‘Aman Gupta Sounded Jealous’ Internet Slams The Judge For Being Rude To A Pitcher On Shark Tank India 2 – Entertainment

Whatever happens on Shark Tank India 2 becomes a hot topic on the internet. And the same happened after Aman Gupta interrupted two entrepreneurs who were talking about their company. The travel chatbot owners, Himanshu Agarwal and Chirag Gupta, talked about the accomplishments of their company during the pitch. However, Aman and Anupam Mittal stated that they were not interested in it. They also mentioned that their brand was named to Forbes’ “30 under 30” list, as well as other accomplishments. When the duo was talking about the strategy and the business model, Aman said, “I lost interest the minute you guys began talking about ‘I am this, I am that.'” Also, the other judges were not impressed by the company’s plans or operations.

However, Namita Thapar extended her support to the pitcher. This didn’t go down well with the internet community, and netizens slammed Aman for being rude to the pitcher.

A Reddit user commented, “Anyone else think Aman was super rude towards the Deyor guy and sounded jealous?” The comment went on to say that sharks enjoy hearing people talk about their poor backgrounds and that there is nothing wrong with mentioning their achievements. Another user wrote, “True. And the Irony is that in Shark Tank’s opening credits, they show him on the Forbes’ Top 40 under 40 list.”

A Twitter user posted, “Aman bhai. With reference to Deyor pitch… Kaafi disrespecting sa laga.” Some even compared Aman with Ashneer Grover, who was a part of the show for the first season.

Aman bhai.
With reference to Deyor pitch
Agla kuch bol rha hai. Aap keh rhe ho na mujhe nahi sunna anupam ko bolo mai out hu.
Feedback diya aapne. Feedback ka reply toh sunn lete.
Mujhe akele toh nahi kaafi log ko ye bura laga hoga. Kaafi disrespecting sa laga.@amangupta0303

— Swapnil agrawal 🇮🇳 💯 (@BoiSarcasmic)

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