5iphon Reloaded Review


5iphon Reloaded Review

Hey what’s going on everyone this is Jonah – Jonah – um so um welcome to my safe and reloaded review now I’m here inside of the members area of siphon reloaded and during this video I’m going to give you a full run-through and a demo of exactly how this works now in a nutshell siphon reloaded is going to allow you to use their software which in which you’re gonna give something away okay so you’re going to enter your details down here this is going to be your link you give this link away it’s going to give other people access to a free page that they can use and everything everybody wants to use something for free when it comes to internet marketing so you give that away okay and then everybody who enters their email into these pages you get to collect that information onto your autoresponder even when they give it away to somebody else then you get to collect their emails as well so you give let’s say you give it away to five people those five people were entering their email addresses they give each one of these five people give it away to another five people that means you get five ten fifteen twenty twenty-five people’s email addresses and then it just keeps spreading and spreading like that so it’s a very very easy way for you to for you to utilize other people’s work and get the subscribers now I’m recommending that you pick this up why because a lot of people always email me and they say that they’re struggling to build up their email list so this is a way that you can do it and you can utilize other people’s work gathering email subscribers for you which is pretty cool so if this sounds like something that you’re interested in then stick with me during this review I’m going to show you exactly how it works okay I’ve also put together a ton of custom bonuses for those of you like to pick this up via my link which is down below in the description of this YouTube video so if you watch on youtube click on the link down below in the description that’s going to bring you through to this page right here this is my bonus page if you come through from my email then you’ll already be on this page and that’s cool all you need to do to buy syphon reload there at any time during this video simply come to this page scroll down okay and click on any of these yellow buttons that’s going to bring you through to the sales page which looks like this where you can go ahead and you can purchase safe and reloaded however you’ll need to do before the countdown timer on my bonus page hits zero this one down here because when it does all of my bonuses will expire and that’s something I really don’t want you to miss out on because I put these bonuses together to help you out with this system now the system is great the the idea behind it is a really really good idea however you are still you will still have to get traffic on your own to add into this system right and that’s where that’s where it’s going to be a problem for a lot of people so what I’ve done is I’ve put together a ton of bonuses which will help you to get traffic some of it for free some of it paid but either way it’s really going to help you out that’s why I’ve done it now all these bonuses have been custom made by myself which means they’re only available through my link but with that said feel free to shop around see what other people offering in terms of bonuses for siphon reloaded because remember you can always revisit this bonus page you divide the link down below if you watch it on youtube or by my email once you realize that my bonus is way better and more useful and what anybody else is going to offer to you for this right so before I get into my bonuses you’re probably wondering where I am I’m in Lombok ok which is the island next to Bali I’m just gonna quickly turn my camera around so you can see where I am and I’m in this little beach fort here just overlooked in the swimming pool just behind me and that’s my sister’s kids plane in the pool so we’ve met up with my sister here out there you can see the sea and there’s a few different islands around there but it’s a really cool place to chill out we come in quite often because it’s very relaxing it’s a good place to do a bit of work good place to do a bit of editing and stuff like that so that’s where I am setting this little beach hut in the middle of nowhere okay my first bonus I’m gonna give you access to Aurora pro okay now Aurora is a software that I created around 2 or 3 months ago and how it works with the pro version you can use both Pinterest and Instagram to get free targeted traffic now with Pinterest and Instagram what you would need to do is you set up the software to go and follow the followers of either a public figure or a competitor in your niche so let’s say for siphon reloaded a the public figures in the make money online niche are people like Grant Cardone okay people like Alex Becker all these big marketing names you could go and follow the followers of those people now each of these people has millions of followers so once those followers get a notification from Pinterest or Instagram to say John Armstrong marketing has started following you because they’re already following people like grant cardone and Alex Becker that they’re interested in marketing right so they’re going to go and check out that notification because you have marketing in your bio right when they check out that notification it’s going to take them through to your Instagram bio and then your Instagram bio it’s gonna have a link that goes to your siphon reloaded pages so it’s free targeted traffic now inside of Arora Pro I also show you where you can buy an unlimited amount of Instagram accounts and Pinterest accounts to use with this now I’ve found from testing this around ten percent of people that you follow will actually click on your link so you follow a hundred people a day that’s ten people a day that’s going to click on your link completely free targeted traffic if you load this up with say 50 Instagram accounts each of which is following a hundred people a day that’s a lot of people my mass is crap so I don’t know what that is but it’s it’s free targeted traffic it’s better than solo ads it’s actually better than paid traffic as well so that’s bonus number one bonus number two okay I’m gonna give you access to my Bing course okay this is going to show you how to get paid traffic for Bing now Bing is Microsoft’s version of a search engine similar to Google okay but it’s owned by Microsoft now this gets a lot of good quality traffic but the clicks are a lot cheaper than AdWords that clicks are a lot cheaper than Google because it’s not as big as Google but it still gets a ton of traffic so I’m gonna show you how to set up campaigns inside of Bing and use Bing traffic to send to your safe and reloaded pages so you can start gathering subscribers right bonus number three I’m gonna give you access to the fuego breakout this is a cost I created in November 2018 is still 100% viable right now it’s going to show you how you can get traffic from Instagram influences right so say there’s a there’s a there’s somebody who owns an insta account and they have 500,000 followers right you can pay them maybe 30 or $40 they’ll give you a shout-out with a link to your siphon reloaded page and you might get 20 or 30 thousand people hitting that link it’s in that page which is obviously gonna be a lot of good subscribers for you so that’s bonus number three bonus number four okay I’m gonna give you access to Goodwill this is another product that you can give away for free using the siphon reloaded system okay and then when people purchase the upsells in this free product then you get to keep a hundred percent of the money so it’s a great way to make some extra money from just giving stuff away right okay bonus some of I’m gonna give you access to all the bonuses that vendor has given to me I don’t really know what these bonuses are but I do know that most of the people are going to be giving these away and I’m including all of these bonuses as well as part of my bonus package so don’t worry you’re not going to miss out these are going to include the bonus page income system feel free to pause the video if you’re not read through what this is traffic co-op ok 0 to 100 and 24 hours actually cost that I made back in January I think and Dom little cash makers okay so you’re gonna get those from the vendor all you need to do to claim these bonuses 100% free of charge is first of all get yourself to my bonus page either by the link down below if you watch on youtube or by my email and then scroll down and click on any of these yellow buttons I’ll bring you through to the sales page ways to just simply go to the sales page and then you can click on any of these buttons to purchase it now as soon as you’ve done that you simply need to go through to your warrior Plus account okay so you click in the top right hand side of your warrior + economy node mine up so you can see how this works top right hand side you’re gonna see your username and a little red button just up here you see my username here you just click on there click on pages history ok and then you click on safe and reloaded and that’s gonna bring you through to a receipt page that looks something like this where you’re going to find a little blue button at the bottom which says access affiliate bonuses that’s where you’re going to get instant access to all of these bonuses I just talked to you about a hundred percent free of charge okay even if you just buy the front end for $20 then you’ll still get all of those bonuses which is pretty cool okay so if you do click on any of these yellow buttons on my bonus page you’re going to come through to this sales page here skeptic this is the headline skeptic banks eleven thousand two hundred forty four dollars in under thirty days with our self-driving income machine now it’s your turn pretty nice headline there and this is actually comes from a case study that these guys did okay they gave this set they gave this system away to a guy who was really skeptical about this whole make money online stuff and they said okay you skeptical go ahead and use this right and he made eleven thousand most in thirty days what she’s pretty cool and I’m sure he’s not skeptical anymore okay so come check out this sales page in your own time you’re gonna find a ton of information on here you’re gonna find some subscribers that these guys got using this system you’re gonna use this case study of Charlie right here who was skeptical about the siphon system but he ended making eleven thousand two hundred forty-four dollars in 30 days there’s a ton of testimonials on here this is actually the version excuse me of this software is originally released about three years ago so they’re re-releasing this they’ve updated it there they’ve add they’ve added a ton of new tutorials and stuff but these are all testimonials that these get that these guys have got over the past three years so go and check those out okay my computer’s kind of messing me around so I’m not gonna spend too much time on this sales page cuz you can go and see this in your own time so I’ll go and do that I’m gonna jump into the members area now and I’m gonna show you what this is all about now this is gonna go live today oh sorry no it’s gonna be tomorrow for you guys I’m sending this out tonight basically it’s gonna go live on the 7th of August at a.m.

Eastern Standard Time so at a.m. you will be able to click on the buttons on my bonus page and come through to the sales page and purchase it but anyway if you’re watching this from my email then I’ll be sending you a heads up as soon as it goes live so this is the members area here it’s pretty simple to use as a training video here which I can’t view because I’m in Indonesia and Vimeo blocks me but that is going to explain exactly what you need to do but it’s pretty simple you just simply copy this code here that they’re given to you okay you’re just gonna pace that in well this is the code that you’re gonna give away for free so you can give it away on Facebook and give it away on Twitter on Instagram and these guys show you where to get traffic from but basically this is the exact link that you’re gonna be sending to you you’re gonna be sending your traffic to here so the link says discover how I made over six thousand dollars and seven days with nothing but email free website included now everybody wants a free website so they’re gonna enter in their email there they’re gonna click on join free when they click on join free you’re gonna receive this email that went through there and then they in order for them to join this they’re gonna have to give this away to five people now all those five people that they give this away to which is not difficult to give this away to five people all those five people are also going to enter in their email address and you’re going to be able to capture that onto your autoresponder so inside the members area here you can see down here okay you can you can you can attach this to your autoresponder so they have a weber get response go don’t never heard of that on MailChimp send lane traffic wave so you can go and hook this up with your autoresponder seria all these email addresses will automatically go through onto your autoresponder you can see all the stats here as well how many leads you referred how many direct direct leads have you received autopilot leads received now the best thing about this is once you give this away once other people give this away okay and they enter in their name it’s going to take them to through to another page where they can purchase and observe if they want okay so they can give this away for free they can also go ahead and they can purchase an upsell now once they purchase that upsell you get about fifty percent commission of that price okay and I think the upsells around twenty seven dollars so you get to make what would that be about fourteen dollars just from other people buying this so you can collect leads using this and you can also make sales you can make money using this all from other people handing this out on your behalf so it’s a really neat little system okay so that’s basically how it works okay this is going to give you the stats down here which I showed you before and then there’s some training down here on how to get traffic okay so these guys are suggesting that you use solo ads right that might work pretty well for this system as you’re giving something away for free however I’ve included in my bonuses different traffic methods that you can use that work a lot better than solo ads plus a lot of them are free that I’m giving you access to so you won’t have to spend any of your own money okay now video showing you how to do this that they’re also including email swipes so once you do start collecting I mean if you do want to use solo ads for this and you can give these these these pre routes and emails you can give to the solo ad vendor and it’s going to include your safe and reloaded link inside of there so you’ve got solo ads you’ve got safe swaps you’ve got other ad swaps none of which I really recommend honestly I’ve never had any good success with solo ads or safe swaps but it’s up to if you want to experiment with it I recommend you using my bone graphic because that’s how I get traffic to my business they’ve also got these other traffic methods that you can use as well so that’s basically what you get inside of the front end now the front end is going to be twenty dollars okay so let me talk to you about the price and the upsells now it’s a front is gonna be twenty dollars okay and the first upsell is going to be siphon overdrive okay there’s gonna be $97 and this enables you to 10x the income power of the siphon funnels by awarding you with deep commissions in into your referral base ok so right so the front end you’re only able to collect Lee right it’s only going to help you to collect leads the first upsell is going to give you access to the upsell stuff inside of these siphon funnels which if anybody buys these upsells you get Commission with it so you get to make money on top of that now this is $97 but it’s it’s definitely worth it because all of these products are inside the funnel for you so you don’t have to create anything yourself and it’s part of this viral system so you’ve got a high chance of at least making your money back from this right ossama to is siphon 10x package $47 and this and this allows so it says takers receive a package of ten additional siphon reloaded websites normally $27 per month but a deeply discounted one-time fee guaranteeing during the launch okay I don’t really know what this is I guess it’s gonna be ten additional products that you can use inside of the siphon funnels of some of the three is a siphon ten 10k Club this is gonna be a hundred and ninety seven dollars so this is a biggie this one right here and this it allows users to unlock the ability to add an instant high ticket back-end in the form of an auto webinar paying $500 plus or popping Commission’s the back end is seen not only by refer by direct referrals but throughout the users entire siphon referral base so this is going to allow you basically to add in pre done-for-you made for you webinars where a professional marketer is going to sell your traffic from these siphon funnels is going to sell that traffic onto a high ticket offer that’s gonna pay you $500 per sales so that’s why it’s so expensive okay but you can definitely easily make your money back from this and it’s all included in these funnel so you don’t have to do you don’t have to do any additional setting up okay it’s just it’s just like an add-on this in the background right and I’m son-of-a for is siphon traffic co-op this is gonna be another hundred ninety seven dollars this is for users who want their traffic delivered to them on a silver platter on autopilot BIOS takers of this OTO do nothing but buy and they’re automatically added into our traffic rotator this means Han free traffic for for the life of the siphon reloaded that’s pretty cool actually so $197 and these guys are gonna send you all the traffic that you need all the traffic that you want and that is pretty cheap for a hundred ninety seven dollars I mean you could go and spend $190 ninety seven dollars on solo ads and just get three hundred clicks and that’s it but these guys are guaranteeing to send you good quality traffic for the duration of siphon reloaded which is going to be pretty much I don’t know probably for the next year or something so that’s pretty cool anyway that’s $197 remember you don’t need these upsells in order to make this they’re only there to help you either make more money or get results faster as you can see you can totally do this just with the front end but you’re only gonna be able to collect email leads if that’s enough for you then you’re good with the front end that’s gonna be $20 the upsells that I would recommend is gonna be up some of the one of son number two I don’t really think that’s gonna I wouldn’t pick that up of some number three I would get this one because it’s gonna allow you to profit from high ticket sales I love song number number four sounds really good because it’s a traffic related stuff that they do on your behalf so those are the ones I recommend there’s the case study it’s gonna be on my bonus page so either if you click on the link down below in the description or if you come through for my email just come to my bonus page scroll down and go and watch that case to this you can see this guy this skeptical guy who made a ton of money in 30 days go and watch that don’t forget to check out my bonuses you I these are all high-quality courses that I created for you most of which have to do with traffic so I know they are all going to help you out anyway that’s it for me I hope you enjoyed this siphon reloaded review and I’ll speak to you on the next one all the best take care bye

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