5 Small Businesses You Can Start at Home


Hey everybody this is roberto blake of robertoblake.com helping you create something awesome today so today’s video I’m not 5 small businesses that you can start at home that probably don’t cost you much of anything so let’s start with something relatively simple one of the businesses you can start from home today at almost no cost is a consultancy most of what you’ll need for this comes down to having a smart phone and a computer possibly a webcam these might be things that you already have at best you might also need a headset of some kind possibly a microphone these things aren’t super expensive and I’ll have links for recommendations to them in description below since you can you know buy those things but this isn’t overwhelmingly difficult if you have knowledge in a specific area for example I do consulting from marketing brand development and obviously video marketing and production as well as creative services and I’m able to charge relatively well for this per client although it is not my primary at home business I would say that my overwhelming the majority of my business comes from my graphic design services which is another thing that you could do at home and it doesn’t have to be limited to graphic design you could do a number of creative things we do graphic design you can do photography these are service based creative businesses that you can do at home and all you have to do is invest in whatever the equipment and skills are to execute on that and market yourself well enough whether that’s locally or online so I would say to businesses that you could start from home or you could start a consultancy of some kind whether that’s marketing or tech related or even you could do relationship consulting if that is your skill set you can just start some kind of consultancy and do that that would be one business you can start at home and then another might be a creative services profession like graphic design another business that you can start from home believe it or not is a tech support based business tech is not entirely the same as consultancy because of the expertise it requires and the level of execution involved and there’s a little more nuanced than detailed things to it so I would say that it’s very different from consulting just because of how involved or engrained it can get and I would say that you could have a tech based business from home doing some very specific stuff and that might involve doing things on the programming side it might involve technical support and customer service it might involve helpdesk services and there are a lot of companies that hire people to do that from home or that outsource to small businesses that do that and you could provide that service from home there’s obviously user testing and bug testing that you could do as a technical person so I would say that that could be a very lucrative business for you if you are in a situation where maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent maybe you have an introverted personality or you have anxiety about being in public this is a business that would allow you to overcome those barriers and still be very successful so the fourth business we’re going to talk about is online writing and copywriting you could be creating content for magazines and writing that stuff from home you could be writing it for online publications you could be doing copywriting and advertising work for firms and companies while working remotely and this could be very successful for you in terms of what you might get you might get as much as $100 an article or you might have a rate that is based on per word and this may not be limited to writing you can do be doing editorial work you could be doing proofreading there’s a whole business model that you could build out just around writing and copywriting and content development for individuals companies and brands and smaller firms marketing companies ad agencies etc and I think that this could be a very lucrative business for you if you’re a stay-at-home person it doesn’t require much investment either you just need a computer and a smartphone for the most part and you’re good to go there might be instances where maybe you need to use services like Dropbox there’s a lot of stuff that’s free I should actually do a video on all these free online services you can use to help your small business and I will cover that in another video actually so the 5th and final business we’re going to talk about that you can start from home is you can start ecommerce based business you can do this by doing a lot of different things you can do affiliate marketing where you’re selling other people’s products online with you know websites like Amazon or what-have-you you could be selling products that you might have on eBay used there’s any number of things you could do you could be setting up you know a DIY based business where you’re selling your products or something like @c so doing a ecommerce business or selling products whether they’re your own or other people’s is another great stay-at-home business that doesn’t require a lot for you to get started if you’re doing the affiliate marketing side of that again the most you really need there is a computer you might need a website to help you out with that you might need to start a blog of some kind obviously a social media presence these things aren’t very expensive and in some cases they can be free so I would say that that is a very good business to start with very high potential profit margins and very minimal investment so if you need more information about that stuff there will be some resource links in the description below and you can definitely check that out anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video about five small businesses you can start from home if you still have questions leave those in the comment section and we’ll answer as many of them as I possibly can anyway like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome content on the channel as always you guys thanks so much for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today

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