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The inCruises Launch Game Plan Review

InCruises review

InCruises review

The inCruises Launch Game Plan
So today I wanted to let you in on the overall plan for the inCruises launch so you know what to expect.

1. Alpha Launch

This is the phase we’re in right now until the launch of the inCruises pre-launch, which will begin on January 16, 2016. Your goal is to simply share the website with as many people as you can and follow the simple system outlined on:

In this phase, you are “in-the-know” well before everyone else. This opportunity is extremely rare to know about an upcoming launch before the launch actually happens. (Normally just a small handful of leaders are told about the company and they need to stay quiet until the pre-launch begins.) Not here!

Use this time to your advantage as you have a greater head start than the masses that will learn about inCruises in mid-January and February, 2016.

Stay focused, set your goals, invest your time sharing the upcoming inCruises launch, and have fun looking for fellow pioneers and early adopters, such as yourself!

2. The inCruises Pre-Launch

On January 16, 2016, you’ll receive the link from me where you can officially enroll into inCruises. This begins an entirely new chapter as you’ll now have your own inCruises website, a full back office to track your organization and business, as well as access to many videos and marketing tools to help you grow your business quickly.

In this phase, many of us are both reaching out to those we know via email, phone, social, etc., as well as investing into our business using paid marketing to find others who may be interested in a fun lifestyle business and cruises.

Your goal during this phase is to personally enroll as many Partners as you can during the pre-launch and teach others how to do the same. Because the Membership product will be officially launching after the initial pre-launch, we can stay 100% focused on building a solid foundation for our business.

Yes, the pre-launch is a sprint, because it doesn’t last long and we give it all we’ve got – but ultimately, your inCruises business is a marathon. It’s a long-term business. Hence why you see zero marketing hype here or on the inCruises website. Even though it’ll only cost $295 to start your inCruises business ($195 to join as a Partner plus the optional $100 monthly membership fee), treat it like you’re investing $100,000.00 of your own money.

You will want to have at least 5 personally enrolled Partners in your inCruises business to maximize the compensation plan. However, there is no limit how many people you can personally enroll. Set your goals high and stay focused. Feel free to share your personal goals with me because my goal is to not only help you reach your goals, but to greatly surpass them.

99% of our focus will be online during the pre-launch. However, you are more than welcome to start marketing locally as early as you wish. It just comes down to the question, “Do you want to be the top inCruises Partner in your area, or do you want it to be someone else?”

Personally, I’m going to add local marketing to my marketing mix starting the first week in January. I’ll be providing you with exactly what I’m doing from local online ads to even going ‘old school’ and posting flyers at local coffee shops and grocery stores. My goal is to find a handful of leaders locally so I can be better prepared for the next phase…

3. Local Meetings

Roughly 90-days from the start of the pre-launch, many inCruises leaders will be hosting local meetings around the country. You are of course more than welcome to get meetings going in your area as well. Yes, we have a ‘virtual’ product, the inCruises Membership. However, the meetings will take everyone’s business to new levels providing both validity to the business, as well as that much needed ‘personal touch’ that is the core of the direct selling profession.

After all, the inCruises business is all about creating your desired lifestyle, building great relationships with people you enjoy working with, and helping others do the same. It’s about having fun and cruising the world with our friends and family, as well as your team members and their families.

Now we realize not everyone enjoys hosting meetings. And that’s perfectly OK. As the meetings get going, either inCruises or myself will post where/when meetings are happening so you and your team members can plug in.

4. Personal & Professional Development

Yes, on the consumer side, the inCruises product is the Cruise Club Membership. However, on the Partner side, inCruises will be much more than just an opportunity to offer these memberships to others.

Personal and professional development will very much become the core of inCruises. To help you become a better person, a better leader, a better father, a better mother, husband, wife, student, and so on.

I have been fortunate to have known Hutch, the Founder/CEO of inCruises over the past few years. His professionalism, family values, experience, as well as the vision and mission of inCruises is unmatched. When you have a moment, check him out on LinkedIn:

His background is deeply rooted in personal development and is very well connected with all of the major players within that niche. (VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing for 8 years for Tony Robbins is just one example.) I’ll just say that we’re going to have access to amazing training, knowledge, and resources being a part of inCruises. You’ll see (and experience) what I mean soon.

And as far as what the future holds for inCruises, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect to see additional products and services being added in the future that fits into our culture and your lifestyle business.

5. Team Training

As part of my team, you and your team members will have direct access to the private training that I’m developing. This is where I’ll be sharing all the tips, hints, secrets, knowledge, and more that I’ve gained over the past 16 years in direct selling and Internet marketing. We’ll of course sprinkle in some personal development and possibly I’ll get some special guests onto some calls and webinars to offer additional mindset training for you and your team.

And unlike others, I will be providing all of the training and resources for you at no cost.

My goal is to have our private team training website completed sometime in February. However, I will of course be sharing a lot of information between now and then to help you get the most out of this launch, as well as provide coaching/training one-on-one as needed. (All you need to do is ask!)

To be fully transparent with you, my ultimate goal is to get all of the systems, training, marketing, etc. in place for you so that your business has multiple elements of automation. In doing so, that’s what provides you with the ultimate lifestyle business. A business that continues to build, grow, and prosper even when you and your family is away cruising the world.

Now of course you cannot automate 100% of your business (nor would you want to), but you can certainly automate multiple pieces. From basic marketing and business automation, all the way to the advanced, where you’re working with virtual teams overseas handling various tasks for you.

I’ve been on the highly automated side, and I’ve also been on the side where there was zero automation and I was stuck on the phone 8-10+ hours a day, 7 days a week. The income was great, but what’s the point if you don’t have any freedom to enjoy it and you’re too burned out to do anything?

Why can’t one have the best of both worlds? You can.

It takes time to get everything all set up, so please don’t expect everything to be in place and ready on day one. However, for those of you who are ready to run now, to build something special, and have a very real shot at changing your life, your lifestyle, and the lives of others for the better, let’s run with this.

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