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Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing platforms to promote your business, capture relevant leads, and boost your sales.

Most marketers today use Twitter in their digital marketing strategy. If you are one of them, then having a strong follower count is extremely important for you to reach your conversion goals.

With a good follower base, you can easily establish yourself as an expert in the industry, which in turn, increases your influence over your audience. It’s also a great way of letting your audience know that your customers and leads are interested in your content.

But growing your followers isn’t that easy if you don’t have a proper strategy. So let’s look at some of the most powerful ways to increase your followers on Twitter.

1. Tweet Consistently

If you want to increase your followers, you have to be consistent with your tweets. Unlike in other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, gaining followers on Twitter needs a more aggressive content strategy.

With so many active users consistently posting on their accounts, the content in social media moves super quickly. So if you post just once or twice a day, it’s less likely for your post to be visible to a lot of users.

The idea here is to increase your visibility and become more familiar with your audience. When you post more often, you become more visible to other users. This is a great way of increasing brand awareness and building trust and credibility.

Also, when you keep posting fresh content on your feed more often, you send a signal to your audience that you’re active and are worth following.

2. Post Visual Content More Often

The key to attracting more followers on Twitter or any other social media platform is to keep your feed interesting. When people see you tweeting interesting content, they are more likely to follow you.

Tweeting visual content is one of the best ways of engaging your audience. This can be in the form of an image, an infographic, a quick video, or even a gif, for that matter.

Although there’s nothing wrong with tweeting without an image, adding them to your tweets can instantly boost their engagement. Such tweets receive more retweets, likes, and comments than the ones without them. Also, such tweets can easily grab the scroller’s attention and encourage them to take a look at it.

Besides, video content makes your tweets more memorable and has the potential to make a stronger impact on your audience.

3. Engage with your Audience

Another brilliant way to increase your followers on Twitter is to engage with your audience. Instead of just tweeting and signing off right away, spend some time engaging with other users on the platform.

This can be in the form of likes, retweets, comments, or even following other influential members in the community. There are several tools that can help you retweet, like, and follow back on Twitter. But relying on them completely can make your profile appear more robot than human.

So it’s important that you spend some time on the platform to engage with your audience. This will make you appear more human, and other users will have an eye on you. So if you’re replying to a tweet, make sure you spend some time writing a thoughtful response rather than a short one-word reply.

You can also tag other brands or influencers and give a shoutout to them occasionally. Doing so will help you gain attention from them. You should also consider retweeting your follower’s tweets more often. This will introduce you to a whole new audience and help you gain more exposure.

All of this will make your Twitter presence more conversational, and you’ll automatically have more engagement. When that happens, your follower base will rise too.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is a very smart way of gaining exposure and reaching out to a whole bunch of new audiences. This increases the possibility of more users finding your account, some of whom might even follow you. But be smart in the way you use your hashtags.

You can use more straightforward and industry-specific hashtags if you’re tweeting something more business-specific. For example, you can add hashtags like #contentmarketing, #seo, etc., if you want to reach out to people in that particular niche.

Similarly, you can use popular community hashtags like #mondaymotivation, to give your tweet a more human and informal feeling.

But always make sure not to go overboard with your hashtags. This might defeat the purpose of using them and make your post appear spammy. Also, when you use too many hashtags, you tend to distract your users from the main content.

5. Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your profile is super important for attracting more followers. You can do that by adding a nice and clear profile photo and a powerful Twitter bio that aptly describes who you are, what you do, your likes and dislikes, etc.

You can even use your own creativity to reflect your personality in this section. In fact, the more creative you are, the better it is. It’s a great way of adding a human touch to your profile.

You should also use a nice cover picture to make your profile appear more interesting. A good way to do that is to use a picture that reflects something about you. Although these things appear trivial, it helps you make a good first impression.

So these are some of the ways to build a strong follower base on Twitter. But always remember that increasing your followers depends a lot on how you influence your audience. You can easily do that by being more human. For that, you should use your own narrative, voice your opinions, or simply share small events from your day.

In other words, use your Twitter handle to reflect who you are. Rather than using tools and software to like and retweet, spend some time to connect with your audience. This will automatically boost your followers.

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