Bitrading 888 Review – Crypto Ponzi Scam From Brazil


Bitrading 888 Review

Hello everyone Julian here the prelaunch inspector back with another review of a brand new program in pre-launch and today we’re going to be looking at bit trading 888 and you probably are aware that the 888 is a very lucky number in a lot of Asian cultures and that makes me believe that the people that have created this bit trading 888 Ponzi are trying to target Chinese investors and some of the other Asian countries which believe that triple 8 is the luckiest number that there is now I’m going to give a shout out to John for requesting this review if you do want to request a review you can do so on my blog or on YouTube and I will do my best as long as it is in pre-launch I will review it possibly alright and let’s take a look at this bit trading at triple Eight’s so they claim that they are based in London now naturally with these Ponzi’s I don’t really believe anything that they they have on the website so I had a look at the PDF presentation and the title of it is written in Portuguese if you have a look up the top there on your browser Portuguese is the national language of Brazil and Brazil is one of the biggest Ponzi countries that there is up there with Russia and Ukraine really and Brazil so let’s jump onto a lexer and have a look at their traffic and if you have a look there most of the traffic is coming out of Brazil which makes me believe that this is a Brazilian Ponzi scam but what about the London office let’s take a look at this video of their beautiful London office I’ve noticed the little logo there are outside the building it says success needs the right HQ and that is the slogan of a company called the office group which has a whole lot of short-term office spaces throughout London which you can rent an office even for one day and you can put a sign up and do whatever you want in there now the address of this building is one lirik square Hammersmith London now I have chatted to somebody over Facebook and they are telling me that the office has already been vacated if you happen to work around Hammersmith area in London if you are able to pop in there and have a look it’s one lirik square Hammersmith and I let us know take some photos if they have if they have actually just done a photo shoot video promo video and then packed up and left that would be pretty amusing but moving on yeah that’s what that’s what that’s what they’re doing it’s a short-term lease that’s all it is they’re just trying to look like they have a proper office where they’re doing training of course it’s all talk anyway this one’s headed up by Mason Gomes or Mason Gomes now I had to dig deep to find this guy calling himself the CEO now they are not putting his name on the website and they’re trying to present themselves as a London company so I had to sort of go into Brazilian Facebook and find evidence of this guy calling himself the CEO he looks like an act up if you will notice a lot of them use a model or an actor pay him and just wheel him out for a few promo videos and that and then they just get the investors money and then run away with it that’s how they work so this guy looks like he probably is just looks like an actor to me that’s all anyway you can find him on some Brazil Brazilian YouTube videos as well alright so the way it works is that there are various packages you invest from $100 and you’ll get paid up to 2% per day until you have returned 300% gains and then you you’re done and then you reinvest or you cash yeah but you probably don’t want to reinvest that’ll be my tip conversation plan you will get paid on six levels 5% of what your level ones do and you’ll get an extra percent six levels deep there’s various ranks and bonuses I normally don’t go into this but one thing that made me laugh is that because these things are getting really competitive and also because that nobody ever gets any of the prizes because the ponzi will have collapsed and you’re not going to get your Audi but what made me laugh is you can put anything there now that you can win a Zephyr helicopter which you know I might sign up and go for the helicopter just Park it out the front take my kids to school and it sounds pretty good of course and nobody’s getting a helicopter or a Ferrari or any of those things nobody gets any of the prizes basically you just try to get your money out before it collapses and whatever you’ve got is what you get there’s a bit more of a comp plan here in the blog I’m sick of talking about that all I want to like about betrayal e88 I this is still very early so you know if you’ve been around you know you need to get in early on these Ponzi scam so this was mentioned first around about the March and that was somebody who probably is very close to the CEO the real CEO and it was actually a Russian guy talking about it and it’s a guy that has been around a lot of Ponzi’s but he uses a fake profile and a fake name so I’m not even gonna bother talking about him but he may actually even be the CEO but there’s definitely a strong brilliant Brazilian flavor to it as well anyway what I’m saying is it’s early and the only thing that they have to worry about is getting promoters to pump this big trading eight-eight out there are so many Ponzi’s out there and not all of them are creating a buzz so there’s a risk that this one won’t create a buzz and the seed fund will run out in the hole they will collapse rather quickly what I dislike about it well this is well it’s actually a good thing but people are starting to wake up and they’re starting to know that you know they could see through all the rubbish with these type of Ponzi’s they know that they’ve got a plant smart not over commit and just try and drain the seed fund and get referrals too and get the Commission’s and then pull all their money out and people are starting to do that and there are less gullible newbies out there so the days of Ponzi’s are getting shorter and shorter the other problem for this program is there is increased competition there is a new Ponzi popping up every day and in like Brazil and Russia there seems to be hundreds popping up every day now what this means the competition has become fierce so it used to be you could just offer 1% per day and people would go crazy now people want 6% per day you know you’re gonna you’ve got to pretend to give away helicopters and none of it is sustainable and it’s getting harder for these Ponzi’s to last long enough to get any momentum and they need to be able to attract all the promoters and youtubers and influences but they’re not really it’s not really happening so it’s becoming very likely that a lot of these Ponzi’s will collapse a lot sooner so I would predict that this one you know if this lasts six months you’d be pretty happy I would imagine obviously don’t get involved that’ll be my tip I’ll give this one an F because it is a scam through and through but if you do play it smart and you don’t care about being involved in Ponzi’s you can do it you just need to not lock yourself up for too long and get out around about the three or four month mark that’s probably my tip and then there’ll be another one popping up the next day that you can get on to anyway that’s my review of bid trading triple eight eight to be late if you like my reviews hit that subscribe button hit the notification bell and you can stay up to date with all the latest programs see you soon you

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