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All right so this is day one well really day two for me of cash Forex I’m super excited about this program I haven’t seen anything like this in quite a while what got me real excited was the matrix if any of you guys were in Rico coin you remember that matrix and how profitable it was well this one is a forced matrix so your downline will be people that you bring in plus the people above you will also help you fill in your downline and it goes ten levels deep so it’s a three by 10 matrix but before I get into that I want to go start off at the packages and I’ll show you like today I got my first payout so the packages come in let me see if I can get there okay with me can fit my today was my is my second day so yesterday was my first day so the package is stuck at $300 I chose the $500 package that’s where I started out so you get an Academy pack which some of you made like that that sugar will help you learn how to trade that is not really why I’m in the program I am in the program for two reasons the first one is three hundred and fifty dollars of that 500 went towards the trade pool so yesterday I got my first payout and I’ll show you that here that was seven twenty four seven dollars and four cents for if that’s one percent so that’s the first day so it could it could vary every day it could be 15 percent one day it could be one percent it could be eight percent but I can only tell you what I’ve seen so far so I’m happy with that two percent so that is on I don’t want to get ahead of myself here the bare side so basically you come in I come in at the five hundred dollar package and I can double my money so I can double I guess I can double my three fifty the trading so once I double that I can either upgrade my package or I can cash out or I think I can cash out weekly I mean we’ll take it step by step I’ll show you as I cash out when I do that the minimum cash out is $100 and that’s in Bitcoin so most likely I’ll stop rolling up these packages one thousand two thousand but I just want to get my feet wet I started at five hundred if you want to start at the lower package or the minimum you can come in as three hundred so I was very excited about that that that’s the first way to make money just by put it buying one of those packages and just sitting back and doing nothing you can pretty much double your money the other part is so that’s the the bear part of the equation so you can double your money just by passively earning income just put your money in it will grow once you double it you can take it out and then you can either roll up to a bigger package or you can start again and buy that that three hundred or five hundred or thousand dollar package they’ll be your money cash out do the same thing so that is the first option the second part which gets me really excited because this is where the matrix comes in is the ball capital where you can for extra money so instead of just getting two times you can get more times your money and who wouldn’t want four times their money so to do that you have to be in the bull so you have to build a team or it be in the horse matrix but you but team building is what we’re doing that’s how you make the most money from these programs and it pays all these levels and this is the matrix so say this is me or say this is you and that you have all these people that come in underneath you and neither that you brought in or I believe you know that the team will fill in all these empty slots from the car last night sounds like they’ll go through the algorithm will go through fill in the spot but you know for one person then they go the next person if they a blank spot it’ll fill it in all the way down the line and then once they’re finished it’ll start again find find them to the first person in line that’s missing a spot fill it in go to find the next person to fill in the spot and the theme is growing I don’t know the exact numbers just what I can see from my side from the people that are coming in under me that we’re already up to it’s got to be over eleven thousand probably twelve thousand people now in the program so that it’s growing really fast and it’s really almost just kind of in pre-launch so it’s very similar to cloud token the the the structure well actually it’s not it’s different but there’s a lot of eleven people in here are in cloud token and like taking a lot of the same fundamentals leadership program this is all stuff I’m not really familiar with yet because like I just got involved but what I do know just from being in real coin and other matrixes is locking in position lock in your position quick so if you’re seeing this video even if you’re not think if you if you don’t want to invest today sign up today sign up lock in your position because the longer you wait the further down the line you get the less possible income you can make in the future so locking in position when you’re ready to make it deposit make it deposit I would say make your deposit right away and start building your own team that would be the best way to go and I was gonna say something else oh yes so when you do sign up make sure you use either a gmail account or a yahoo email Gmail or yahoo email because I tried at first with an Outlook one and I never got the letter the confirmation email so then I made I open the not another account with my gmail and that one came through right away and signed up also be careful if you’re using money from the exchange because the exchange has higher fees so if you are sending it from client base or by Nance you probably want to increase the year a couple Satoshi’s just to cover though the fees that the exchanges charge I used x2 this wallet and I just used the recommended amount that it told me to send I sent it and no problems and within I would say two or three minutes I get that confirmation that everything was all set my account was funded that does take a little while for your for everything to show up in your back office but not not that long and then like today I got my first pail so yeah within 24 hours you see everything you get your first pay out well great I don’t want to ramble on about with this video but I just wanted to get it out there so you guys could join if you want to join again this is all risky this one looks the most transparent and on the call you see all the people that are in the company and once you do sign up I can get you into the Facebook group and then you can go on these calls yourself and you’ll see you’ll see the people behind like the company and very transparent as far as I can see now so that’s all for today I just want to say if you guys want to lock in your positions go ahead hit the link in the description lock in your position if you want to fund your account even better go ahead and fund it because that’s how you start making money but just to secure yourself a spot I can’t go back to real coin because that’s that was what I was familiar with for out these matrixes you know that the the slots fill up so fast and your downline is just building and building overnight while you’re sleeping so very excited about that so we’ll see you in the next video see you in the next video.

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