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so carefully parade to start
phone lines muted let’s get startedhello everyone this is Doug Carrington
from MMO cash out
but in tonight’s informational webinarit’s a few minutes after the hour or so
let’s go ahead and get started lets ourfirst lead of our to
are agenda the first time on it tonightis what is an emo cash out
we will describe the details of theprogram
they will talk about the MMO cash out commitment not a commitment from our
executives and founders to make this a successful program
and we’ll talk about why all the excitement
up this program and why it is unique and taking ministry by storm
when Leno kachuck on the market willdetail that
wiser no cash out different and better
than other programs on the market wellit’s a great story
talk about Global Opportunities asbefore you tonight
and then we’ll conclude if you have anyquestions
after this program please feel free toemail us at info at
MMO cash out dot com or contact theperson
that refer to this opportunity
for small course we have to go to thedisclaimers your classic disclaimers
this is not an investment opportunity nostocks or securities
are being offered no guaranteed income
has expressed or implied by thispresentation or this program
was in MMO cash out as arevolutionary business model that
combines a multi-billion-dollar
gaming industry and amulti-billion-dollar excels
network marketing industry creates afirst to market global opportunity that
allows cameras turned income whileplaying games
and last network markers great massive long-term residual income
from a seamless global downline organization
generate multiple streams of income bonuses and other
earning opportunities massivelymulti-player online role-playing games
or MMO RPG is a Jonah
role playing video games in which a verylarge number of players in Iraq
one another within a virtual game world
this is a global phenomenon hundreds ofmillions of gamers
and network marketers and 2011
industry was 12 .5 billion in the USalone
$65 billion worldwide and that doesn’tinclude all the ancillary products and
wrapped around the industry itself infinitely scalable business model
allow support unlimited numbers of gamesgamers
affiliates and other products andservices and income-generating models
the MMO cash out MMO cash out commitment and no cashouts founders
make you this promise they will beethical
every aspect up this business will betransparent to
our employees affiliates and customers
they will be cuz committed to yoursuccess
as you are
why is there all the excitement wrappedaround him MMO cash out
well you know cash out is currently enrolling
founder positions there’s limited
gold founder and silver founderpositions available
these positions give you a premiumposition
in our matrix extremely lucrative
seamless global compensation plan to buytwenty matrix
multiple streams of income and bonusesyou also have
a unique founders profit poor where you
will reap rewards when the whole companysucceeds
and I’ll be additional benefits
to come as the program just developedover the next few months
how do you learn
you have monthly profitable but I justmention
and you are in a share have a monthlyprofit above the corporation this is a
great opportunity
to get an incredible recurring incomesparked commissions
our commissions one others you refer payenrollment fees every month
down my commissions are commissions andoverrides
on your entire organization MMO by a
which is our store register gamers cansell customize items
gold characters in certain games
and in tournaments for the gamers player
versus player PvP battles dole’sprofessional and amateur game
tournaments will be hosted on our sites
online games or gilts and then lastly
will be prizes freebies giveaways andrewards am
into a cash up what about our rollout towatch
currently we’re in soft watch
that means you can acquire gold orsilver
founder position for $9.99 $4.99respectively
when you have time to enroll in founderspositions
it is a first-come first serve basisfounders will be kept up to date
progress and activities as we march
to our final watch strengths of what
romanov founders only then we proceed topre launch
will have a fallback office for recruitment love
non founder affiliates the store and many other exciting
opportunities at launch
we’ll have our penny auction up andrunning and also
you know playbook which is our game forsocial networking community
why is it MMO cash out different animalcash out
strongly novel first to market there’s asmall with no real competition
to true paradigm shift the combines twomassive
expanding global industries online videogaming in network marketing
there’s a highly experiencedextraordinarily committed management
executives and management ourcompensation only
when the company generates incomethey’re simply
not a dime spent for salaries in thiscompany
the company’s ethical honest openmanagement
proven stable financial and technology infrastructure
designed for unlimited scalability reliability
and massive global expansion
first mover’s advantage offers global opportunity limit I’m
limited number of gold and silver founder positions founder Roman
opportunities limited
to the soft watch premium position
near the top the compensation matrix youalso earned income prior
to watch the to buy twenty matrix
offers real opportunity fororganizational growth multiple streams
of income
including CMOS call residual income andother bonuses
gold and silver founder options we havea cold option
so brock’s a real cold option its ninehundred ninety nine dollars one-time
there is a 99 dollar royal
subscription monthly fee you can recruit goals
and so verse commissions for those for two hundred fifty dollars and a hundred
respectively and of course you’ll join into the incredible
profit Paul has paid monthly and
all the additional benefits will be announced as the program grows
under the solar program it’s 499 dollars
one-time and the same 99 dollar while subscription monthly fee
you can recruit other so verse course
that hundred-dollar summer Commissionand the monthly profit Paul
and also the additional benefits to beannounced
recruiting after launch our commissions
when your referrals and roll while at 99dollars a mark you get twenty dollars
Squires at forty nine dollars a monthand you get ten dollars commission
and peasant ten dollars a month and youget two dollars commission
the course we have squatters customers
which are free you can our commissions
from purchases up store and I’ll buy itand Penny Auction
and I’ll that a set
in conclusion this is an extraordinary
time said to the global opportunity hisinvitation only
founder positions available only byreferral from other founders
founders must be committed
to building a downline organization inexchange for the limited
lucrative opportunity to acquire 200position executives and management teams
fully committed founders positions
available as first-come first serveaccepted to found a position to make all
the time
with no notice time is of the essence
thank you for attending this webinaronce again if you have any questions
emails or visit our site to enroll leavethe name for the user name and the
person who referred you
when you do n roll thanks so much foryour time
see you at the top  MMO cash out



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