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Align:start [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] alright alright guys what’s up this is Nathan with the freedom influencer channel here on YouTube in this video I am so excited to share with you because literally I’m gonna show you how to make $200 per day just by typing with this hack so first of all let me just throw this out there because I know people are gonna have this question do I have to be good at typing to do this the answer is not to start okay so if you suck at typing you can start making money with this alright this is this website I’m going to show you is so dang cool and on top of that and before I hype this up too much I’ll get to in just sick but but on top of that I’m gonna share a hack with you guys here in this video at the end that is exponentially gonna help you make more money guaranteed with this alright so if you’re excited about this like this is real I’m gonna show you a way that you can make money typing and on top of it I’m gonna show you hack if you’re excited let me know by hitting the like down below and as we go through this video if you if you guys see how cool this is help the video out helps me out in the video just by hitting that like that’s all I ask let’s do this I’m gonna show you guys an awesome website and then how to hack it so you can make even more money alright so the website is called text broker alright it’s text broker calm and this website is ginormous alright so its trusted you can see right here some of the companies they work with let me see if I can zoom in so you guys can see them better Yoast that is for websites for WordPress websites staples is huge eBay alright eBay is a huge website in itself the company staples right you know you go to the store for office supplies and stuff and then you can see they have many others here’s the thing you guys millions of people are using this website and this is really you need to know this because this is how you’re gonna make your money alright knowing what’s behind this is that huge corporations like this and businesses and you know small entrepreneurs millions of people are utilizing this website called Tex broker comm why is that so important to know because that gives you an opportunity to make money writing articles for these people okay so how do you do this how and then at the end of this video I’m gonna give you a hack that’s gonna allow you to make even more money with this video now I want to reiterate you don’t have to be a pro writing to start making money all right you can start making money with this even if you suck and then get better over time so all you’re gonna do is let’s look at some of the things about this website for you guys who are gonna come make money with this you simply go to I write content at the top and then let’s take a look at some of these things so why write for Tex broker let’s take a look at some of their the reasons why you would write for this company and who this is really for alright so here’s the cool thing about this website and let me see if I can zoom in is Tex broker is free it’s free for you to get on here and start making money so you know some of those things where you got to pay to start there’s there’s a lot of websites and things like that where you have to pay like a tuition upfront cost you don’t have to pay on this one all right weekly payouts so they pay out weekly and you have all you have to do is have $10 so you can you can see right here you have to have 10 bucks at least built up in writing which is not hard to do I’m gonna show you guys here in a bit on how you can do that very fast and then they will pay you out after you reach that ten bucks okay well what if your time is crunched they have flexible time management you wrote on your you rip you write your articles on your time when you want so that is awesome okay and then here’s the cool thing about this website is they have videos tutorials and things to help you get better at writing okay so if you do suck at writing they help you and then here’s another thing is they give you feedback all right so there’s a star rating which I’ll show you guys on the next page or whatever but as you’re writing articles and and you’re getting better right you get feedback on a star rating so that is helpful to you so you can get better as a writer and in turn what that does is because this whole system is based off of a star it’s a star system so you’re either not a very good writer or you’re a good writer they pay you different on that so let me show you the payout real quick but bump payment okay so check this out let’s take a look at this and how much money you can make and you know when we’re looking at this I’m gonna show you how quickly this can translate into $200 a day $200 a day and then beyond that so here’s how this works you guys in the star rating so if you’re not so good at writing which a lot of people aren’t they’re not good at writing to start but really if you have a willingness to get better I believe that this website is here for you to not only you give you a spot where you can make money but they’re gonna give you feedback with inside this they’re gonna give you tutorials and things actually help you become a better writer which is cool and that’s still like I said not even including the hack I’m gonna show you guys so you’re gonna make cents right per word if you are not a good writer alright and then as you progress so if you’re an intermediate writer you’re gonna get one cent per word and then at the you know the best writers are gonna get five cents per word now here’s what I recommend to you guys if you first of all if you want to take this serious by writing one focus on getting to this point because there’s you know yes you’re gonna make money in the very beginning even if you suck if you’re a decent writer you can make a cent or Die I think that should be easy for most people because most people are average writers but you should be focused on getting here okay focus on getting there alright and they pay out just so you guys know to your PayPal account so straight to your PayPal account weekly as long as you hit that 10 10 bucks in a week all right so that’s how that works let’s before I show you guys and add up the income for you guys and go into the hack on how you can really do this check this out let’s look at a little bit more on how this actually works okay so this is there how this actually works okay you register okay you register your account with them and then you’re gonna submit a writing sample and I believe that this is where they’re gonna take that sample right out of the gate because they don’t know how good of a writer you are so they’re not gonna pay you the 5 cents to write your first article if they don’t know that you’re a good good writer okay and the reason for this you have to understand though they have big corporations they have companies they have people from all over the world getting basically articles that you’re gonna write and so if you submit something and hope to you know get that 5 star rating off the the get-go they can’t really do that stand by one they can’t really do that because they don’t know how good of a writer you are so you have to submit your your first sample they’re gonna rate you based on that and that’s your starting point okay you’re gonna get your rated your rating you’re gonna complete your author profile and then you’re gonna start running writing to make money all right so that’s how this works in a nutshell now let’s talk about the money right because that’s why you’re here it’s for the money all right and I’m excited because this is gonna help people what I’m gonna share with you guys this little hack all right so let’s let’s take a look at the payment and see just how much you can make and put it into words translate that into actual income how you can be making $200 boom per day all right so check this out let’s come down here and they have this this cool little slider that will actually show us how much you’re gonna make and if get again I’m gonna zoom this in so you guys can see better come on now there we go okay so let’s just say that you your quality is decent four stars okay and this is gonna be based off of a 4,000 word article now I’m gonna show you in real time what that looks like so don’t freak out right now because I’m gonna show this all to you so let’s just slide this over and say I’m gonna write 4,000 words nothing above we’re not going to 8,000 whatever we’re doing this is based off 4,000 words okay and I want to show you that so if you write decently okay you’re gonna make 56 bucks for 4,000 now here’s the cool thing boom if I bump that up to five stars and you can get your quality to five stars you’re gonna be making two hundred dollars per four thousand word article now keep in mind that with what I’m going to show you you can do this a lot faster and you could probably do multiple all right you could probably do you know if you focus on this and you get good I think you could make triple this six hundred dollars in a day that’s writing three articles and if you write three four thousand word articles I think you could do it now for a lot of you you may be thinking okay I can’t write that much all right well let me show you what it looks like and then I’m gonna finally give you guys the hack alright so give me a thumbs up if you’re liking this so far and let’s get into it so what’s the hack you guys or first let’s take a look at what 4,000 words looks like so I have a text document up here and this is just some fake text whatever just has a placeholder that I put in here so you guys can visually see what 4,000 words looks like and down at the bottom you can’t see it right now but it says 4,000 words and it says 8 pages but it’s not 8 pages and I want to show you why so check this out if you scroll down this is exactly what a 4,000 word article looks like okay and there’s the 8th page that’s why I say it’s not 8 pages boom it’s right there ok that’s 4,000 words now this is a lot for some people okay but how can you speed this up and this is where my hack comes in that is so cool so I want to show you guys something yeah I I’m so excited to share this with you guys it’s awesome so check this out I’m gonna pull a text document up right now this is very simple okay this is a Google text document everyone with a Google account has access to a Google Doc document text document here online okay so I want I want to show you something this is the hack to do this alright so inside this document what you can do if you have a microphone of any type so if you have an iPhone or you have an Android and you have earphones that have a mic on it that’s all you need for this that’s all you need for this you don’t need a fancy microphone and let me show you how this works so inside this Google document you guys you come up here to tools you go to voice typing and what happens is this little guy pops up let me see you should be able to see this it’s a microphone and I’m gonna show you in real time in this video how this works and how fast you can write by simply talking so check this out hey guys I want to take this opportunity to show you a hack on how you can write a lot more words way faster by simply using your voice and a microphone period this is how you can start to write way faster get way more words out on paper and I’m showing you an example of this right now in real time how quickly you can write now I want to show you something even cooler period new paragraph I can simply speak new paragraphs into existence in right way more words way faster with this simple hack what do you guys think if you think this is awesome drop a comment down below and hit that thumbs up if you like this video alright period and I’m done now what do you guys think of that look how in its it’s really accurate for the most part this thing is accurate so you can simply talk in the microphone now let’s take it one step further and see how many words I just wrote okay how many words did I just write in about 30 seconds I’m just gonna do that I’m gonna paste this in here into this Word document there we go and then all I have to do is highlight this and then now we can see a hundred and twenty three words so you guys in about 30 seconds using this hack I wrote over a hundred words and if I came to this website and if you want to start writing first of all if you don’t want to use the hack that’s fine you don’t have to but if you can write a four thousand word article in a single day and you get your quality up you can make two hundred dollars a day with this I think that with these tools and in this website you can really bust it out and if you can do three a day you’re making six hundred dollars a day all right six hundred dollars a day simply doing this so you guys that is the video how you can make money easily I believe two hundred dollars a day if you want to get better at writing with this website if you like this video definitely hit a thumbs up and if you want more videos on one how to make money online into entrepreneurship and how to grow a successful business online that is what my my channel here on YouTube freedom influencer is all about I talk about entrepreneurship mindset motivation to help you guys build a successful business online and sometimes I do videos like this where I give you hacks in different ways to make some money online alright so if you guys want more videos for me definitely go down hit the subscribe button in the Bell notification to get more videos from me that’s it for this video I hope you liked it and I’ll see you guys on the next one bye for now [Music]

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