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BOE is one of Apple’s OLED suppliers, and a recent source confirms that the OLED panel production for the iPhone 13 was halted in February. As per The Elec, a Korean publication, BOE changed the circuit width design without Apple’s permission.

The thin-film transistor was altered, which had an impact on the iPhone’s internal architecture. Apple asked BOE to stop producing screens for the iPhone 13 as a result of this modification.

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According to reports, BOE is now experiencing a slowdown in OLED panel manufacturing due to a driver IC scarcity.

LX Semicon, a South Korean business, provides BOE with this driver ICS. This company also makes LG display driver ICs.

Flimsy Rumor Report Claims BOE secretly changed the design of their OLED panels without Apple’s approval

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Apple to BOE right now

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Chinese disappointment: Apple cuts orders for iPhone 14 screens from BOE. Cupertino – what are you doing?#Apple #iphone14 #MetGala #MetGala2022 #Ukraine #DoctorStrange #DoctorStrange2

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The decision to stop BOE from producing the OLED screen for the iPhone 13 will have no impact on the company’s relationship with Apple. This halt will not affect the iPhone 13 because Apple works with other screen producers including Samsung and LG.

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As a result, Apple does not rely on BOE for all of its displays. It is also predicted that the BOE will manufacture the panels for the upcoming Apple iPhone 14. Despite the delay in OLED panel production for the iPhone 13, it appears that everything between Apple and BOE is still in place.

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