United Paycheck Eligible Withdrawal – How To Withdraw Funds from United Paycheck to your payment processor

As you know, United Paycheck now has added 4 payment processor options for the convenience of our affiliates. In this transition stage of our growth and to make your business future ready, the management has worked on a 2 phase implementation of payment withdrawals.
The first phase of this is now in effect and below are the details:
1. The IDs which have funded their E-Wallet using any of the payment processors and bought at least one Adport are eligible for placing withdrawal requests.
2. One can withdraw a maximum of $500 from each payment processor in one day. So now you have the choice of withdrawing up to $500 from all the 4 available options in a day. The eligible withdrawal currencies are based on points A & B below.

A. The payment processor through which the highest funding has been done (till date) in your United Paycheck account is the one eligible for withdrawal. Example: If the ID ‘123456’ has been funded by the amounts below:

LR -> $100
PM -> $50
Payza ->$120
In this case, Payza will be available for withdrawal for account 123456 as it has funded the maximum amount till date.
B. The United Paycheck management always strives to give its affiliates more choice. So, apart from the withdrawal option based on the above condition, United Paycheck can also give more choices for withdrawal. These choices are completely based on a mathematical formula and depends on multiple factors. You will know the choices while you withdraw funds, as this formula is executed when you actually attempt to place a withdrawal request.
Rest assured, the management will do its best to safeguard its affiliates’ interest and at the same time will make sure that the company gives you a bright and sustainable future in the online advertising industry.
In phase 2, we will give you even more choices for withdrawals and payments.
Stay tuned and keep enjoying a prosperous 2013!!
Warm Regards

United Paycheck



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