Le-Vel Online Business Review


There is no details on the Le-Vel website showing who has or runs business.
Le-Vel associates name “Paul Gravette” as the owner of Le-Vel, however his name does not show up anywhere on the Le-Vel website.
Additional study discloses Gravette list himself as “the owner” of Le-Vel on his LinkedIn account:.
Along with Le-Vel, Gravette can professes ownership of Xyngular. Xyngular launched in 2009 and market a selection of wellness, nourishment and weight loss items.
Linked off of Gravette’s LinkedIn account is “Jason (Simon) Camper”, which likewise credit histories himself as an “owner / creator” of Le-Vel:.
Ty Tribble (MLMBlog.net) named a “Jason Camper” as President of isXperia back in April 2011:.
An additional participant of the exec team of isXperia is Jason Camper, head of state of the company. He is a 12 year professional when it comes to Direct Sales and Internet marketing Sector.
isXperia introduced in 2007 and run in the “wellness, health and skincare” Multi Level Marketing niche. At the time of publication, Camper’s name does not showcase on the isXperia website’s “Exec Team” web page.
A 3rd name in connection with Le-Vel appears in the company’ website domain registration listing, which names a “Justin Rouleau” of “Le-Vel Brands LLC” as the owner.
On his LinkedIn profile, Rouleau credit ratings himself as “Supervisor of Technology” at Le-Vel and a “web designer” at isXperia (2010 and 2011):.
Of note is that the address offered Le-Vel Brands LLC in the company’s domain name registration (Texas), varies from an address offered on the Le-Vel website for “returns” (Utah).
I think this is due to Le-Vel’s shippable products being made in Utah, whilst the company is based out Texas. I tried to verify this on the Le-Vel website, but when I clicked “get in touch with” the web browser display went dark and nothing happened.
Read on for a comprehensive review of the Le-Vel Multi Level Marketing business chance.

The Le-Vel Product Line.
Le-Vel’s items are marketed under the “Thrive” brand name, with the company providing four assortments of grow for guys, women, “lifestyle” and “weight management”.
“Thrive M” (men) and “Thrive W” (females) can be found in capsule style and services ‘weight administration, intellectual performance, joint support, pain administration, anti-aging (sic) & antioxidant mixture, lean muscle support, digestive & immune assistance’.
“Thrive Mix” (lifestyle) is a ‘blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids’ provided in shake style.
Finally “Thrive DFT” (weight administration) is a skin patch that offers ‘weight administration, mental clearness, cravings control, derma fusion technology, metabolic support and a natural time release’.
I attempted to enter into the online shop Le-Vel carry their website to check the prices for Thrive yet the company required customer login information.
Whilst it shows up Le-Vel do not provide retail rates to the general public, additional study disclosed Le-Vel affiliates marketing Thrive items from in between $100 to $300 a month:.

The Le-Vel Compensation Plan.
The Le-Vel settlement plan pays ahead of time retail payments and residual payments using a unilevel design settlement property. Added bonus offers and motivations are likewise supplied.

Retail Commissions.
Retail commissions are paid to Le-Vel affiliates on the sale of Le-Vel items to non-affiliates.
Retail commissions in Le-Vel are paid at a price of 20 % of the Business Volume (BV) generated by retail consumers.
Retail payments are additionally paid out on retail orders placed with an affiliate’s downline, payable down three levels of recruitment:.
Level 1 (retail orders positioned with directly sponsored associates)– 12 %.
Levels 2 and 3– 4 %.

Qualified and Active Status.
With the exemption of retail commissions, Le-Vel associates should first qualify themselves for commissions and afterwards continue to be active.
To at first apply for payments, a Le-Vel affiliate should produce at the very least 200 Personal Volume (PV) really worth of product sales. This could be either their very own individual acquisition of products or purchases made by their customers.
To keep active standing, a Le-Vel associate should maintain at the very least 100 PV a month in product orders. Once again, this can either be an associate’s very own investment of product or that of their client(s).

Le-Vel Affiliate Membership Ranks.
There are six affiliate subscription ranks within the Le-Vel settlement strategy and, together with their respective certification requirements, they are as adheres to:.
Marketer– be certified and keep 100 PV a month (active).
4K VIP– preserve 100 PV a month (active), personally recruit at least 2 associates and have a downline producing a minimum of 4000 GV a month (no even more compared to 2400 GV from any kind of one unilevel leg).
12K VIP – maintain 100 PV a month (energetic), personally recruit at least 2 associates and have a down line generating at least 12,000 GV a month (no greater than 7200 GV from any sort of one unilevel leg).
40K VIP – preserve 100 PV a month (active), personally recruit a minimum of 4 associates and have a downline creating at least 40,000 GV a month (no greater than 24,000 GV from any sort of one unilevel leg).
80K VIP – maintain 100 PV a month (active), directly recruit at the very least 4 affiliates and have a downline producing at the very least 80,000 GV a month (no even more compared to 48,000 GV from any type of one unilevel leg).
200K VIP – preserve 100 PV a month (energetic), directly sponsor at least 4 affiliates and have a team producing at the very least 400,000 GV a month (no even more than 120,000 GV from any type of one unilevel leg).

Quickly Start Bonus.
The Fast Start Bonus is paid out on acquisition of an “registration” or “upgrade” bundle acquired by recruited Le-Vel associates.
When a Le-Vel associate signs up with the company, they can acquire one of 4 “starter packs”: Thrive, Starter, Promoter or VIP.
Each pack has a corresponding Fast Start Bonus connected to it, paid down four degrees of employment:.
Thrive– $15 on level 1, $10 on level 2 and $5 on degrees 3 and 4.
Starter– $30 on level 1, $20 on level 2, $10 on level 3 and $5 on level 4.
Promoter– $80 on level 1, $40 on level 2, $20 on level 3 and $10 on level 4.
VIP– $140 on level 1, $80 on level 2, $40 on level 3 and $20 on level 4.

Quick Start Bonus Match.
Le-Vel offer a 10 % Fast Start Bonus Match on the Fast Start Bonus incomes of all personally sponsored affiliates.
If a Le-Vel affiliate personally recruits a minimum of 8 certified and active affiliates and is placed 4k VIP or higher, the Fast Start Bonus Match percent rises to 20 %.
Note that in order to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus Match, Le-Vel associates must have personally sponsored a minimum of 2 certified and active Le-Vel associates.

Unilevel Commissions.
Residual commissions in Le-Vel are paid utilizing a unilevel compensation property.
A unilevel settlement structure positions an affiliate on top of a unilevel team, with every personally sponsored associate put straight under them (level 1):.
If any of these level 1 associates recruit brand-new associates of their own, they are put on level 2 of the initial associate’s unilevel group. If any kind of level 2 associates recruit new associates, they are put on level 3 and so forth and so forth down an academic unlimited lot of degrees.
Le-Vel cap unilevel payments down 8 degrees of employment, with the number of degrees an associate is paid on identified by their Le-Vel associate subscription ranking:.
Promoter– 4 % on levels 1 to 3.
4K VIP– 4 % on levels 1 to 5.
12K VIP– 4 % on degrees 1 to 6.
40K VIP– 4 % on degrees 1 to 7.
80K VIP– 4 % on levels 1 to 8.
200K VIP– 8 % on degrees 1 to 8.

Unilevel Matching Bonus.
A Unilevel Matching Bonus is paid on the unilevel payments earnt by an associate’s personally recruited downline (level 1).
Just how much of a Unilevel Matching Bonus a Le-Vel associate qualifies for is identified by the amount of new associates they’ve recruited:.
recruit 4 affiliates = 20 %.
sponsor 8 associates = 40 %.

Keep in mind that these sponsored affiliates must be both certified and active.

Auto Bonus.
The Le-Vel compensation plan states a “VIP Auto Bonus”, paying an ‘$800 regular monthly bonus towards a white or black BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Caddilac’– nevertheless no credentials criteria for the perk is given.

Way of life Getaways.
At the 40K VIP, 80K VIP and 200K VIP associate subscription ranks, Le-Vel benefit affiliates with ‘trips to places like Las Vegas, Napa Valley, New York, Italy, Alaska & the Caribbean’.

Joining Le-Vel.
Affiliate membership to Le-Vel is free according to the company website. It should be kept in mind nevertheless that the Le-Vel compensation strategy points out “starter packs”, the details of which are not supplied anywhere on the Le-Vel website.
I attempted to source this information elsewhere (from a third-party or otherwise) but was unable to establish just what Le-Vel’s starter packs price.
Going by the Fast Start Bonus paid out on the 4 packs, one would assume the expenses vary from anywhere in between $16 to $141.

The largest concern that concerns me concerning that Le-Vel MLM company chance is that of transparency.
Business management information, retail pricing for their items and associate starter pack expenses are all what I would certainly regard important details, yet are missing.
Vehicle Bonus certification isn’t really fairly so vital, however it’s additionally missing out on from the Le-Vel compensation strategy material.
An instance of this harming the business on the MLM side would be me strongly advising prospective affiliates to test out Le-Vel’s products initially. Just how they could be expected to do this without any indicator regarding exactly what Le-Vel’s products cost retreats me.
On business model side of things Le-Vel does much better, as I especially liked the means retail commissions paid over several degrees. The highlight though was paying out retail commissions to non-qualified and active affiliates.
This “retail policy” from Le-Vel’s affiliate terms and conditions was additionally fantastic:.
Retail Plan.
In order to apply for any type of settlement payable under the Le-Vel Settlement Plan, a marketer needs to certify by conclusion of the Retail Sales Rule Conformity Form that he/she has made a minimum of one (1) retail sale to five (5) different retail consumers in the calendar month in which commissions or bonuses are made.
The conformity type have to be received by Le-Vel no later on compared to the 5th (5th) day following each calendar period on the occasion that Le-Vel takes steps to validate that the requisite retail sales have actually happened.
I’m not totally clear on why Le-Vel themselves can not impose this on the back-end, yet having affiliates authorize such a form every month is a great incentive for them to really drive retail.
Note that I ‘d highly motivate possible associates to contact their prospective uplines concerning the sending out in of this type each month, and examining to see that the upline’s retail past in fact matches just what they profess.
I believed this was terrific as usually affiliates who aren’t certified for commissions just miss out on making money anything completely. Paying out retail payments without credentials appears like a great way to steer retail sales and hinder associates from focusing exclusively on associate recruitment.
That pointed out enhancements can be made with certification standards for the Unilevel Matching Bonus offer. This must be quantity based in contrast to exclusively tied into recruitment. You still require sponsored affiliates to generate unilevel quantity, so any sort of prospective issue of not having a downline is quashed.
The associate membership places only ever need a minimum of four sponsored affiliates, which I believed was beyond what reasonable.
Assuming the rates priced estimate by Le-Vel affiliates in their marketing are accurate ($100 to $300 a month), the price-point of Le-Vel’s items may be a concern.
The company does market itself greatly as a “costs way of life” possibility, however at the end of the day if individuals aren’t prepped to pay just what they’re asking for, then exactly what they describe themselves does not matter.
This could possibly be why no retail product rates feeds on the Le-Vel website, or it can merely merely be bad preparing.
Whatever the report I ‘d highly recommend the company include retail item rates, associate startup expenses and executive management information to their website.
A compensation strategy rewrite to feature points like Vehicle Bonus credentials and affiliate starter pack prices would not injure either.
Altogether there’s nothing as well significant to fault with Le-Vel’s NETWORK MARKETING offering, but it most definitely needs some brighten if they’re looking to fully utilize on the possibility they’re placing out there.



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