BECOME A DIGITAL NOMAD: 8 Ways to Find An Online Job


Hey there travel bug this video is on how you can find online work one that can be done from home, on the road, or well, anywhere in the world. It’s time to make money while traveling. Be sure to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe for more videos on how you can become a digital nomad – a location independent professional. Today I invited a special guest Kate the blogger known as The Remote Nomads and founder of WiFly Nomads. Hi travel bugs! Thanks for having me! Hi Kate, so happy to have you here. Together we are going to show you eight different ways to find an online job. Let’s go! Many great sites that post remote only are mostly remote job positions.

One of my favorites is Flexjobs. There is a fee but I do like Flexjobs because it goes beyond posting developer roles which are the most popular types of remote jobs. Just make sure that when you’re looking for a remote job and you’re doing the job search on there, that you’re looking for the world icon and that will mean that you can work from anywhere in the world! Other great websites include We Work Remotely, Working Nomads, Remoteok, Stack OverFlow, and PowertoFly for all the ladies out there. Freelance! Fun fact: the term freelance actually come from medieval times when a knight didn’t have sworn allegiance to a king or a lord so therefore his lance or sword was free! Today freelance means you’re self-employed or hired for particular projects for different companies or different clients.

For example, a freelance developer or freelance graphic designer. But know that if you have a skill that people need you can absolutely sell that skill. Be a freelance SEO consultant helping companies get their products to the top of search engine results. You can be a social media manager, you can be a virtual assistant helping others perform administrative tasks. So that can be anything from answering emails to scheduling Instagram posts. A lot of tasks and skills you have from let’s say, a corporate job, can be translated into a freelancing job. For more resources there’s a section on freelancing in my How to Become a Digital Nomad e-book, which you can get by clicking the link in the description below. Another way to find a remote job is to convince your existing employer to let you work remotely. Especially if you’ve been with the company for a few years.

The best way to go about it is put together a proposal and in the proposal talk about how you plan on going about this. What the challenges will be and be honest with the challenges and how you’re going to overcome them. Also make sure you look at it from your employer’s perspective. How is it going to benefit them? Book a meeting with your boss and take them through this proposal so that they know that you’re serious. It usually helps to request a six months or 12 months sabbatical where you’ll be working remotely because it’s less overwhelming and it’s a less of a commitment so that your boss can get a feel for how this will work and see how things go.

Starting your own business. I recently just started a business remotely called WiFly Nomads. It’s a two-week retreat in Bali where we teach people how to work remotely while traveling the world. So we cover everything from how to find the remote job all the way into the logistics of being a digital nomad. If you’re planning on starting a business remotely just keep in mind it’s gonna take a lot of time and patience and it might be a labor of love at the beginning. Your income might fluctuate a bit but you will have the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. You can essentially make anything a business remotely just pick something that you’re passionate about to get you through those highs and the lows of running the business and being an entrepreneur. Dropshipping is kind of a mystery to a lot of people but what it is is it’s a retail fulfilment method where the seller or the merchant never cease or handles the product. The only difference between standard retail and dropshipping is that the merchant doesn’t own or stock inventory. Dropshipping is an e-commerce business that is relatively easy to set up. Think setting up a web store front compared to a real store.

So imagine an online store. You sell a variety of products about travel when a customer orders from your website the customer pays you for the product they order. You then order that same product from your brand supplier for lesser price. And brand send it directly to the customer. You keep the difference as profit. I want to say this now. This is not a quick way to make money at all! It takes a while to build up readership or viewership for your blog or your channel. To choose this method as your job you really need to pick a topic where you are passionate about to build your blogger channel about it. And combine this with a discipline to create videos and write blog post every week and to create more content for your peeps.

A starting blogger or vlogger always has a side job so they’re either a freelancer or they’re working full time job and doing this on the side. When you do build up your audience you can start making money by partnering with different brands or companies to create content for them or you can put ads on your blog and on your video or you can… Create a product! You can create an informative product marketed through your blog or your channel. For example, an e-book on tasty indian cuisine, spreadsheet templates to plan social media campaigns, a video course on how to start a fashion blog, you can create your own merchandise and put your brand name or your brand motto on it and then sell it. There’s a lot of different products that you can create that people would need and want to buy.

You can also find remote work through word of mouth and networking. Make sure you tell everyone you know what your expertise is and what your skill set is and that you’re looking for work. That way if someone hears of an opportunity, they’ll keep you in mind. It also helps to go where digital nomads go whether that is a co-working space or online forums or facebook groups, because the chances are that they’re going to be the people that know of these remote positions. Coincidentally enough I met my boss through networking and word of mouth I was working at a co-working space and I mentioned what my skill set was and that I was available for work. One of the locals at the co-working space new friends that was looking for someone to fill in some more roll so we met up and now i’m still working for that person till this day ok you also have to create your opportunities so by networking and word of mouth you’ll see where the needs are and where you can fill the gap and where you can offer assistance.

Yes! Reaching out and getting your skill sets out there is so important in building a successful remote career. All right travel bug, that was eight ways to help you find remote online work so that you can start making money while traveling. Thank you so much Kate for joining us today! Thanks for having me! Alright you, you’re one step closer to becoming a location independent professional. Be sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos and goodies on the way. I will see you next time!.

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