10 Acts Of Animal Cruelty People Still Debate


10 Acts Of Animal Cruelty People Still Debate

Animal rights are accepted through much of western culture, but despite the advances we have made in the protection of animal species, a lot of countries still perform questionable practices on their animal friends. High profile celebrities, models, and entire organizations speak out against the cruel treatment of animals, and yet little has changed, sadly. The world desperately needs to change how they treat animals, otherwise we’re going to see more species on the endangered or extinction lists. Here are ten acts of animal cruelty that people still debate today.

Fur Trade

There is an estimated 40 to 50 million animals killed every single year for the Fur Trade, including dogs, rabbits, foxes, and more. A lot of protest has come about due to the fur trade, and yet animals are still being killed and kept in cages.

Animal Testing

A lot of people claim animal testing is necessary to further medical treatments for human beings. Unfortunately, there are an estimated 50 to 100 million animals used worldwide for the testing of products, some of which is just makeup.



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