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In the last couple of years, the food delivery industry has grown exponentially. With the busy hustle of everyday jobs, a hot, fulfilling meal delivered directly to you seems heaven-sent. You no longer have to wait in never-ending queues and come up with a creative excuse for your boss when you are late.

The spike in demand for food delivery apps in the last couple of years has given rise to hundreds if not thousands of similar startups all around the world. When you have countless options, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s best for you.

So, to save you time and make your lives easier, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the seven best food delivery apps. Before we dive into the list, below is a list of some of the factors you will want to consider while choosing your food delivery app.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Food Delivery App

Delivery Fee

Most apps charge a standard delivery fee. However, a few of the apps leave the fee up to the restaurant. If you order from a non-partner restaurant, some apps might charge you an extra service amount.

Minimum Order

Most of the time, restaurants decide on the minimum number of orders for delivery eligibility. Some apps choose to set their order minimum amount and require you to pay an additional fee if your order value is less than the same.

Accepted Payment Methods

Most food delivery apps accept a range of debit and credit cards. Some apps will accept cash, NetBanking, or PayPal.

User Interface

The main purpose of these apps is to provide food at your convenience with minimum effort. It will be better for you to look for apps that provide a seamless shopping experience. So, you can search and browse by applying filters such as price, rating, cuisine, etc. Multiple apps allow real-time tracking of your orders as well.

Work Practices

Irrespective of the nature of anyone’s job, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and decency. Regardless of whether you are a driver or a customer, you must know that the employer is treating the person handling your food well.

7 Best Food Delivery Apps to Download Today

No matter if you are ordering from your mobile device for the first time, or the 100th, these are some of the top food delivery applications you will likely find on your friends and family member’s mobile devices.  

GrubHub is arguably the best food delivery app at present. With its reach in more than a thousand cities, it has more than 50,000 restaurant partners you can order from.

All you need to do is enter a keyword, like a location or a cuisine, and the filter feature displays results accordingly. With the tap of a finger, you get the list of all restaurants near your location.

You get an option to save delivery locations, such as work or home, so you don’t have to enter a new location every time.

If you wish to re-order past items, it can be easily done as GrubHub saves all your past orders.

The app is free but some restaurants might charge an additional fee and have a minimum order. GrubHub+ is a service that allows you to get unlimited deliveries from select restaurants for a $10 per month subscription.

During the pandemic, the app offers contact-free delivery. There’s also an option for people to pick up their food themselves if they so wish. You can instruct the driver to drop the food at your doorstep or lobby or any location according to your convenience.

Top Features:

DoorDash is similar to GrubHub except it doesn’t have the same reach. With its availability in more than 300 cities, it is still one of the most successful food delivery apps.

The easy-to-use app follows the “Delight Score” model, which includes a combination of scores like food quality, popularity, etc calculated into a single score.

A huge point in the app’s favor is its selection of a wide range of cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Korean, European, etc.

The fee varies with the restaurant. This fee is generally an amalgamation of your meal cost, tax, delivery fees, and a possible tip. The app also offers a $10 per month subscription to DashPass which charges no delivery fee and has added benefits.

During the coronavirus, the default option is a contact-free delivery for customers.

Top Features:

With its reach in more than 290 cities, UberEats, like it’s parent company Uber, is a smashing success. Despite being a young company, the app has a high demand, partial courtesy of Uber’s success.

The UberEats business model for food delivery includes features such as estimated delivery time and cashless transaction.

The app displays a list of the available food menus from your nearby location.

UberEats asks for 15% of the order’s subtotal as service fee. The order minimum and delivery fee might vary depending on the restaurant and location. It also offers you a $10 per month Eats Pass subscription which provides $0 delivery and has other perks.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, UberEats not only offers contact-free deliveries but also provides additional sanitization options and materials to the drivers.

Top Features:

Seamless stays true to its name with free deliveries and thousands of menus from their hundreds of partner restaurants.

You can filter restaurants and items based on customer ratings. The app allows an easy re-ordering of your favorite meals.

Seamless provides you with a variety of payment options ranging from Cash on Delivery (COD) to credit/debit cards to e-wallet payments like PayPal.

They charge zero delivery fees but only if you meet their ordering criteria.

During coronavirus, the default option is a contact-free delivery. You can also leave additional instructions for your driver.

Top Features:

Postmates can be considered the Amazon of the food delivery business. You can order a lot more than just food, like alcohol from multiple locations. This not-so-secret ace up the company’s sleeve makes it one of the best food delivery apps.

Following its recent tie-up with the retail giant, Walmart, it has essentially become the largest grocery delivery service in the USA.

There’s an additional fee with every order, especially during peak delivery times. With its $10 per month “Unlimited” service, you can get month-long free deliveries for orders more than $25.

Top Features:


Delivery.com is an easy-to-use food delivery app that customizes a list of restaurants and best dishes based on your location.

According to your keyword, you can view similar and popular items on the sidebar.

In addition to food delivery, the app also offers grocery, and alcohol delivery as well as laundry and dry cleaning services.

The app is free but some restaurants might have an order minimum or an additional fee. New users can avail special offers like 15% off on their first order. There is a reward system for point collection as well, based on the frequency of use.

Top Features:

goPuff works in a way that’s similar to a digital convenience store.

In addition to food from your favorite restaurants, you can order anything from phone chargers to bathroom tissues. They boast an abundant database of items.

The company is expanding to new locations throughout the US but is currently prominent in more than 150 Southern and Midwest cities.

The app is free to use but unless you have the $6 per month membership, you have to pay a $2 delivery fee.

Top Features:

Which Food Delivery App is Best for You?

The convenience of online food delivery apps is unmatched even if fine dining is a dear experience for many. With the abundance of food delivery apps, you no longer have to wait to get home to have your comfort food to help you get through the day.

With this list of the best food delivery apps, you can confidently bid goodbye to last-minute tasteless food. Now it’s time for you to place an order with each and see which one you like best! Are you currently using any of these food delivery apps? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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