AT&T Teams With BitPay to Accept Bill Payments in Crypto – CoinDesk


AT&T’s Death Star logo may have really been a moon after all, with the telecom giant announcing Thursday that it will accept bill payments in the form of crypto by way of BitPay.

As it stands, the crypto option isn’t being extended to other AT&T services, such as buying phones or other devices, and as of yet BitPay won’t work in AT&T’s storefronts. That said, the company noted in a statement that its customers use cryptocurrency and that the new offering is intended to give them their preferable option.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services,” said Kevin McDorman, vice president at AT&T. “We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.”

We’ve reached out to AT&T for further comment but it might be time for bitcoin whales break open those cold wallets and pay off their AT&T bills for the next twenty years.

Image via AT&T

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