Hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley girl in this video we’re gonna talk about seven ideas for small businesses in 2019 this video is sponsored by the great courses plus and if you want to hear those ideas continue watching this video in my life I’ve tried two types of businesses the first one is when you master a skill you build a community around it you’ll learn how to sell your skill and you just scale and the good example is youtube i started youtube I scaled it I build a community around it I realized that I know how to build a scalable channel and it just launched my course and this is how I can make money and that will be enough for me and my family to make a living the second type of business is when you build a platform that allows other people to make money and the great example is window Express I realized I have a problem that I still make mistakes in my written English my team build a platform where we on-boarded native speakers who cracked the text in real-time and this way I allowed native speakers to make money and I sold the problem sub build a platform and yes because we had a tech team because we knew how to build those products we did it pretty fast like three or four months but we’ve built a platform before the platform we were trip and I think the second type of business is when you can target like billions of dollars uber is the platform where you come in my YouTube it’s a platform where creators can create Instagram like all in the social media all kinds of marketplaces is that kind of business but I would always advise people to start with business number one like mastering skills scaling it and then go into the second type of business cuz it’s crucial to try doing something yourself first okay idea number one I’m gonna talk from my own experience I already mentioned that I’ve launched a course I launched it in 2018 so I went back to Russia to visit my family and I met a couple bloggers like Russian loggers 100,000 subscribers in Instagram and I’m asking them how do you guys make money and the girl answer is oh you know I teach people how to start an Instagram I’m like but you only have a hundred case she’s like whatever there is so many people who wanted to become a blogger so I just teach them that and I’m like how much money do you make if you don’t mind me asking she’s like um five thousand dollars of course and I’m like how many courses are you doing then she’s like minimum two and I’m like wow that’s a lot of money so listen to her and I’m surprised that people take so much money on just like online tutoring and I’m like why don’t I launch a three-hour webinar on how to start YouTube and it made a lot of money like basically ten thousand dollars or more and I’m like wow this is a huge niche even if you don’t have a little following because I only launched that course and my Instagram so I only announce it to the public on my Instagram I was still able to make that much money so idea number one if you’ve mastered a skill already and you are willing to share it with other people start an online course there’s so many resources out there that you can use so go ahead and do it number two you’re like Burley marinas gonna just talk about blogging no I’m gonna talk about things you can do tomorrow it’s actually a huge market and it’s growing because people have less and less time to take care of their homes and the skills called cleaning like it took me a month to find a good cleaner here in San Francisco and I finally found a girl who’s really good a really professional she charges 120 dollars to clean it 2-bedroom apartment and it takes her three hours to do that so she charges like 40 dollars an hour which is like a developer charges that money and we used to have a start-up a cold homejoy where you could hire people online to clean your apartment or office but they shut down so there is so much demand for a good cleaner and I keep hearing people asking for that so this is something where you can start make some initial capital and then decide whether you want to grow there and start your own company like help people find cleaners or maybe just go and switch activity but with initial capital which is great business number three also one of my friends is doing that you’ve probably seen me wearing a golden moisturizing mask on my Instagram this is done by my friend who’s actually in tech he’s not an Amazon professional but this is what he’s done he went to South Korea visited some factories where he’s found really good moisturizing face masks and bought them for like a dollar and then he came back to America has shipped all of the masks and he’s selling them for him like $16 a mask on Amazon and what’s cool about selling on Amazon you don’t have to have your own garage where you store everything and you don’t have to ship everything you just send it to Amazon and they do the rest and your task is just to sell and collect reviews that’s it and yeah he’s making a lot of money on those masks he’s still doing he’s been doing that for over a year he’s pretty successful it’s like a good business because he’s running a tech company and this is something you could totally try the next business meal trap and delivery oh my god again huge problem here in San Francisco huge problem anywhere I missed homemade food I cannot make my mom come prima st.

Petersburg to San Francisco and cook for me but I miss homemade food a lot and I would love to invite a person to come to my place every three days to cook me a big pot of soup and maybe like fry some meat or whatever there’s just no such service so you could start again you could start in your own do some cooking and then grow your network grow your network cooker is growing network of clients and build something on top of that I think it’s a great idea with a lot of potential I can people don’t have time to even go to a restaurant because you have to wait the next one is surprising but it’s actually trending like crazy here in Silicon Valley which means it’s gonna trend all over the place it’s bike rentals and scooters the scooter business started in 2018 they had a lot of problems with law and regulations but two companies survived they have both acquired I think they’ve got a quiet for like over a billion dollars and they raised like 200 million acquired by like taxi companies but guess what if you’re setting like a small shop renting out scooters or branding of bikes the market itself has grown 73 percent in the last 10 years so if you have two options in the future you either grow profitable business which is growing or second you get acquired by the company which is also a great option you get your money and you’re free another business personal trainers and instructors and again with online you have so many opportunities to train people all over the world and this marathon I baked like $49 for it which is like a but marathon I’m training every day for like half an hour and the girl was doing that she just pre-recorded all the courses she’s not even there I’m just switching on her videos and she recorded like 35 videos and I love to Train like that because I choose my own time we have a gym here at home and this is a huge future for all of your fitness trainers chimra is a great company which does all of the pre-recorded courses and it’s a huge trend here in Silicon Valley as well because people don’t have time to come into their fitness they just do a quick workout in the morning at home using a screen so fitness instructors yes you can build your audience with like real life training but you can also go online and do your own course and make a lot of money and the last but not the least cpa accounting i cannot do my books while i could potentially but i know i’m gonna make so many mistakes and probably miss some things that would allow me to save on taxes so i’ve been shopping for a CPA for a couple of weeks in 2018 my assistant helped me a lot and we found a guy who’s working with creators but that’s a huge market it doesn’t matter that there’s so much software out there that helps you optimize and divide your expenses by categories because real CPA knows all of the laws that will help you save on taxes and that’s why there is a huge demand for CPAs but no matter what you do no matter what kind of business you choose to start in 2019 what you really really need is your leadership skills because it doesn’t matter how profitable the niche is if you cannot convince your buyers that you’re the best seller if you cannot convince people that you’re a real expert then nothing’s gonna work you have to show credibility you have to create a great product and you have to talk in a way that people want to buy from you and I’ve found a great course we just called influencer mastering life’s most powerful skill and I agree with it so so much it is started by a PhD by a real American I think Americans are the best at influencing people just you know all of the movies that we see if probably from Hollywood all the music that we love is stuff like mostly from America so Americans are really good at influencing people and I think the best place to learn influences from an American PhD I love how online education is evolving and how you can learn from the best professionals in the industry great courses plus is a subscription on-demand video learning service with top-notch lectures and courses from top professors from the Ivy League that’s amazing about today’s world you don’t even have to go to a top university to learn from top people you just go online take a course and you get the best information in a condensed way so you can just apply it straightaway to your course or your small business great courses plus gives you unlimited access to a huge library of over 11,000 video lectures about anything that interests you in my case I’m mostly interested in economics marketing all of that kind of stuff that helps you evolve as an entrepreneur and they have a huge section on that I would take the influence course I would also take the like basic economics course cuz yes you can do all the business but I have economics background I did my bachelor’s if you haven’t done that I would highly recommend just you know getting acquainted what is market economy out of how do things work and finance is a really good course it’s not just something you can find online this is again by top professors if I’m giving you valuable information please show me your support by getting a free trial from the great courses plus subscribing using my link that great courses plus comm slash Silicon Valley girl that was it for me for today guys please let me know what do you think is the most valuable skill for an entrepreneur in my case I think its sales and marketing because the rest you’re gonna hire people but it’s really tough to hire a marketer who would sell your vision cuz you’re the vision there let me know down in comments below what do you think is the most important skill and please get your free trial in the great courses plus and let me know how that course worked for you I subscribe this channel like this video and I’ll see you soon in next walks bye

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