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There is no information on the Banners Customer website indicating which has or runs the company.

The Banners Viewer website domain name (“bannersviewer. us”) was signed up on October 22nd 2013, nevertheless the domain is signed up only to the firm itself.

An address in Boca Raton, Florida is provided, nonetheless a Google search exposes this to be a household place. Whether Banners Viewer in fact do any kind of company from the address they list in the domain name registration is vague.

More study exposes company marketing videos that name an “Edward A. Cocchiola” as Banners Viewer’s CEO


Why this details is not offered on the Banners Viewer web site is a puzzle.

Despite being accepted with “numerous years experience in the company world and mlm” by Banners Viewer affiliates on social media, Cocchiola’s MLM record appears to be non-existent.

I was not able to locate Cocchiola’s name connected to a previous MLM opportunity as either an associate or business. To this end it would certainly appear Banners Viewer is Cocciola’s very first MLM venture as an executive.

It’s worth noting that in the firm’s Florida business registration (listed as “Banners Viewer LLC”), an authorised member (AMBR) by the name “BANNERSVIEWER S.A.” shows up.

The address supplied for this company is in Panama, a widely acknowledged tax-haven. What the tale is there I cannot share.

Continue reading for a full review of the Banners Viewer MLM business possibility.

The Banners Viewer Product Line
The Banners Viewer internet site notes two products for customer: “Box Viewer” and “Web Banners”.

Box Viewer
Box Viewer is an online storage solution, offered in 3 storage space dimensions:.

8GB– cost-free.
1 TB– $80 a year.
15 TB– $800 a year.
Internet Banners.
Web Banners look advertising credit ratings, offered per views:.

40 sights– $40.
80 perspectives– $80.
800 perspectives– $800.
No specifics on Banners Viewer’s advertising and marketing network is provided.

Keep in mind that Banners Viewer’s products do not show up to be offered at a retail level. Clicking “get now” reroutes visitors to the member signup web page (and requires an associate recommendation code).

The Banners Viewer Compensation Plan.
The Banners Viewer compensation plan focuses on affiliates registering ($100) and then purchasing one of four “plans”:.

Banners Basic– $150.
Banners Station Business– $425.
Banners Station Enterprise– $2,125.
Banners Station Plus– $21,250.
Weekly ROI.
Financial investment in the plans above (excluding Banners Basic) qualifies an associate for a weekly “banners visualization” ROI:.

Banners Station Business– $25.
Banners Station Enterprise– $125.
Banners Station Plus– $1250.
Keep in mind that affiliates are necessaried to enjoy company supplied ads prior to they receive their ROI. All Banners ViewerROIs are annual (payable for 52 weeks).

There is a demand for affiliates to cost the very least on Web Banner and Box Viewer item a month, which I read promoted by Banners Viewer affiliates as an added price to member of $35 a month (no one seems thinking about offering the products).

Ultimately, a 2.5 % reference compensations is also available on ROI payments made to directly recruited affiliates. A further 2 % is paid down 6 levels of employment.

Employment Commissions.
In addition to recommendation commissions on investments, Banners Viewer also pay recruitment commissions.

The amount of of a compensation is paid depends upon the amount of a brand-new Banners Viewer member spends:.

Banners Basic– $20.
Banners Station Business– $40.
Banners Station Enterprise– $200.
Banners Station Plus– $2000.
Binary Commissions.
Residual commissions in Banners Viewer are paid utilizing a binary compensation framework.

A binary settlement structure puts an affiliate at the top of two binary groups (left and ideal).


These groups are packed with sponsored affiliates, either recruited directly or not directly using the recruiting efforts of an affiliate’s up and teams.

Commissions are paid depending accumulated points in each binary team, with investment bundles each having a point worth designated to them:.

Banners Basic– 100.
Banners Station Plus– 200.
Banners Station Enterprise– 1000.
Banners Station Plus– 10,000.
Factors are tallied up daily on each side, with an associate paid 15 % of the factor total of their weak leg.

Matched factors are cleared on both ears sides of the binary, with the process then repeating itself daily.

Box Viewer Commission.
Banners Viewer pay a 2 % payment on the sale of Box Viewers, despite that spends for the service.

2 % is offered down 5 degrees of recruitment, with the amount of degrees an affiliate is paid on depending on the number of Box Viewer solutions they have actually bought or sold that month. 1 purchase or sale unlocks one level of recruitment, with 5 sales or acquisitions being the maximum called for to open 2 % on all 5 recruitment degrees.

Bonus offer Pool.
If a Banners Viewer affiliate produces 100,000 points on either side of their binary throughout any type of 23 successive day duration in a month, they get a share in 2 % of the firm’s profits for that month.

Ranking Achievement Bonus.
Rank advertising in Banners Viewer is connected to making affiliates to buy packages to generate a specific variety of factors on both sides of their binary.

As an associate hits particular built up factor turning points, Banners Viewer rewards them as adheres to:.

80,000 factors on both side = Mont Blanc pen.
320,000 factors on both sides = a travel for 2 to Miami, Florida to see the Banners Viewer HQ and achieve the CEO.
2,000,000 factors on both sides = a “Mercedes Tour”.
10,000,000 factors on both sides = a “Maserati Gran Tourism”.
25,000,000 factors on both ears sides = a “Lamborghini Gallardo Superllegera or a Ferrari 458 Italia”.
Joining Banners Viewer.
Standard affiliate membership in Banners Viewer is $100.

Package deal financial investment is most likely to be a compulsory additional cost for many if not all Banners Viewer affiliates, elevating associate membership to in between $250 to $21,350.

There are some gaping holes in the compensation strategy Banners Viewer present on their site, and after examining the entire plan why this is so became quite evident.

Banners Viewer is bit greater than your typical advertising based Ponzi system.

Affiliates pay $100 to sign up with and then buy one of 4 bundles costing $150 to $21,250.


The more they spend, they a lot more they gain, with all ROIs paid of new capitalist money.

Banners Viewer do try to depict some sembelence of retail activity, or a minimum of accessibility, yet the fact of the issue is money flowing into the business is from affiliates.

The $21,250 Banners Station Plus investment level as an example, features FIFTY Box Viewer Professional solutions. The suggestion touted here is that the member takes place to market the given services.

The truth is that they never really very own those solutions, and would have the ability to make the customers without their $21,250 financial investment (it’s a digital product, there is no “stock”).

As an alternative, Banners Viewer take their $21,250 and use it to pay alreadying existing capitalists.

Pretty considerably intermittent payment developed around the core Ponzi system focuses on incentivizing member investment and their investment in among the packages.

Revealingly, it was just a few months ago that Banners Viewer renamed their investment bundles from “Banners Family” to “Banners Station”.

Why is this considerable?

Anybody knowledgeable with the TelexFree Ponzi plan will recognize they called their costs financial investment supplying AdCental Family.

Why is this considerable?

If we check out the languages supplied on the Banners Viewer site, we read that they are English, Portuguese and Spanish– the same key demographics TelexFree targeted.

Anticipating financial investment from South America, in a favored business advertising and marketing video clip, CEO Edward A. Cocchiola gives a “unique thankyou” to South American Ponzi financiers.

Put all of that with each other and you’ve obtained yet one more TelexFree reload fraud targeting South America, Portugal and Portuguese and Spanish-speaking neighborhoods in the United States.

Just like all Ponzi plans, as soon as affiliates stop investing in Banners Station packages, Banners Viewer will certainly lack funds to pay alreadying existing investors.

When that happens, kaboom. Your cash goes away in Panama or whatever various other overseas tax obligation haven Banners Viewer are concealing away their financier’s cash in.



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