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Auction Attics: Darryle Douglas not done with penny auctions?

3 weeks prior to the SEC shut down Zeek Rewards, Sales Director Darryle Douglas vanished from the public eye.

The main reason cited for Douglas’ departure was “individual factors”, but in truth he ‘d done a runner.

That was three years ago nearly to the day, with Douglas neither seen nor heard from in public given that …

… previously.

Over the last few days rumblings emerged from deep within the MLM underbelly, promoting a new penny auction chance being particularly marketed to previous Zeek Rewards investors.

auction-attics- Auction Attics is the business of the chance, with a pitch by Douglas made the other day marketing “unique bargains” for anyone ‘interested in sharing revenues with Auction Attics’.

Substance say goodbye to, however “Appreciate” your method to $1,000’s weekly! Seriously you could gain 1K or even more the first day; as well as do it completely free!

“I’ve been dealing with this company version given that 2011 and also now it’s prepared. The infrastructure is prepared, it’s go time!”.

We will certainly have people make $1,000’s of bucks within their initial few hrs … That’s without any cash expense! And also it’s ALL product based! That means it’s REAL.

As the name suggests, Auction Attics is a penny auction endeavor. Traditionally penny auction companies market products as well as solutions they themselves source, usually from third-parties (dropshipping).

With Auction Attics though, the suggestion is to have individuals offer their very own products via the auction system.

Let’s say we take the profit possibility of a penny auction and pay it to daily individuals! By this we suggest not to the company; however pay it to people that upload their very own products.

Right here’s an instance of exactly what it can do for you:.

Blog post your brand-new sofa on our brand-new web site and also hang on snug!

Intend you paid $500 for a new sofa, as well as posted it promptly for sale. Each quote increases the price at the price of one cent, but you’re paid 50 cents for each bid (the means penny auction proprietors have actually been paying themselves solely up until now).

On top of that there is no need for worry. We have a reserve minimum system, which means there’s no chance for you to lose money.

When the brand-new sofa markets, say for $50, (which is a remarkable deal to the acquiring customer) You would make $2,500! That’s 5 times exactly what you took care of the sofa merely a day earlier!

Tolerable for eventually’s “job”, would not you state?

Perhaps, but just what of the Auction Attics users who coughed up $2500 only for one of them to walk away with a real thing?

The reason penny auctions typically put up items themselves is considering that losers of the auction could after that be offered the item at retail, minus the price of the proposals they spent.

This way any individual which spent money on the auction could win something.

If those items are being uploaded by users nonetheless, that’s not an alternative.

So for how long before users of Auction Attics understand they’re shedding cash consistently on auctions they have next to no chance of winning?

The drawbacks of Auction Attic’s company model aren’t attended to in Douglas’ pitch.

Now, exactly how will many people use the website?

Jody will certainly publish her exceptional conditioned made use of iPhone because she could earn 5 to 10 times a lot more on our site than she would certainly on websites like eBay. So will certainly most others!

This primary reason for acquisition offers us a significant benefit! A burning wish of individuals to acquire and also re purchase our product!

But acquisition what? Exactly what will we offer?

We will market just what most everyone will certainly intend to buy on our internet site … Posting Space.

Each Posting Space package deal comes with quotes, enabling clients to bid on other people’s top quality products, which will provide us a success pattern that no other penny auction (or any other auction site) can match!

I listen to the wheels transforming … and also asking will not we have numerous, many individuals buying Posting Space? Naturally that is the factor. The more individuals acquiring Posting Space, the more quotes appear for bidding on other individuals’s things.

One more group will buy also. They will certainly purchase due to the fact that they wish to bid and also obtain items for approximately 90 % or more off retail.

Just how will the firm gain and discuss the profits with you?

We take our sign from the huge boys! eBay earns a portion of each sale therefore will we!

Simply consider the countless people publishing on other websites daily!

Yes, and also they do so since those sites have a huge quantity of customers. Customers that know they aren’t paying anything unless they actually win an auction.

Once again, how is client retention visiting feasible once individuals shed a couple of auctions and recognize they’ve invested cash and have absolutely nothing to reveal for it.

Zeek Rewards aimed to convince the globe it was the dependency of bidding that kept penny auction individuals bidding, but all of us know exactly what a lots of hogwash that became …

darryle-douglas-sales-director-zeek-rewardsAlthough not referenced by name, Douglas (right) does point out Zeek Rewards in his pitch– describing the $850 million Ponzi plan as “a tragedy”:.

As most of you know I built two different companies for other firms causing over 2 million individuals.

This is various … This time I am in control of my very own fate. That means WE are in control of the future!! We now answer to no one yet our own selves.

No more attempting to collaborate with individuals who do not share the same vision.

All of us enjoyed the misfortune of a recent business growing with millions of people and 850 million bucks in less than 24 months, after that burned itself to the ground. SAY GOODBYE TO!!

Can we match the success without the catastrophe? Absolutely, Unequivocally, and also undeniably … YES!!!

No should wait months to intensify an income. Earn $1,000’s of bucks starting the first day.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Douglas was associated with Zeek Rewards virtually from the start.

A Zeek advertising and marketing contact January 21st 2011 saw Douglas pitch Zeek’s notorious “compounder” Ponzi factors company model to audiences.

Douglas whatsoever attempting to distance himself from the Zeek Rewards Ponzi system is absolutely nothing short of being blatantly disingenuous.

He existed the start of Zeek’s 125 % ROIs as well as understood specifically what was taking place. Yet I digress;.

The Eagle One Marketing Group offer: This Pool will certainly allow in between approximately 200 participants just!

The provided Pool is anticipated to be open only 6 to 8 weeks and also will be shut permanently, not to be supplied again.

a) $250 obtains 1/4 Share of a 10 % swimming pool, for the life time of the system.

b) $500 gets 1/2 Share of a 10 % pool, for the life time of the platform.

c) $1,000 obtains 1 full Share of a 10 % swimming pool, for the lifetime of the platform plus 1 extra share complimentary, for a total of 2.

d )$2,000 gets 2 complete Shares of a 10 % pool, for the life time of the system plus 4 added benefit shares totally free, for a total amount of 6.

e) $3,000 obtains 3 full Shares of a 10 % swimming pool, for the lifetime of the platform plus 9 added incentive shares cost-free for a total amount of 12.

Each factor that you introduce gains you a 100 % Matching Bonus.

For instance if you contributed 1K for one share and afterwards you presented a contributor who did the same. This would certainly make 2 shares for your contribution and 2 added shares for your contributor’s participation. This for the life time of the platform.

Top 20 Bonus: The first 20 Contributors will certainly share in a different 5 % pool. This will certainly be solely between the initial Top 20 participants, also for the lifetime of the platform!

banking-details-auction-attics-monique-douglas-bank-of-americaShares in Auction Attics where Douglas claims purchasers can make “$1,000’s once a week”?

Certain sounds like a providing of protections to me, yet Auction Attics SEC registration disclosure is noticeably missing from any one of Douglas’ pitches. Neither is there any sort of mention of it on the Auction Attics internet site.

Another red flag is Douglas asking people to down payment funds directly into a Bank of America account kept in the business of “Monique Douglas” (other half?).

Why would certainly Darryle Douglas himself not be straight approving settlement for shares in Auction Attics you ask?

One reason could be a $2.2 million outstanding default judgement, entered for Douglas back in September 2014.

Accused of swiping practically $2 million dollars, the Zeek Rewards Receiver claimed, since April 2015, that Douglas was the single Zeek expert which used fallen short to repay funds he would certainly stolen from Zeek targets.

Whether Douglas has actually since participated in settlements with the Receiver is vague. Certainly nothing has actually been submitted by the Receiver or Douglas to suggest this holds true.

The plans being offered today will certainly be long gone as soon as this company is released. The masses will not have the ability to share in this specific profit share swimming pool.

Although the company will certainly expand as well as net earnings will certainly comply with right-along, the smallness of this swimming pool will certainly produce GIANT monthly residuals earnings for those that we below NOW and also took action.

Yet below is Douglas, today requesting individuals to down payment countless dollars for non listed shares he’s vowing will make them abundant.

As well as it gets worse.

In order to kickstart promotion for Auction Attics (when early financiers are paid up and also aboard), Douglas has announced plans to market the system to the Zeek Rewards associate data source.

Some have asked exactly how we will advertise and also market the site from day one? Exactly how soon can sales begin?

As many of you are aware, in my company data source we have more than 2 million plus get in touches with. These are not merely any get in touches with, these are over two million previous item purchasers.

Right here is the opportunity: We will certainly invite as numerous of these proven get in touches with as possible to join us as very early customers.

Think of it: These people are not a normal cold list of fake prospects. If you’ve purchased listings of leads in an attempt to close sales you recognize what I suggest. The high quality of that sort of lead is unpleasant! Risk I claim it is worthless?

The truth of the matter is these leads in our data source have over a 90 % acquisition rate.

Did you get that? Over 90 % of these leads have already acquired quotes before!

This truth makes this list the most very demanded lead list available! And remember We have it.

Do I truly need to point out that the only reason Zeek Rewards affiliates acquired bids was since they assumed they were visiting gain Ponzi factors riches?

The SEC eventually exposed that just 0.25 % of bids bought by investors were really made use of in the Zeekler penny auctions, further mirroring merely exactly how unimportant penny auctions themselves were to individuals on the Zeek data source.

For an or else legitimate penny auction, a 0.25 % quote use price is horrible. Just how in the world is this being marketed as a good?!

Leave alone that the Zeek Rewards database is commercial property of the Zeek Rewards receiver. Douglas should not also have a copy, let alone be marketing his very own chances with it.

At the time of magazine Douglas is primarily marketing Auction Attics share assets through the Facebook team “Auction Attics”.

The company’s website is real-time over at “”, however it is presently hidden from Google’s search engine result with the “noindex” tag.



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