Beautycounter Reaches 9500 Distributors In US…



Gregg Renfrew Beautycounter


Serial entrepreneur and founder of cosmetics direct selling company Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew speaks about being a serial entrepreneur and her passion for developing safe and natural beauty products for women and families.

At 19, Renfrew went out to Nantucket and set up a cleaning service to make money, and left the island with thousands. She developed another company and ended up selling it to Martha Stewart. Her current company Beautycounter recently surpassed 1 million units in sales.  

Renfrew, is a kind of guru for women. They are listening to what she has to say and are following her in her latest venture centered around cosmetics.

After graduating from college, she went to work for Xerox Corporation.

“I knew they had the best sales training program and I really wanted to learn how to sell. That was the beginning of a career that has taken me pretty far. After that I started my own company selling wedding gifts online.” Say says. This is the company she eventually sold to Martha Stewart.

How easy or difficult was it to come up with a business model to make something?

What comes easy to me is ability to see the possibility of what a business model can become. When I started The Wedding List and prior to selling it to Martha, I knew that there was going to be a point of time when people wanted to buy wedding gifts online. In that way, I had been forward thinking and scrappy and resourceful. I do think I have always been able to take an existing industry…


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