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There is no information on the Wings Network website indicating which owns or runs the business.
The Wings Network website domain name (“”) was signed up on the 9th of November 2011, however the domain registration is readied to private.
Why this information isn’t really supplied on the Wings Network web site I can not state, but the company’s compensation plan names a “Carlos Barbosa” as CEO.
As above, Wings Network merely refers to Barbosa as a “Portuguese resident”.
Further research discloses Barbosa to have a sturdy association with the Ponzi scheme BBOM. Here you can see a website advertising tickets to BBOM presentation Barbosa gave, assuring an R$ 800 a month ROI.
See the information of this cheap Franchise in Carlos Barbosa Rs Rio Grande Do Sul where you could originally invest R $ 600,00 in Bronze Plan, R $ 1,800.00 in Silver Plan and $ 3,000.00 in Gold Plan.
BBOM was a $300– $1500 Ponzi investment scheme that was shutdown by Brazilian authorities previously this year.
An extra factor of note is a template on the Wings Network site that shows up to designate the affiliate account information of a “Joao Carlos Andrade”.
Andrade’s information are automatically entered in if no sponsor information are offered when a new Wings Network affiliate subscribe.
On his LinkedIn profile, Andrade (using the name “John”) encourages he also lives in Portugal, is a “elderly consultant” of Wings Network and “diamond” financier in BBOM:.
Keep reading for a comprehensive testimonial of the Wings Network MLM business opportunity.

The Wings Network Line of product.
There is no specific info concerning the Wings Network product on their site.
We collaborate with a multilevel marketing device for the distribution of our products.
This software enables us to disperse earnings to our affiliates that help us market our products or find brand-new individuals.
Wings Network points out a “personal web page, cloud drive, mobile apps and games”, nonetheless exactly what exactly these are (services?) and exactly how they will integrate in to the Wings Network MLM business opportunity is not disclosed.

The Wings Network Compensation Plan.
The Wings Network compensation plan focuses on affiliates purchasing “plans”. There are 4 Wings Network bundles in total amount:.
Begin– $299.
Exec– $899.
Elite– $1499.

Employment Commissions.
When a newly recruited Wings Network affiliate signs up with the company then acquisitions among the plans above, the affiliate which recruited them is paid a commission.
Just how much of a commission is paid relies on exactly how much the freshly recruited affiliate paid for their subscription:.
Begin– $10.
Exec– $25.
Elite– $50.

Binary Commissions.
Residual commissions in Wings Network are paid daily making use of a binary compensation framework. A binary compensation property positions an affiliate on top of a binary team, divided right into 2 sides:.
Each position in the binary group stands for a sponsored affiliate (either directly or in a roundabout way), with the affiliate package they joined generating a factor balance for the binary side they perform (either left or right).
The amount of points each recruited affiliate produces for a binary side depends upon which affiliate membership plan was purchased:.
Start– 100 points.
Executive– 250 factors.
Elite– 500 factors.

Commissions are paid out on the binary side with less points, with a Wings Network affiliate paid FIFTY % of the complete point market value that binary side generated daily.
As an example, if an affiliate’s left binary side was the weak of both and produced 1000 factors, the affiliate would certainly be paid a $500 residual commission for that day.
Note that in order to get binary commissions, a Wings Network affiliate have to first personally recruit a minimum of 2 brand-new affiliates (one on either binary side).
There are additionally extra daily commissions caps in position, based on the adhering to credentials requirements:.
Expert (sponsor 2 affiliates)– $2500 a day.
Manager (gather a minimum of $20,000 in volume in lower binary side)– $3500 a day.
Senior Supervisor (accumulate a minimum of $100,000 in volume in lower binary side) – $5000 a day.
Manager (build up at the very least $250,000 in amount in lesser binary side) – $7500 a day.
Senior Manager (collect at the very least $500,000 in amount in lower binary side) – $10,000 a day.
Supervisor (build up a minimum of $2,000,000 in amount in minimal binary side) – $12,000 a day.
Executive Director (build up a minimum of $5,000,000 in amount in lesser binary side) – $17,000 a day.
Head of state (accumulate at the very least $10,000,000 in quantity in lower binary side) – $20,000 a day.
Chairman (build up a minimum of $25,000,000 in amount in minimal binary side) – $25,000 a day.

Unilevel Commissions.
Wings Network pay out a percent of an affiliate’s directly sponsored affiliate revenues, making use of a ten-level deep unilevel compensation property.
A unilevel compensation framework puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel group, with every directly sponsored affiliate positioned directly under them (degree 1):.
If any of these level 1 affiliates take place to recruit new affiliates of their very own, they are then positioned on degree 2 of the initial affiliate’s unilevel group. If any type of degree 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates they are put on degree 3 and so forth etc down an academic boundless lot of degrees.
Wings Network cap these fix 10, paying out a percent of the commission incomes produced by affiliates in a unilevel group.
The amount of levels a Wings Network affiliate is paid on depends on their affiliate subscription ranking (see “binary commissions” for credentials details):.
Start to Consultant– 5 % on levels 1 to 3.
Manager– 5 % on levels 1 to 4.
Senior Supervisor– 5 % on degrees 1 to 5.
Manager– 5 % on degrees 1 to 6.
Elderly Manager– 5 % on degrees 1 to 7.
Supervisor– 5 % on levels 1 to 8.
Executive Director– 5 % on levels 1 to 8 and 3 % on degree 9.
Head of state and Chairman– 5 % on levels 1 to 8, 3 % on degree 9 and 2 % on degree 10.

Generation Bonus.
Wings Network’s Generation Bonus pays an added percent commission on affiliate’s unilevel group. This is done through the defining of “generations” within each specific unilevel leg.
A unilevel generation in Wings Network is defined when a Director or greater placed affiliate is discovered in any type of one specific unilevel leg. As soon as this occurs, any sort of affiliates in between the affiliate on top of the unilevel team to the Director or greater rated affiliate count as the initial generation.
Subsequent generations are then determined when extra Director or greater placed affiliates are found. Once again, note that every unilevel leg is taken into consideration independent of the rest when Director generations are being specified.
The Generation Bonus is paid as a portion payment, around a maximum of four Director generations:.
Director– 3 % on one Director generation.
Exec Director– 6 % on two Director generations.
Head of state– 9 % on 3 Director generations.
Chairman– 12 % on four Director generations.

Rank Advancement Bonus.
Beginning with the Supervisor affiliate ranking, Wings Network pays a rank advancement incentive when an affiliate is advertised to a new ranking:.
Administrator– $1000.
Senior Supervisor– $2500.
Manager– $5000.
Senior Manager– $10,000.
Supervisor– $25,000.
Executive Director– $50,000.
President– $200,000.
Chairman– $1,000,000.

Specialist Bonus.
The Consultant Bonus shows up to be a percentage bonus offer, although I’m not actually sure what it pays out on.
The percentage bonus offer is alloted baseding on which affiliate package deal a newly recruited affiliate acquisitions, and stands for one year:.
Begin– no bonus offer.
Executive– 5 %.
Elite– 15 %.

I think it may be a general perk on an affiliate’s very own payment incomes.
In order to get the Specialist Benefit, an affiliate needs to have personally sponsored at the very least 2 new affiliates, and have produced a minimum of FIVE HUNDRED points on either side of their binary.

Global Bonus.
The Global Bonus offer seems 5 % of Wings Network’s global sales quantity, split in to 5 different bonus pools.
Affiliates can gain a share in each of the pools supplied they meet the adhering to qualification standards:.
Pool 1– 150,000.
Swimming pool 2– 300,000.
Swimming pool 3– 750,000.
Swimming pool 4– 1,500,000.
Swimming pool 5– 3,000,000.

The above figures are month-to-month certification criteria. Keep in mind that the Wings Network compensation plan product does not state whether the above figures are points from the sale of affiliate package deals or the buck quantity created.

Signing up with Wings Network.
Affiliate membership to Wings Network is $49, with the purchase of among the 3 added plans required to generate commissions (Start $299, Executive $899 or Elite $1499).
The Wings Network compensation plan additionally discusses just what they call “properties” which, if I’m understanding correctly, seems a month-to-month affiliate fee.
Begin and Executive– $69.
Elite– $89.
Specialist and Administrator– $99.
Elderly Supervisor– $149.
Supervisor and Elderly Supervisor– $199.
Supervisor and Exec Supervisor– $249.
Head of state and Chairman– $299.

With the effective shutdown of BBOM it comes as not a surprise that a few of the company’s affiliates are attempting to now launch their very own schemes. A court did permit BBOM to go in advance and sell their GPS trackers to retail clients, but also for the company’s Ponzi capitalists that was neither here neither there.
With Wings Network, under the guise of cloud computer services, basically you have actually acquired a totally affiliate-funded scheme, with commissions paid out straight on recruitment and then residually when a recruited downline employees brand-new affiliates.
This ares encouraged by Wings Network to prospective affiliates in their compensation plan material:.
In this feeling Wings Network differs from BBOM in that it’s not a Ponzi investment scheme. Nonetheless the absence of retail and recruitment driven nature of business places Wings Network directly in pyramid scheme territory.
Recruitment of brand-new affiliates, acquiring them to get in at one of three degrees and then going off and recruiting others that do the same is the center of the business.
When new employment quits, the commissions run out and Wings Network, like any sort of various other pyramid scheme, will implode.



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