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Okay what’s going on guys welcome welcome for those of you that are you know taking a look at this for the very first time or taking a closer look my name is Justin Halliday here down in Jacksonville Florida and you’ll see I’m joined by three other gentlemen I’ve got my business partner and good friend John Kinnear I’ve got my good friend Ron Pope on here and co-founder and owner mr. Huascar Lopez the purpose of this is to really get some real good information for those of you that are taking the closer look and to identify that this is a real bona fide company with a long-term vision an amazing product and a very very great project to get involved in now with that being said I do want to start off by saying Ron and I go back almost seven years about six and a half seven years we had an opportunity to work on a project together that lasted about eighteen months and then you know Ron went into the software space and Ron is the president and co-founder of the conversion pros many of you are using their software today and and one of the key pieces here is that first and foremost what you’re gonna find out today is why is this different than all of the other Forex deals that are out there I personally have not joined one single Forex deal that has been floating around and there’s been a lot of them a lot of them that have come and gone that lasted maybe six months eight months I haven’t joined one and Ron has never called me one time to say hey Justin you need to take a look at this he’s never pitched me an opportunity well about two weeks ago Ron called me we had a real lone conversation about crypto and stacking crypto and multiplying Bitcoin and Ron introduced me to Wes car and we had an amazing call could tell right away just the sincerity and genuineness credibility we are operating from the same place of morals and and we were very excited so with that being said we’re going to go ahead and flesh out some nation on this call for you guys we’re gonna I’m going to hand over to Ron here and Ron’s gonna talk a little bit about see one of the things we love about Ron and the conversion pros is that the developers and the the engineers behind the project are North american-based and so they’re right here so there’s no timezone challenges we know who they are and Ron’s going to talk a little bit about the background and experience with that staff and Ron if you could give us some insight to how that works please direct us and thank you so much I really want to thank you for you know coming on board and being such a great leader guys you’ll never understand how much time Justin has put into this project in the last couple of weeks to help get it to where it’s at and from a leadership standpoint from the field Justin you’ve just absolutely done an amazing job so thank you for that appreciate it okay so the conversion pros give you a little bit of background on us if you’re not familiar with the conversion pros already we are a global company we’re in at 57 different countries it’s the conversion pros is a marketing software company we have a sass model as well as we develop custom software like we’re doing here for the cash FX it’s been a combination of things that have been work done over the last 18 to 20 years between myself and and one of my partners Jamie Beck which is our CTO Jamie’s been working on the platform for Ike to say about 18 to 20 years now we do all of our own in-house programming we’ve got a large team of programmers in our office we never let our source code or anything out so it’s all it’s all in-house we’ve written millions of lines of code I think we’re somewhere between 10 and 12 million lines of code now millions of dollars invested we take security and privacy extremely you know as a top priority because we understand the different industries that we go into and we understand that you know the issues of the world today I mean really with you know the technology out there people are always trying to you know do dishonest things in the market so therefore us as the tech team have to make sure that we’re staying ahead of that okay and that’s what we’re bringing here – cash FX we let me talk about why the conversion prose was such a great fit for cash FX and why I got the call from my good friend lost our Lopez Huascar and I have known each other for several years we’ve done projects together he was actually a leader in the field for one of the one of the travel companies that I was building at the time and I understood very quickly where his heart was where his morals and values are at and so he and I had the opportunity over several years to develop a really strong relationship and and so when Huascar came to me with the cash FX idea and said hey you know we’d really love to work with you guys we had a lot on our plate at the time with the conversion pros but once we took a look at what it was at las bar was was explaining to us and really dug into it and looked at the transparency that they’re gonna be offering here in the immediate future I’m the former you know trade to myself I’ve developed a bot in the past and so I was able to understand that and then from the side of of network marketing I’ve been in that industry for over 20 years and it started with me you know coming up through the ranks starting with some of the most common companies that are out there you know they’ve been there for a hundred years and you know I struggled I learned my way through it but as I as I continue to progress I would implement these different tools that were being that we’ve been working on with the conversion pros autoresponders and capture pages funnels things like that over the over the years and as it continued to increase it created into this amazing system that allowed me to have down lines when I was leader in the field in over 49 countries and over a quarter million people that I’ve been able to influence globally so I understood from both the leadership side but at the same time when I when I hit that point I had developed such a training system for my own teams that I started getting calls from the different companies I would go to and they would ask me any would you come and do the same thing for us so you know my first venture in the corporate side of network marketing started off as a VP of training for a company on a Kowloon Hong Kong and from there I started getting a head hunted into different projects and so over the last 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to really be a in the field as well as from the corporate side I’ve been through over 20 startups in my career and I’m not all in network marketing a lot of traditional companies as well but on the network marketing side I built my own in MLM s as well so I understand what it takes from from from the corporate side but I also know what the field is looking for so it brings it all together and through all the startups that we’ve done it’s you know it’s created a lot of cookie cutter things that you need to go through when you’re doing a start-up in order to make sure you have the infrastructure in place and that’s a lot of what the conversion process bringing to the table here yes we’ve got the the contract to do all of the software for them but at the same time we’re bringing a lot more to the table than that we’re bringing our contacts and and our you know resources to the table to help this cash FX become one of the premier companies in its space and I say one of I believe it’s gonna be be from your company in its face and the not-too-distant future here guys the rate of growth that we’re already seeing is amazing I mean from the projections that we talked about with cash FX corporate team um just three weeks ago to where we are today has been just a whirlwind I mean it’s absolutely amazing to see what’s happening for this company right here and then I know more of what’s going on behind the scenes it hasn’t even been released yet and that’s that’s so exciting to me I mean like we we had a long meeting yesterday going okay we’ve really got to increase the infrastructure here and that’s a lot of what we were doing yesterday adding more servers beefing it up really getting a robust system in place for these guys and and so anyways we’re excited we’re collaborating on multiple avenues with cash FX all their marketing materials we’ll be creating a marketing system here in the near future that we’ll be able to implement in here with cash FX little help each and every one of you guys okay be able to explode your own personal individual down lines but at the same time it’ll help because you need to understand in this in this market space in this industry that the cash FX sits in there’s a lot of regulation okay not just from the network marketing side but from you know from the security side of things so what the system’s going to do when we went to get when we get it completed is it will allow the compliance Department appcache FX to have more control over the content being disseminated to the field and that’s extremely important because each and every one of you guys need to understand what you say brings liability back on the company and and so it’s our job to make sure that what’s being said is what should be said okay so we’re gonna put some reins on it we’re gonna control that but at the same time that helps with waspers vision of this being a legacy company this is a 20-plus year old company guys we’re going to be a 20 year old company one day but that’s that’s how it’s being built from the infrastructure side with the compliance the legal all of those types of things that you don’t always see in today’s industry and then in the network marketing industry you have a lot of to hear today gone tomorrow type companies that’s not how this company is being structured okay so yes we’re in a pre-launch yes you guys are gonna see you know little bugs and things here and there because we’re doing a lot of development in the Y of setting but if you ever see any kind of a you know temporary downtime or anything it doesn’t mean the company’s going away what it mean is that we’re increasing infrastructure that’s what we’re doing there okay so I’m excited yeah I used to be part of if you can’t tell I’m excited to be part of this roster and I have been looking for a home run together for a while and it didn’t take me very long to realize you know he’s got his hand on a home run and I and we need to be part of it so myself my company you know we’re 100% on board with this and absolutely doing everything that we can to help cash FX be a huge success when I talk about resources and things we’re bringing in our coffee experts our social media experts our PR you know overall pros and conversions okay we want to make sure we enable you guys with the tools that you need to go and build your business as fast as you can to get you and your family freeze awesome I do want to touch on one thing here the conversion prost okay we don’t go out and openly you know promote and market a lot of different network marketing companies because it’s a conflict of interest with some of our clients but I want to touch on that for a second because if you are one of our clients I want to explain there is no conflict of interest here okay whatever your primary business might be today you’re in earning your income there all right if you are focused on earning that income and you’re not focusing on leveraging that capital that you just created you’re only getting one piece of it okay and that’s where cash FX comes in you guys continue to focus on your primary business paying your bills gaining your wealth but then take this put it take your capital put it in with cash FX and let it multiply for you now you’re gaining wealth it’s such a higher rate so in in my mind cash FX is not a conflict of interest with any project that you might currently be doing it’s a complement to it okay so I I just wanted to come in here it’s a conflict of of wallets because it’s now getting into your wallet if you’re not doing this you’re you there’s conflict you’re not making what you could be so right absolutely just I think this is a great program and myself the conversion froze again 110% behind this and you will be through the duration of this company so I look forward to working with Huascar and his team Justin and John and all the other great leaders that we’re coming in contact with and getting to me I couldn’t have asked for a better project to be part of and Huascar thank you so much for that opportunity but that’s really what I wanted to come out here and share today Justin John if you guys have any other questions for me I’m stay right here and feel them but thank you for the opportunity to come out and voice my opinion and explain what it is that the conversion frozen cash FX are doing excellent well that really leads us into the first question for mr.

Lopez again Huascar thanks for we’re in pre-launch and so we know you’re busy we know you know that you’re not sleeping much at all right now working around the clock working with all of the different pieces and so we appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule and joining us today all right sure guys that really leads us into the first question because what Ron was talking about you know the benefits of the forex market are known to many ride leveraging and putting your work your money to work for you in these markets and so Huascar our first question is really why did you choose to enter the global forex market you know for cash of cash FX group and what appeals to you most about this market well first of all thank you very much to you guys for inviting me you know to share this moment to share this vision about this company that we are very excited as Ron just said and thank you Ron also for your commitment you know as a company as a friend to our project to our company we value that very much and I think before I talk about the forest market I need to talk about our friend I think I need to talk about the people that we care about people that we are around around us because one of the things that people is struggling the most is to find something they can do with success something easy they can achieve their goals so when we think about doing this project we thought about bring a system put a system together for people be able to have success in an easy way you know to put resole in the in the people’s hands right away because that’s the way the people get involved most of the reason the people don’t get in bowl and then we’re marketing or projects any kind is because of their fear of failure or because they think they cannot do it so looking at the industry in the crypto currency the last few years that has grown so much and it’s providing our opportunities for so many people including me and my family that we’ve had the privilege to take advantage of of the crypto space in the last few years another industry that is huge is Forex and I why I always saw the forex market something like enigma for me so I started to learn about that mark and I started to research and and I was blown away for the amount of money that fluids on that market every day you know and some of the biggest final institution financial institution banks and incorporation they are involved with this and if you can if you research a little bit more about this market you know that it a lot of money can be done and fast and with the right leverage and the right technology and the right system you can achieve so much so I think God has a lot to do I always put him in front of everything because the way this project has been in semble is it’s a blessing and the technology that we have the people there are behind our trading is something unique and something very special so when I think about your question just in about why Forex why you took a look at that piece of the market I think the combination that we put together in the system to generate some of the string of income that we’re talking about how fast it can be generated is in this market no no not market in the world has the liquidy of five trillion dollar a day and work 24 24 hours a day so it’s been a really really fast journey for me I’m still learning a lot but I think if you look at the most prominent companies out there you will see they are in the forex market already since long time ago yeah now we can bring that to a lot of families in the world I love it very cool it’s a great answer and you know the forex industry is it’s an absolute Colossus and there’s many people on the periphery just like us car that have had success in other areas but have never actually entered into the forex market and the immensity of that market one of the things that it provides for people if they’re willing to sort of dip a toe and move into it and this is a wonderful and a very simple way from the start doing that is that there’s no ceiling on this market you just mentioned trillion dollars so if we managed to line all of those corporate things up that we need to there’s absolutely no limit to the future possible growth not only for the individual but for the corporation itself so one of the things that we’re aware of of course is that you have some proprietary EAS for individuals who don’t know what an EA it’s simply a.m.

And expert analysis that it’s software that is used for trading in the Forex space but also you’re working with live traders you have a team of live traders in the trading floor and a AI has done some amazing things recently some incredible inroads into training both in crypto currency and in forex in fact this combination of live traders technicians managing an AI is what companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have started doing recently and many many other large financial companies can you talk to that point a little bit some of the infrastructure that you’ve aligned for us yes it’s funny that you mentioned all those companies are really enormous companies and out there and the combination with technology comes from mankind like men that’s been the vehicle to create all the amazing stuff that we have today since telephone and computers and all that that I don’t have to mention but if you look around the most biggest companies right now they are based in technology people like you know companies like Facebook Instagram ubirr everything is in the mainstream in communication and technology also communication means that a software bill from the main stand point of view the technology of required to communicate with the market in a fast speed that provides you an advantage you know it’s impossible like us like a man that we can open and close transaction and look at the float on the indicators on the market faster than a machine you know but it’s not the machine that that works it’s a combination like you said and what we have right now I I need to be like very humble and I don’t want to sound like I hype in anything you know but I think in the coming weeks and months people are going to find out what is a unique strategy and the combination that we have with this algorithm I think we are very blessed we have our team in-house team or traders that come up with many months research putting together indicators putting together all the strategies and make this combination that provide us with this accelerating gain or earnings that we have in this company now we could have this for ourselves we could develop the process to make money ourselves and keep it to us you know but did this is put it together and come along with the vision that we have and the vision that we have is to create many many stream of income for thousands of family around the world so what you need to understand here is that we are putting together a really big corporation with many products and we as Ron said before we want to leave a legacy out there we just not creating this for money you know money can be created every day and we created a lot of money over the past few years and we are very blessed but we have a vision we have a purpose and I think we’re more ahead in the interview we’re gonna talk I’m kidding I roll out in the next months yeah absolutely absolutely excellent excellent feedback there so now the feedback that we’ve been getting so far out in the field talking to different leaders we’ve been on back-to-back zoom cause I know John has been in multiple calls every day since we got started I guess where we’re about two weeks I think in the project people are really appreciating this simple approach to 4x with what cash FX brings the fact that there is no software to download no brokerage accounts to fund and open but rather they can begin participating immediately by partnering pretty much with with cash FX trading team but now we understand that following the official launch members are going to have some sort of ability to download the mt4 and begin benefiting from the trading technology directly is that correct yeah that’s right the fact that people can access really easy to the forex market because I can tell you myself I was really like a little bit afraid of getting in touch you know open an account and a broker dealing with verification documentation and all that you know it’s pretty heavy stuff praying a crazy stuff but at the end of the day people have their own issues their own businesses there aren’t jobs families and things to do you know yeah what we want to create or what we create it right now it’s a system very easy though that you can race you’re fast with us and you can make the partnership with us as a company so we can take you by the hand teach you what you need to teach like the basic stuff how to operate and how to manage through a excellent educational program okay so providing the knowledge for you for you to understand how that works but not rush because you’re gonna make money in the way you’re gonna be leveraging your income through us and we already know how to do it we already put together the system to do it so this is their the real concept of it now doing this in the second stage what we’re gonna do is provide you the support easy the way you were started so you can follow up and you can have your own account in the forex market you can have access to the broker yourself but now with the knowledge to be able to operate those accounts so we’re very excited because we we develop some of the algorithm there are working out there in the market are our financial team with the technical team are really really interesting numbers that we can provide in our lunch and people are gonna be so amazed by what we’re doing right now and the division is that you know that we can provide services not only provide income and education that provides services to go along with that process so yes just in people will create an account will have their own Metatrader and they will be plug into the system with the company behind it very cool and listen before I ask the next question Huascar need to apologize to all the traders that are listening because when I asked you my last question I said an EI was an expert analyst an expert advisor and all my traded buddies are that call me and say dude what are you thinking so anyway I apologize call your traders out there and it’s the combination of those things that I’m very excited about because I’ve seen evidence of that working in the past now back to this particular ratio though we’ve been talking about of course the ability for people to do their own thing in the future as well which leads me to a question about our Academy PACs and that’s why I think the Academy PACs are so important they play multiple roles first of all of course they serve to educate the marketplace starting from the most simple all the way through to far more complicated and challenging strategies when it comes to Forex and those will be key when people are running their own but can you just talk a little bit above the Academy pack the fact that 100 percent of the money that goes into those Academy gets paid out to the field and also the fact that because this is in a owe to compensation that’s coming from education of course we have no issues with security laws because members are not being paid on the earnings of other members that’s a critical issue here and you’re absolutely right about it many companies have struggled many people have struggle we have struggled in the past with company that leave us with nothing because unfortunately they don’t have the infrastructure or their other product to pay out people you know and they sell smoke I don’t want to talk about that I want to talk about what we have is a really premium service of educational packages they provide you with the right information the right guidance with the right teachers a personalized follow-up so when you join our company when you purchase one of our packages you know also our leverage little having the leverage with our trading you are purchasing a real product that are gonna teach you everything you need to know about the forex market now one of the reason that this project was created was to help people and that’s why we share a hundred percent of our product the business model based earnings of our company is not to sell you the products is the the whole process and the trading that we have as a company we leverage by the trading pool a corporate account from the whole community and that may that allows us to accompany to make more money you know but the reason that we share their 100% is because on that business model no many company have it right now we are innovating on that on that field and we are completely transparent because if you break down our compensation plan you can tell that we are pain from the from the from the products and no from new people remember guys new people comes in and then most of the company with that money they pay all people and that’s a really a scheme that is not sustainable those those came not don’t last over six months eight months out and like Ron said the vision of this company is long-term so basically we are paying 100% wente percent actually with this innovation on the compensation plan I think we’re gonna see if you have any question on the compensation plan but basically we’re paying 100% of the products to the people and this company is for the people okay okay so and again just so you guys understand when he says a hundred percent the the product is purchased and we’re going to talk a little bit about the fast start we’re gonna talk a little bit about the matrix in before we wrap up here today but you’ll see that we’re very excited about the the possibility and opportunity to become six and seven figure earners just just in this company guys so our next question is going to talk a little bit about the progressive nature of the the trading contracts and how that works when you actually purchase one of these these trade academy packages it’s very interesting approach the way it’s set up the fact y-square that members can access cash FX for as little as three hundred dollars now there’s no monthly payments there’s no auto ships there’s none of that but to be able to come in and get started for as little as three hundred dollars to benefit from the trading infrastructure and easily progress into the larger crop contracts and they go all the way up to 100k guys and everywhere in between without spending any more of their own money I think that piece is genius the fantastic concept and can you discuss a little bit about where that concept came from and why you chose yes most of the guys or people out there there are struggling looking for an opportunity obviously they don’t have like much appetite to start any business and the fact that we are charging $300 and that from that breakdown $90 for education and 210 is for for the leverage in the money we come up with the strategy to leverage that that income and provide the opportunity for people to go over from one package to another paying the difference from one level to another so right there you know having the company back up with the trading made them having resold really really easy for the people it will create an amazing ecosystem where people are going to be more interested at the end of the day you create something for people having success they easy way you know the most most easy way that you can that you can that you can have it so yeah basically we’ve been in in different companies over the years and one of the most critical let’s say barrier for people is that they don’t have the time they are struggling because they don’t find a way you know to make it through so putting together a unique system that pushed them to go higher without even having an impact on their financial daily you know that’s your name because you’re not breaking their financial I setup as they have it you know they have you have to have to pay the house they have the kids you know they have their jobs everything so with a little bit of money extra you can have this opportunity you can take this opportunity and you can leverage through one step at a time yeah no we are not rushing we are not eager to people can come here too without a lot of money because you don’t need it with a little bit of money you can make it through it you know through your way so that’s that’s the concept you know to make it easy on people and when you have when you have the goal to be on the market for a long time that’s the way you do it you know others you don’t see it you don’t see it that way because other company wants more money one more morning more money because there are not planning to do it or they don’t have a sustainable stream of income they are not producing to baio way out yes Ron I just I wanted to touch on that with you Oscar because the fact that you know if you’re in a country like the United States or something where we we’ve got you know the lower class middle class upper class and you don’t see big gaps between them a lot there’s other countries out there guys that are going to be able to participate in this that couldn’t afford to come in at a thousand five thousand ten thousand dollars this is going to help bridge that gap between the rich and the poor in those countries creating a more solid middle class overall improving the economy I don’t even think we’re touching on really what the overall effect of what this project itself could influence globally true very fact of course that we’re dealing in forex means that there is no limit to the level of participation the other thing that I think that you’ve done a great job of is finding that mathematical balance as enough of a motivator to move people from 3 to 5 from 5 2000 from a thousand to two thousand and in addition to that I think it’s very important to note that in so many of the projects that so many of us have had a look at over the last two years especially the entry levels are there for one purpose only feed the big dogs that’s it the entry levels can never make any money they’re only there to pay the big-ticket profits and that’s not the case here this is a genuine opportunity at the $300 level to earn enough to move to the 500 put money back in your jeans and move to the thousand putting it back in your jeans and that’s very important and you know getting it would have been easier for cash FX not to dip down into that level it would have been easier to manage larger sums of money this is an opportunity to cash FX is creating for those folks who can’t afford that that higher you know contract level so it was a decision made to to be able to help more people that’s really what this company is about thank you Ron and the fact that people can make like leverage up to 4x you know with with the initial approaches of the product that is huge for people that don’t have much capital because if you put a little bit of effort and you refer someone you know only one or two or three people that you can refer of this program you can change your life because the potential income is quadruple you know four times really fast to grow and keep growing to the next levels so I put it together a really great opportunity here oh it’s strong for sure we’ve only got two questions left if you don’t mind loss card they both revolve around payment we talked earlier about a hundred percent as it relates to those first two bonuses remember the Academy packs that every contract has is thirty percent is dedicated for the Academy pack that 30% goes in two different directions it goes to a fast start bonus to the sponsor and then it goes to a unilevel which is which is fantastic you want to touch on either one of those yes the reason that we did it that way because we think on the product to create a community or to create a network and to empower people to go out there and change it right their lives it was the easy way you know we could the company we could like lower the the percentage on the fast our you know and lower the percentage on their on the Union level and you know take a little bit for the company but that’s not really the business model is the way that we wanted to have we wanted to empower people to keep the opportunity to people and that’s why I have 50% of our product is faster you know you can leverage there and you can make additionally on your Forex product you can make 2x additionally when you refer when you go out there and that’s totally additional all your 2x that you can get there so union level that we think that guys I love a binaries I love many compensation plan out there that are really powerful AHA yeah because it’s really not when you’re up there and you riding that wave or at the beginning to the end you know but unfortunately there is an if you look at the binary it has an expiration date because it’s not sustainable known you can put it any way you want have at the end of the day the breakdown of those points coming up in infinity it will hurt the company so which is a powerful union level based on a 50% of our product you know and and it pays really really well it pays in the 10 levels and it pays out to infinity when you qualify all from the 11 down you know you can build no limit amount of people in your downline and we break down in a literature program points when you can Commission of those points on those sales and on their whole instruction also I love the fact that when the sales happen you made the Commission instantly you don’t have to do anything if you’re one you actually get to Commission instantly the faster and the unit level first level that we pay 10 percent and six level so actually in your downline you can see on our system when all those sales are happening and you’re getting those commissions right away without any qualification or any requirements so I think that is really powerful and that’s the way that that that’s why we choose to go that way on the unit level and the faster I know you have a question for the matrix also the matrix I mean the matrix is is one of the most unique things that we’ve seen the way that the 3 by 10 is is set up can so share share a little bit about that matrix and how the fees are worked in there and how you guys put that together I think with time crystal are gonna give us there I you know that the reason if this is the most powerful compensation plan ever because I never seen such a thing put it this way I’m a matrix that help out the people that are not building people that are no building can leverage and faster their income based on those who are building the teams so it comes from the fee from the withdrawal fee that many companies bank institution every institution have a with Rafi you know even the bank when you go and you want your money you know they have ah they have their fees so I think this is a I don’t know it didn’t come from us you know it comes from from out there you know out here the God put this this compensation plan because it’s really powerful the residual income that we can have 50% of those fees which which are 20% goes to the matrix that 3 by 10 yeah it can be generate millions of dollars we know people and leaders people that are joining this company in the earlier stages in long term they will have a residual income massive because this company is making really good trading people are making money in the daily basis and everybody wants to grow their money in any point so when they withdraw you make a commission instantly from those from those levels 10 levels deep in a 3 by 10 we’re talking about 80,000 people on your downline so you don’t have to be a genius to take out you know break down those numbers are really really amazing numbers and the way set up it doesn’t hurt the company it doesn’t hire the affiliate or the member and it’s beneficial for everyone people can leverage very very well from the other 50 percent of that with Rafi we also give back a matching check 10% on the referral on the matrix if you refer one two three five ten people on their checks on the matrix you get 10% and we also have two more that is the leadership global that we share on the matching check and on the leadership program that is another deal but for those who one building and for those leaders like you just seen John and others that are building this business there is gonna have amazing results because that’s why we said that we share 120 percent because actually we share 100 percent of our product and basically that we draw face we are sore we put like we charge exactly what the payment processor and then infrastructure needs to we draw those money and pay out everyone in the rest we share out to the people so that I think never been done in the industry that’s unique I think when people understand we talked about many times because we see people that take a look of the complan and then they ask questions and then two days later they come back and ask more question and then the next week they come back and that’s why and I said we talked about I said don’t worry don’t worry next month you know when you see this planet five times more you’re gonna understand but actually is because every time you see the powerful behind this compensation plan it’s you’re the most unique ones we’ve seen go ahead John sorry just it’s it really is extraordinarily you need and it really is an extension of what we were talking about earlier where these entry-level contracts three and five hundred dollars are actually gear designed to make money as an extension to that the ability to have a platform where the majority of people often get involved passively and they can actually participate in an element of the compensation plan it’s just it’s pure gold and when you consider that the long-term lifeblood of any enterprise is its members wanting to continue to stay involved what a wonderful thank you to passive participants to encourage them to continue to stay involved and feed everyone’s income long-term it’s really is a smart idea is it say if I said passive income if I didn’t people are joining and they’re enjoying you know the arrived with the passive income but they they can accelerate based on this matrix because there are many people that are falling down there people that are building and this is its force you know they’re they cannot go anywhere else they need to go there and feel all those spaces so I think what those folks that aren’t investing and they’re leveraging their their income through this company they can speed up the process with that matrix so it’s double doable purposes that serve that compensation plan helped the company help the member and speed of the processes is such a blessing to have this and this company and and I agree with that I love it and what I’ve been telling some people that have had some questions because I’ve had some questions as well but once you see the payouts and you see what’s going in one bucket it answers those questions like at the I can tell you guys that this recording will be floating around and at the time of this recording we are about 24 hours away I think from the first matrix payout yeah it’s 48 hours on the first we’re going to pay out on the first we’re going to pay out and so that’s gonna answer some questions as how those fees are getting paid out and it’s I think it’s going to be one of the most amazing compensation plan out there now again thank you for your time guys we’ve got one final question for Huascar and this is really just to if you can share with us a little bit about the vision of the company like for instance do you see this as a long-term company or a short-term company and why and then if you can give us just a little bit of insight expectations’ of the official launch and we can pop it up I I don’t think it’s always he always one more now I I know you guys are very very excited as I am I enjoy so much to have this conversation with with with leaders and everyone involved because the process has been such a amazing right we’re such having a good with it and we are setting up for 60 day we set up 60 day we started the company two weeks ago but I think now there is starting to take off and everything they’re gonna see tomorrow the final breakout on the compensation plan you know they it will be complete the cycle of one month no I mean the first 15 days yeah where the member will see like you said the full compensation completed on their back offices they’re gonna see how it works and everything the development on the conversion pros has been amazing you know I don’t have work to thank those guys that Iran and Jamie and everything are doing for us he’s putting together a unique system and I think middle October will have a huge event and I think it would be Panama City because the company is register there and we have our corporate offices there and I think we meet October we don’t have a year a date specific day yet but we’re putting together that for that around out those AIDS and what was the question was the okay division well like I said before we’re not doing this just for the money the money is really good we love it you know you can do so much with it we can help such an such a large amount of people with it but we see this company being around for a long long term we even see the picture changing the way this industry is is is being held right now because unfortunately we gonna include myself has fallen many many companies that we thought that was correct yeah and they leave us without nothing and not because currently the intention was bad but you know but but the circumstances and the compensation plan and what they have you know they didn’t anticipate it we’ve been blessed with a group of people behind this project since the traitor the corporate and a tional part but we are planning to have a Institute where I’m gonna release this in this video because we are working diligently and I’m gonna give you guys this this update we are we are incorporating our Academy in the Minister of Education in Panama and we are setting up the basis and the foundation to have a really nice school in Panama dedicated to trading and the financials by education because many people guys don’t know how living to manage or lever their financial lives you know so we are we have extremely good relationship with the government in Panama that just got in and the government there we have businesses there and we’ll all we know the will of the a strategic point that means in you know the represent the country there is a contra dirt bring so much to the region and to the whole Central America economy and we with the vision that we have is to met to have many many products attached to this industry to this financial industry the trading forex market we we have a vision to have the future involves you know the futures market and in other markets beside forex yeah on the future but yes you can you can rest assure and you can build in peace and you can acquire this vision with us because we’re gonna be here and I’m not gonna tell you everything is pretty there is really really mean people out there I believe there is an opportunity for every company for everyone like the Latino said oh there’s a famous saying that the Sun goes out from em for everyone you know but unfortunately not many people think that and they do stuff you know they do stuff to hurt people to her companies but we are strong I always said that this company is protected by God and it’s a purpose from him and with the right direction and with the with the right vision and the right people like you guys we thank you everyone involved in this company and we planning to be here for a long time so no rush about it if you take a look at this video right now and you’re planning to join or you in and you’re thinking about what you’re gonna do I advise you to move faster I had to go ahead and take action because this is very unique and very special very humble I say it but it’s very different from from from what is out there so thank you very much guys thank you very much listen guys we’ve covered a lot of ground for those of you watching thanks pretty much for taking time to tune in we hope that this started to fill in some of the blanks for you as to why all of us are so excited about the project any last words guys Ron yeah I just you know I want I want to reiterate the fact that I I watch for I get a lot of things come across my desk as Justin mentioned earlier I have not taken anything to him in five years which most of the people who know me realize I don’t do that we support a lot of companies but I don’t necessarily go wow this is a home run and let’s go out and tell people about it if you have any interest in this whatsoever it might be worth just put your toe in the water at least see what happens if you start at 300 you can earn your way all the way up so you know if you’re if you’re limited on capital if you’re limited on time if you’re if you’re in a place right now that you’re hurting and you don’t want to be there much longer so you got to take action alright and so I’m not I’m not trying to do a call to action here I’m talking from my heart that you need to you need to make a decision on something like this and as well scar said you probably need to do it fairly quickly I’ve been getting a lot of text messages and emails from people already and now keep we’ve been in pre-launch for just right at two weeks and a lot of people I know globally have been seeing me on these different videos with huascaran and educating people on cash FX and I’m getting people calling me saying oh my gosh I’ve already heard about this I didn’t know that you know you’re behind all this and I say well you know I’m not I’m not necessarily corporate but I’m 100 percent standing behind this company so that’s right thank you again for your vision thank you very much to you you know Ron and I just want to close with one last word guys we’re in because of the transparency I mean what that’s what we want that’s what this industry has brought us to and and what you’re going to see right now we’re building on relationships solid long-term relationships of people that we trust and we know have the best intentions we’ve got a live trade session coming up depending on the time of this video and we’re gonna start to be releasing the company’s going to start to be releasing more and more transparency so that we know one that our funds are safe and we know to that this is the the real deal so guys thank you for your time John thank you for your time and get back to one of us whoever shared this video with you lock in your spot and let’s change some laps guys thank you absolutely take care guys

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