UltimatePowerProfits Corporate Conference Calls Begin


Ultimate Power Profits Corporate Conference Calls Begin …

We thank you most sincerely for being part of something very important — Something very special.

We are happy to invite you all to the first company conference call happening Tuesday, July 10th at 5:30pm PDT (California) / 8:30pm EDT (New York).

We required the setup of special dial in service phone numbers to handle all of the excitement generated around the globe.

You will see that there are specific numbers for the different US Time Zones, as well as an International call in number — We did all we can to support the massive call load we are expecting …

The numbers to call in on are as follows;

Pacific Time 5.30pm (712) 338-8116

Central Time 6.30pm (712) 338-8009

Mid-West Time 7.30pm (218) 486-1435

Eastern Time 8.30pm (712) 432-4182

International – All Country Zones (832) 225-5241

Participant Pass Code (same for all) 67213#



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