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What so everybody came from here coming at you today the crypto update and this gonna be kind of a special feature video I am actually gonna release this one on YouTube before well actually at the same time as cocoa scope because this opportunity I think is really really good and I want to share this Smith you guys as soon and as quickly as possible because there’s a lot to be to get here so this platform when are you talking about today it’s called cash FX group now what drew me close to cash FX group in the first place was number one the people talking about it so these people that are talking about cash FX group the people that brought this to me are none other than Luigi Bruni and Justin Halladay who are both the same people who sort of really brought the most attention to cloud dokkan it’s the reason why you guys heard about cloud took it from me it’s the reason why you have so much information about cloud tuggin and why you’re connected to Ronald AI so much from within cloud tooken and they have a lot of just some basic principles that they really stick by for joining these different types of platforms cloud token has hit basically all of them and is very secure and has a lot of transparency and a lot of freedom and flexibility so that’s what these guys look for when they’re looking for these types of platforms and cash F a group FX group is the exact same thing it has pretty much a lot of the same stuff that cloud token has in terms of the principles of flexibility being able to move your crypto or move your money around within the platform nothing is really locked up in here the earning potential is very high the transparency of the people that are running this platform is very high as well and it’s just getting started so just like in cloud token cash FX group or crash forex group this is I think they said that this is only like day four or five of this platform being public at all and they’re still in pre-launch so you’re still in the very very beginning phases of building your cash for X group team if you’re gonna build a team and the last key point is you don’t have to build the team with this you can still make up to 2x on whatever packages that you purchase from within this distance group and you know leave with 2x or you can make up to 4x so let’s go ahead and get right into the presentation this video right here I’m gonna link this video in the description below or I might put it in my telegram channel I might not put it on my YouTube channel because it is a private video and I’m not sure if they want me to share the private video so publicly so just a reminder to you guys make sure that you’re following my telegram channel that’s T dot me slash king of FOMO one where I’ll probably post this video on there but I will play a snippet of this a little bit later and we’ll go over the dashboard and the different packages that you can purchase in a second as well but like I said what I want to start with is this little presentation that I made so let’s go ahead and open this slideshow up and cache for X group is the name of the platform like I said these are the key points to highlight it’s about an hour long video so I watched all of it and this is the key stuff that I got from the video number one is this is in pre-launch like I said earlier this is only day four or five something to remember is that cloud token is currently at 600,000 signups after about five months of operation it started off really slow back in February and then it really picked up speed back in around mid May when I joined and still kind of picking up speed at the moment after five months this current program cache forex group the last tally was approximately only 200 members at the moment so you are getting in on the ground up on the very very beginning if you’re watching this video in the first couple of days of the first couple of weeks or even the first month of me releasing this I think that that cash for our troop has a lot of room to grow in terms of membership so you are the earliest and I always talk to you guys about these platforms whether you’re looking at them in terms of sustainability and lasting a long time or in terms of just earning potential or in terms of justin growth with the group and knowing what you’re talking about in the first place the earlier the better whenever it comes to anything in crypto so the second key point I want to go over is this platform this is a platform that offers forex trading & forex trading training it so you can be a part of the 5% what that means is only about 5% of people who do forex trading are actually good at it and make a profit out of it most at 95% of everybody else end up leaving or not doing so well with forex trading well this platform is gonna offer you tips and tricks to be able to be a good forex trader should you use that so not only can you just earn passively from just sitting back and doing nothing that is an option you you don’t have to use the trading the training platform at all if you don’t want to but a is there to offer you something as you’re purchasing these packages so that you you can leave with not just you know more crypto but you can leave with actual knowledge to be able to use later on in life thirty percent of your purchase goes to this so whatever you’re purchasing thirty it’s about thirty percent that number could be wrong because it the percentages are a little bit confusing to me but a certain percentage of what you’re buying goes to this training package so you’re not just buying more crypto to earn you know to X worth of crypto the next key point is you have the option to withdraw your deposit at any time this is unheard of I know a lot of you guys see platform see a platform like this and you think of other platforms that are similar like FX trading or just some other platforms that are like that in my opinion this is pretty much completely different because they offer way more than those types of Hyp platforms but the option to withdraw your deposit in any time is pretty much unheard of outside of things like super wallace now there is a 30 percent penalty to doing this so if you deposit in it withdraw right away it’s just like cloud token you’re going to get a little bit of a penalty because you know they want they have to have some incentive for you guys to keep your funds in there over a period of time but you’re not locked in there that there’s no lock-in period so you have the option if you need be to take your deposit out at any time with that 30 percent penalty and I’ll talk about the earning structure to where it still becomes profitable you don’t you don’t have to leave it in the whole time if you don’t want to but I think the majority of people will you know want to do that so the next point is professional traders will use a portion of each pack to earn and distribute perhaps profits back to you so this is where the passive profits come into play you don’t have to do any trading yourself the training is there for you to be able to use in your real life if you want to but these professional traders are going to be able to earn a lot back and the video that I’m gonna link in the telegram group shows you an algorithm the guy shows an algorithm I think his name is again I gotta make sure I remember say let’s say the wrong guy because he shows you an algorithm of that that cash forex is using where they deposited a thousand dollars and a day or two later they were able to earn 1000 will they they were able to leave with one thousand four hundred and ten dollars so they earned about 40% in a very short period of time so the earnings can be pretty pretty big with this platform at least what they’re claiming to show and you’re going to be getting those profits is distributed back to you up to a certain amount so your earnings are 15% to 25% per week so that is that’s pretty high that is pretty pretty high I can’t remember they might have said per day I have to actually look at this you know more closely I think I remember them saying per day but I’m gonna be on the safe side and say for a week either way that is a big big number and some of you might say that’s an unrealistic number but the numbers are the the application that they show the trades that they showed already which you’re going to be able to see within the platform as well so you know these numbers are are being earned at the current moment and it’s up to so it could be less it could be more but you know this is just an estimated number you know the 15% is the number that they’re really sticking with and like I said before you can earn while you learn so you’re you’re earning this 15 to 25 percent per week or per day or whatever and you’re earning and you can still learn through the forex trading platform there’s two types of earnings from within the platform and I’m just gonna clarify that and this is the part of the video that I’m actually going to play and you guys can listen for yourself there’s bear capital and there’s bull capital so with bear capital you’re going to be earning up to two times your deposit so if you do a deposit of $1,000 then by the end of your package you’ll be able to have $2,000 that you can pull out of the platform before your package just completely stops you can choose to upgrade anytime between then and when your package ends or when you get your 2x but that’s what bear capital is it’s your passive profits per day you have another separate box of earnings that you can get though on top of the bear capital so you can say that the bear capital is one circle or one box of earnings that you’re gonna be getting over a period of time bull capital you kind of have to fill it up yourself that’s where you can earn up to 4x of your deposit so if you do the $1,000 deposit you will be getting paid out on that 1000 apollo’s you know daily or weekly or whatever and that’s gonna accumulate on its own from you sitting back doing nothing while that’s accumulating you can also be this be putting your link out there beginning down lines and and all of that stuff the the promotional of aspect of this and you can get up to 4x here deposit so instead of turning that $1,000 and $2,000 that $1,000 can turn into $4,000 before it stops and you have to upgrade at that moment so what I’m gonna do is I have currently a $300 package in here I’m definitely going to upgrade to at least the $1000 package if not probably the most the $5000 package within the system and that’s going to be able to net me a total of up to about $20,000 for the bull capital if I’m putting the link out there and I get the maximum bull capital and the maximum bare capital over time so there’s a lot of potential for you guys to earn with this you know 4x is a pretty big number and it’s still modest being 2x you know you’re not getting a crazy you know 400% from doing nothing but you know 200% is a little more realistic in my opinion and finally just to review this platform is transparent so the people that are doing the trading the person running the platform the promoters everything that you guys are seeing is transparent people are there you can see who they are you can look them up they’re doing videos they’re going to be doing regular updates you can see who the traders are all that stuff is going to be visible the trading is going to be using everything like that so that is a big big factor almost every other HR IP that kind of scams away and runs have people that are just non-existent translucent you can’t see the metal so the second part is it’s flexible you’re able to withdraw your deposit at any time with that 30 percent penalty you are not locked in yours that is a huge huge plus and that’s one of the big reasons why and cloud talk and I have so much in cloud token in these other super BOTS I don’t mind putting in a bigger chunk of my of my crypto portfolio into these things if I have the option to take it out whenever I want the next option is or the next you know review point is higher earning profitability up to 15 to 25 percent per week for X your deposit and you also can get commissions in other ways as well so there’s like I think that this is definitely going to really kick off in the next couple of days it’s useful you guys can have that forex trading and it’s height so at the moment I’m I always bring you guys these things at the very very beginning moments but I think in the next couple of weeks or in the next month or so it’s really gonna start to get hyped and a lot of people reading get behind it because again the people have a good track record that are talking about it at the moment and like I said there are principles that they really look for since they all fit with cash for X group there’s really no other no other platform out there that’s doing this like cash for X group so let’s go ahead and I’m gonna go show you guys this back office actually I’ll do this part now so you have your leadership status your bull capital and your bear capital like I said these are your two earnings that you’re going to be able to earn off of and your account finance which is what you have in there altogether what I’m actually going to be doing is I’m gonna be upgrading right here to the $1,000 package like I said earlier so that’s this one right here possibly the $5,000 package I’ll do that off camera because it does reveal a little bit of personal information if I do click on that stuff but you will see that I am hopefully going to be in the Supreme level from doing this but you can go anywhere from up to about thirty thousand two hundred thousand dollars depending on how much you want to put into this platform and again the earnings are a 2x potential possibility from doing nothing and a 4x from putting your link out there and basically it’s a cap so if you refer a bunch of people and you can’t and they you can earn a potentially like twenty thousand dollars if you only buy the five hundred dollar pack then well you can’t really get the $20,000 because it’s going to cap up at you know two thousand dollars so you have to decide how much can you potentially refer and how much do you want potentially earn and and make a decision with that so buying the smallest package is going to cap you at 4x total earnings okay so let’s go ahead and go over to the video that cuz I’m gonna play a little bit of this but this is what got me excited about it and will listen to this you guys can watch the rest of this video on my telegram channel and you know it’s the whole thing is really good so let’s just play this part right here actually let me make sure that you guys can hear things actually I got it’s gotta turn this off here we go okay but we share a hundred percent of the volume of the product so that’s mean that thirty percent we give it away to people in our network in our network marketing organization so eye-opening makes money in the trays and what the company makes money with the ecosystem that is creating with the products so actually yeah we don’t need to touch people’s money so we divide those people and bear capital in both capita the bear as are sitting there are you know watching the the waves on this on the on the beach you know eating and making money out of pilot you know every day from Monday to Friday so balls are the one you know to decide to share you know and they want to maximize up to 4 X 4 X is their earnings 400% that you can make if you decide to do you know to jump into this and you know he there the whole world you tell me if I start with 30,000 and I fall in that bull capital category you’re talking about basically $128,000 return is correct you can up to go on well actually look actually we don’t need to build because this is smallest I mean the what we’re doing with this Metatrader here is that actually there is install here and you can see like the day operation runnings you know in real time and operations and actually I don’t know I’m gonna show you the total to see if you can see over there of the screen all homes operation red buy and sale blue you know and actually you can see it here on the end yeah so 45 mins 4400 1471 dollar so this is actually from when I kind of $1,000 is 1476 at the end of them own so their earnings is 476 dollar you know algorithm is that something that you guys are is a proprietary to you it is it is our proper yeah it is we have we have foreigners there being developing this technology and we also all right like I said there’s a lot more to that video so there’s a lot of just really good information in it all together I heard you guys to watch the entire hour if you have a chance to but that gives you guys a basic introduction of this whole platform this is cash FX and yeah so let me know what you guys think about it and it does it seem like it can be the next really big profitable opportunity it might be something that you want to do on the side but in my opinion it fits all the checks and balances per for the stuff that really has the potential to grow and that you know is it’s a little not as super high risk as a lot of the other hyi piece that you hear a lot of other people talk about in general so it’s it’s white right up my alley alright guys catching the next video make sure you like comment and subscribe if you’re watching this on youtube I prefer that you watch my videos on cocoa scope I don’t really mess around with YouTube too much due to different reasons so subscribe to me on there and that’s where I’m gonna be doing other things like giveaways and stuff like that you can follow my Twitter page was just at formal underscore of and my my telegram channel which is gonna have all this information and more tea dot me slash king of film on one all right guys get to the next video peace
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