FX is getting and maybe even gives you like some marketing strategies like nobody in Egypt has signed up yet so if you have connections in the Egyptian market you might be able to get connect with people there and grow a team from Egypt so I like these kinds of maps like this it really gives you an idea what’s going on and other things to look at here Instagram Twitter and YouTube I’m assuming that cash FX is going to be doing all three of those things and it’s gonna be nice to see that they have a social media going and you can track how it’s growing via the social media again this is pre launched so none of the stuff is up yet if you really you want this to be functional and you want to see the trades and you want to see everything working properly wait two months but you’re going to miss out on the early bird gains that like I said before so don’t complain if like if you’re not earning as much as myself or other people it’s because you probably didn’t jump in at the beginning and you know you waited for that a little bit more confidence was just totally up to you it’s totally fine you do what you got to do I’m not gonna you know criticize people for making their own decisions alright so that’s everything for today guys I just wanted to give you guys that quick update and remind you guys that that that conference call is happening in about less than I think a twenty twenty two hours so that 10 24 hour well whatever whatever time is tomorrow o’clock p.m.

Eastern Standard Time that’s when that comprehend skal is gonna be happening you guys definitely join that if you can I probably can’t I will probably be driving at the time so you might not see me there but I will catch the replay if you guys have questions to ask that’s the place to ask it that’s the place to listen that’s the place to learn more about cash FX if you if you’re kind of on the fence I guarantee you if you’re on the fence about it that call will help you decide yes this is the thing for me or no this is not the thing for me or I’m gonna really dig into this deeper you’re gonna get something out of that call I can guarantee you that and additionally join all of the communities join my telegram channel so that you can get updates with that join my Twitter my cocoa scope not just my stuff though join their Facebook join their what’s app group and if once they get these things live you can guys can follow these as well stay connected with your stuff guys don’t make me be the only person to keep you guys connected alright guys I’ll catch you in the next video if you haven’t like comment subscribe on cocoa scope not on YouTube because I’ve abandoned YouTube and I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out
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