12 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To Teachers


1. “We”ve all been to elementary school, so aren”t we all kind of experts on it?”


Umm, no. You”ve been sick before — does that make you a doctor?

2. “When I retire, I still want to do something, so I think I might take up teaching.”


Teaching is not a hobby, like gardening or sailing. Teaching will likely make your old job feel like a vacation.

3. “Have you ever thought about making your class more fun?”


No, I do my best to make it as boring as I can.

4. “If you really cared about kids, you wouldn”t worry about the salary.”


I love my students. I love teaching. I also love being able to support my family and feed my kids.

5. “If you managed your time at school, I bet you wouldn”t need to plan lessons and grade on the weekends.”


OK, I”m a little busy at school. I teach and work with students almost every moment of the day. Spending 20 hours a week outside of school on prep and grading is normal for me.

6. “You”ll never be a truly great teacher until you have your own kids.”


Actually, yes I will. The relationship between teacher and student is quite different from that of parent and child.

7. “Why do you make them read so much and write so many essays? Why do you give such hard grades?”


Because it”s my job. Because my students are here to learn. Because they”ll need these skills to survive in the world. How many reasons do you need?

8. “I pay taxes in this district, so technically you work for me.”


Sorry, we”re not your minions. That”s not how it works. Taxes support public goods and services — such as the fire department, police, parks, and yes, public schools — for the community as a whole. And by the way, teachers pay taxes too.

9. “Ohh, you teach kindergarten. That must be fun — playing and singing all day.”


Yes, my life is just like Disney movie. I sing and the children and the little animals of the forest come running. Actually, in kindergarten, we teach our students the foundational literacy and math skills — as well as the social and emotional skills — that set them up for success in every grade to follow.

10. “Why are you so strict? They”re just kids.”


We make plenty of time for laughter and fun in my classroom. But rules and routine are not only necessary, they help children to feel safe, secure, and valued in the classroom community.

11. “How hard can it be? You have all summer off.”


A longer summer break is one of the benefits of choosing teaching as a career. But keep in mind, it”s not
all summer. I spend weeks every July and August on professional development and curriculum planning. And during the school year, I work 12 hours a day all week long and at least one day every weekend. Add it up and our vacation days are about the same.

12. “Teaching is nice, but don”t you want to be more successful and make more money?”


I teach because I want to make a difference. I teach because what I do every day matters for kids.

That”s what success looks like.





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