What’s up guys in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you 10 websites that you can make $100 per day in 2019 this video is gonna be amazing for you and you’re not gonna want to miss it all right you guys I have ten different websites that you can make $100 per day and with some of these websites you can make even more than $100 per day maybe even 400 in 500 dollars per day it’s gonna be awesome so stick with me through this video now before we dive into that if this is your first time real quick if this is your first time on my channel this channel is freedom influencer and I talked about how to make money online different ways to make money online you can see all these different videos that I’m coming out with on a consistent basis if you want to learn how to become an online entrepreneur make money from home and start generating a passive income that’s what this channel is all about so I invite you guys if you want more videos just like this I invite you to go down and subscribe to this channel right now so that way you get notified and be sure to hit that Bell notification so that way you get notified of when I come out with new videos now with that being said we’re gonna dive right into this video I have 10 different websites that I want to share with you guys to give you some ideas about what’s really hot this year how can you start making money using the power of the Internet so I have ten different websites without further ado let’s jump right into it number one is called Amazon Associates okay this is the Amazon affiliate program where you can sign up as an affiliate and start promoting their products across all of Amazon and start making commissions now the here’s the deal most people have an issue with learning how to promote so I don’t want to leave you guys in the dark I want to give you guys probably the number one way to make money promoting Amazon products okay so you’d simply come here you’d sign up the next thing that I recommend you do is to jump over to YouTube and start creating product reviews alright now this is an example of this this is Shawn Cannell from a channel called think media okay now this very video was just released oh I don’t know about nine hours ago when I started preparing this video for you guys so look what he does here he does the ultimate travel laptop okay let me make sure that you guys can see that okay right here the ultimate travel laptop for content creators and right in this video he’s doing a review now here’s the most powerful part look at this when you build a brand consistently you’re gonna start driving more traffic to your review videos okay now when you do that you give a call to action in there in the video and say the link is in the description and check this out he has the link to this mate book X Pro Signature Edition right and so this right here as you can see is an Amazon link if someone were to click this link and go off and buy it Sean is going to make Commission’s now I personally know that Sean is making over six figures doing this alright so it is an absolute amazing strategy to start making money and that is number one now the next one I want to share with you is awesome because I have proof of my own income alright so check this out number two is called Google Adsense now there’s a couple of different ways that you can get paid by Google all right the first way is by having a blog alright and what happens is you you go set up an account with Google Adsense you allow ads to run on your own personal blog and as you start to build traffic you will start getting paid the second way that you can do this is to also create a YouTube channel okay and you can enable google adsense you connect your YouTube channel now disclaimer you have to have 1,000 subscribers in at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last year but what I’m telling you is if you stay consistent with this and I have proof of income it can change your life okay so check this out my personal channel which I shared with you guys right here called freedom influencers it’s you’re on it right now watching a video now check this out this channel has paid me a full time income with this strategy alone with what I’m telling you to allow ads to run on your videos so check this out here’s my back-office on YouTube okay now right here you can see that the time frame that I’m sharing right now says last year January 1 2018 to December 31st 2018 check this out now you can see my my ad revenue okay this is how much I made in 2018 from YouTube and allowing ads over seventy thousand dollars I hope you guys can see that and I hope that really wakes you up okay over seventy thousand dollars so what’s that mean if you look at my analytics right here check this out on a daily basis over 200 over 200 over 200 right I’m having multiple days almost 300 right there over 300 and so what happens is when you continually create content and put it out there and it’s valuable information okay you’re gonna start to grow a YouTube channel you’re gonna start getting more views and then you’re gonna be able to enable ads and what happens when you do this with consistency in time you can make a full time income like this alright now if what if I told you that this was just a tiny portion of what I’ve made online okay last year and it is and if you stick with me through this video I’m gonna share more amazing information of how to make even more money using the power of the internet but with that being said let’s get into number 3 which is a website called jvzoo okay this is another affiliate market place and you can come here you can sign up you’re gonna need to sign up okay and you’re gonna be promoting digital products alright that’s what this websites about you sign up you’re gonna need to go here you’re gonna register an account it’s free to sign up and then you’re gonna need to connect a PayPal account okay so you’re gonna need PayPal for this that’s where they’re gonna pay you out commissions alright and these are digital products you sign up as an affiliate for these products and you go out there and you promote them alright it’s its affiliate marketing for this this business model and if you guys want to learn how to promote products I’m gonna share training with you here in just a little bit of how to promote products in and grow a business okay so let’s get into number four which is Amazon Kindle publishing alright they call it Amazon KDP right and you create ebooks and you upload them to Amazon right and then you can start generating a passive income when your ebooks are purchased so let’s just jump over here so you guys can see this most people have seen this right I have actually something really cool I want to share with you guys about Amazon here in a little bit what number is that it’s it’s towards the end but another really cool thing that almost nobody knows about on how to make money with Amazon but Amazon Kindle books right you can write them or you can even outsource them and get them written for you which I’ll share with you the next resource number five is after this I’ll show you how to do that and you you you put your books on here you guys and look yes low cost right this one’s being sold $$a dollar ninety-nine but I want you to think about this I want you to think about selling hundreds if not thousands of these ebooks and then what happens when you write more than one a book or you outsource it and have someone else write it for you and you start to upload content you start to upload ebooks and you start making a residual income by doing this okay so let’s move into number five which is awesome because I told you I’m gonna show you a way that you can outsource this and it’s by a website called upwork alright and I’m gonna share something very powerful with you with my personal experience with using up word okay so here’s what you can do you can come to this website and look at all the different things you can do you can work as a virtual assistant if you know marketing you can do that admin support writing design mobile development you would be working as a freelancer right here on upward now just to prove to you that people come to this website and they hire people I’m one of those people right I run a business I hire people and I have hired people from this website so check this out I’m gonna share this with you this is a statement period from last year 2018 and you can see I paid personally paid people on this website just like you write who come on here and start working me personally I paid over $2,000 out to people on this website to do work for me okay so people are higher here people are paying money for people to do work right here on this website okay so you can do that for KDP if you if you wanted to create books you can hire a writer to do it for you right isn’t that crazy so let’s move into number six now and this is a website called Flippa this is where you would go to this website you purchase websites and then you can all you can either resell them or just keep the website and keep it growing and make money let me show you an example of this so what you do is you would go to this businesses businesses tab at the top and look at this oh let’s just say that I’m looking for a website that would cost me between 1,000 and 5,000 dollars so you’ll click on whatever you want to sort by and then it’s going to start showing you websites so for example this top one right here right now the bid at this is four thousand dollars so let’s just say that you were to come on here and buy this web this website and put a bit in for $4,100 and you won okay here’s what’s cool if you look at this this is we can see some information here it says it’s in-app sales in advertising website alright this is called fly early all right okay this is what’s cool you can see the net profit every single month that this website is making okay so if you were to purchase it for $4,100 and then just let it run with time okay if you’re making $450 a month with this website that’s what it’s already making you can either let it sit there and just make that and eventually you’re gonna recoup your money in anything beyond the $4,100 is profit the next thing you can do is you can grow the website yourself and then make even more money with it okay pretty simple way of making money this website’s really cool because they give you stats you can do all these different sorting of what type of website you would want to purchase okay so let’s get into number seven one that’s really awesome pretty simple its basic people don’t they hit really underestimate this but it’s called dosh this is an apple location that you install on your phone okay it gives you cash cash back for shopping at places that you already shop at okay you it’s an amazing website I don’t know why people don’t use this okay but you can see all the different places that are partnered with it and what I wanted to do is I wanted to pull dosh up on my phone and share with you guys how much I’ve personally made with this website by referring people to it because they pay you out a good amount of money so let me click on here and I don’t know if you guys are gonna be able to see this but I’ll hold it up it’s 1800 actually that’s not true I made even more than that I’ve made over 3000 dollars okay so I’ll attempt to share that with you three thousand twenty six dollars and thirty nine cents so I don’t know if that’s gonna focus because I can’t see I just wanted to share with you guys it’s possible I’ve referred many people to this website and they pay me every single time you could do the same thing right and again if you guys want training on promotion for any of this stuff I’m gonna teach you guys how you can get training on that here in just a minute alright number eight number eight is one called Tex broker if you’re good at writing then this is for you okay Tex broker so what you would do is you go to this this tab at the top it says I write content and then I went to payment and if you scroll down it tells you how much you can make by writing by writing articles basically companies business owners entrepreneurs come here and hire people like you to write content and they pay you based on right here so you’re gonna do an assessment with this company and based on your star rating on the quality of how well you write they’re gonna pay you out by that so the most you can make is five cents per word okay so let’s just come down here and they give you a word counter so let’s just say that you were able if you’re a good writer I recommend doing this because if you can get to the quality of five that’s where you can make the most money so let’s say you write a $2,500 or 2500 word article that people are asking for that would pay you out a hundred and twenty-five dollars okay a little hack that I want to share with you guys is you can open up Google Docs and you can use speed to text okay so just a little hack that I wanted to share with you guys if you decide to go this route in writing articles you can use speech to text it’s pretty cool all right let’s get to number nine and this is the one that nobody really knows about a lot of people and the grand scheme of things still don’t know this exists on Amazon you guys and remember I told you I was gonna share this with you this is really cool this is called Amazon handmade okay it’s almost like an Etsy for Amazon and look at this a lot of people are already on here they have shops they’re selling they’re making money it’s awesome so look at all the different categories baby shower wedding gifts pretty cool stuff so check this out look it this is where you you would create your store you start selling stuff and people can come here and they shop by category jewelry home and kitchen handbags totes I think you guys get the point but here’s what’s cool this is just my personal opinion you guys can tell me what you guys think of this I think that leveraging Amazon is one of the most powerful thing you things you guys can do so for instance if one if if some of you guys watching this video are already on Etsy and you have a shop and you’re selling you know handmade stuff I would recommend jumping over to Amazon create a handmade store and start leveraging the power of Amazon as well Amazon is the number one place people shop on the Internet why would you not leverage it and get to and get to make money from it okay so let’s jump to number 10 which is also my number one recommend recommended way to make money is a website called legendary marketer okay I’ve been I’ve been with this website now making money for almost a year now and so the way that this happens is you will sign up to this website you’re gonna go through a challenge okay and it’s a 15 day challenge we’re Dave he’s a CEO who you see right here he steps you through step-by-step how to set up and grow a successful business online okay if you want if you wanted to do coaching right he steps you through that as an option if you want to do affiliate marketing right he steps you through that but where the money is that I’ve made with this website is by promoting this website because they have high ticket products digital products that will pay you very very well as an affiliate okay and I’m gonna share some earnings with you guys and this I’m gonna put a disclaimer on here you know you have to get to work okay what you learn with this program if you want to make money with it it’s this is not get rich quick okay and the reason I tell you that is because I’m about to share some astronomical numbers with you because the results that I’ve personally had but I’m telling you that I worked for it but I want to instill a sense of belief in you that you can do it and it can change your life if you make a commitment to it right because this program is top-notch so check this out I just want to share real quick what you get with this so basically you’re gonna sign up with this website it’s $30 a month and you get access you’re gonna go through your step-by-step training and you also get access to the marketers Club okay now in this marketers club they do interviews so Kevin Harrington mark harbert and even an interview with me personally okay and then training replays now what’s gonna happen here with your membership every single month they’re going to be uploading new training for you okay and this is some of the best training not just because my trainings back here but some of the best training on the internet to learn how to do marketing and grow a successful business okay so that’s what you get on the inside of this let me share with you guys my personal results so today these are these are my Commission’s right now this is live over a thousand dollars today over three thousand dollars yesterday over ten thousand dollars this week and in the last 30 days over fifty grand okay now here’s the thing and I’m gonna scroll down and show you guys proof of payouts okay I know that sounds crazy right my goal when I started with this website when I started to my own business and want to make money online my goal was to hit ten thousand dollars a month that was my goal that’s what I wanted to do that would have been life-changing for me but here’s what happens when you make a decision and you stick to it and you get the right people with the right training and you take the right action is your potentials unlimited right and so instead of $10,000 a month now I’m able to make $10,000 a week it’s absolutely crazy you guys and you can do the same thing if you follow the training and you take action on what you learn I cannot tell you enough if you were to if you guys decide to come into this program and join me in this program and you do nothing you will earn nothing it’s with all of these websites that I shared with you you have to put forth the effort okay you have to you have to implement what you learn and it’s possible for you as well so let me jump down here and you can see these are my paid commissions $650,000 paid out in less than the last year I’m blessed to be able to say that and share this opportunity with people to learn how to become a marketer okay so here’s here’s some weekly payouts they pay out every week they haven’t missed a time a pay day it’s been amazing and so you look at these you guys let me let me blow this up a little bit so you guys can see these weekly payouts four thousand dollars six thousand dollars 15 grand eleven ten thirteen thousand ten thousand fourteen thousand and what look at even twenty-two thousand in a single week this is this is crazy oh and by the way just to show you guys yes these are weekly payouts you can see it two thousand January eighteenth 11th the 4th December and so even through the holidays I was able to be making money with you guys and I blurred out Pete customers contact information here because you would see there you would see their their email address and I’m not sharing that information but you guys this program has completely changed my life and this is the number one website that I recommend you get started with in 2019 because it has the best training it has the best step-by-step process to learn it you’re going to go through the challenge it’s an it’s a 15 day challenge tip 4 you to get your own business set up in 15 days so I’m gonna leave a link in the description of this video if you guys are ready to finally start something that can work for you trust me you guys I just came back from Florida this last weekend from a mastermind okay and I was able to see you know other entrepreneurs just like you who got started and who made their first Commission who made their first hundred dollars who made their first thousand dollars and people are actually winning with this and I met them firsthand other people making money starting their business and taking action so if you’re an action taker and you’re ready to get started with this and join me in this click the link in the description put your email information in you’re gonna go through the process go through there and you guys can get started today this is Nathan with freedom influencer I’ll see you guys on the next video bye for now

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