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There is no information on the KingUni website suggesting who operates the business or has, with the firm only revealing that it’s a.
joint-venture with capitalists from China, South Korea, and the United States.
A business address is provided on the KingUni internet site, indicating that the firm is registered in the United States state of Nevada.
Surprisingly sufficient the address supplied (“3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV”), is that of the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel. No reference of KingUni is made anywhere on the Wynn Resort internet site, nor do they list any leasable office (online or otherwise), so why KingUni are utilizing their address on their site is a puzzle.
2 added corporate addresses are given on the KingUni web site, one in Shenzen China and the other Seoul Korea.
Both addresses however are marked “coming soon”.
The KingUni web site domain name (“”) was registered on the 23rd of August 2013, and notes a “Lee Jong Jin” as the domain name owner.
I had not been able to discover any kind of more information on Lee Jong Jin, aside from she or he seems based out Korea. The email address used to register the KingUni Mobile domain name is a Korean-language domain name, with the KingUni Mobile website itself being held from Korea.
With the details that is presently understood, Lee Jong Jin’s partnership and/or placement within KingUni is unclear.
As constantly, if an MLM firm is not honestly in advance about who is running or owns it, think long and hard concerning signing up with and/or handing over any kind of money.

The KingUni Product Line.
Baseding on the KingUni site, the firm intends.
to end up being a leading company in Mobile Gaming Development and Management, to get to a total firm value of over 10 billion USD within 3-5 years, release 50-80 ready Mobile Devices (and) achieve over 1.5 thousand USD regular monthly income by Q4.
As it stands now nevertheless KingUni don’t appear to have a concrete item. Their mobile gaming system is assumedly going to more than at “”, a domain name registered on the 23rd of April 2013 with confidential registration.
The KingUni website recommends that it is “currently incomplete” however that when total will certainly be a.
premier mobile game author free of charge to play games for smartphone and tablet computer devices situated in Los Angeles– USA, Shanghai, Chengdu and ZhengZhou– China.
Even with having not also launched their mobile game platform yet, KingUni also declares to be.
well known for revolutionizing and unleashes (sic) the power of gaming by taking it mobile and making it social.
Just how KingUni intends to “transform” mobile gaming is not disclosed.

The KingUni Compensation Plan.
Without concrete product the KingUni settlement strategy as an alternative rotates around the sale of affiliate subscriptions:.
K– $100.
K1– $599.
K2– $1199.
K3– $1999.

Employment Commissions.
When a brand-new KingUni affiliate signs up with the firm and pays their membership costs, the affiliate that recruited them makes a commission. The amount of of a compensation is earnt depends upon the amount of the freshly recruited affiliate spends for subscription:.
K– $10.
K1– $60.
K2– $120.
K3– $200.

Binary Commissions.
Recurring compensations in KingUni are paid out utilizing a binary payment structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate on top of a binary team, with two positions directly under them.
Then, these two placements branch off into another two placements and more and so forth down an academic limitless variety of levels.
Each of these placements represents a KingUni affiliate, either recruited directly or by means of the initiatives of an affiliate’s up and teams.
Affiliates are paid a commission per affiliate in their binary team, with the amount of is paid out determined by the membership fees paid by recruited affiliates:.
K– no payment paid out.
K1– $10.
K2– $20.
K3– $30.

The number of binary levels a KingUni affiliate is paid on is identified by the amount of they pay in affiliate fees:.
K– no residual binary payments paid.
K1– 5 levels.
K2– 8 degrees.
K3– 10 levels.

Fortunate Prize.
KingUni supplies K1, K2 and K3 affiliates just what they call a “lucky reward”. This primarily relates to yet an additional employment compensation, paying $1 on K1, $2 on K2 and $3 on K3 affiliates.
The amount of affiliates a KingUni affiliate could earn on once more relies on just how much they pay in membership fees:.
K1– FIFTY affiliates.
K2– 75 affiliates.
K3– 100 affiliates.

Leadership Award.
KingUni’s Leadership Award pays out affiliates who have actually sponsored at the very least 3 K3 affiliates.
As soon as the above certification standards is satisfied, KingUni affiliates are then paid $100 for a sponsored K1 affiliate, $200 for a K2 and $300 for a K3.
The Leadership Award is paid utilizing a unilevel design settlement framework, paying down an in theory unlimited lot of degrees.

Earnings Sharing.
KingUni take an undefined percent of affiliate membership costs paid daily and pay the cash bent on K1 and above placed affiliates.
The number of days of the week and how a lot an affiliate has the ability to gain by means of KingUni’s revenue sharing is figured out by their affiliate membership rank:.
K1 (pay $599)– paid on Mondays, regular cap of $40 as much as a total amount of $1000.
K2 (pay $1199)– paid on Tuesdays, regular cap of $80 up to a total amount of $2000.
K3 (pay $1999)– paid on Wednesdays, weekly cap of $160 up to a total of $5000.
Ruby (personally sponsor 3 K3 placed affiliates)– paid on Thursdays, weekly cap of $200 around a total amount of $10,000.
Sapphire (personally sponsor 3 Ruby ranked affiliates)– paid on Fridays, weekly cap of $600 around a total of $100,000.
Emerald (personally sponsor 3 Sapphire placed affiliates)– paid on Saturdays, regular cap of $2000 as much as a total of $500,000.
Diamond (personally sponsor 3 Emerald rated affiliates)– paid on Sundays, once a week cap of $5000 as much as a total of $1,000,000.

Not explicitly clarified in the WCM777 compensation plan product, I believe the greater ranks are paid retroactively on the previous days of the week for lesser rankings.
Ie. a Ruby affiliate is paid Monday to Thursday as opposed to just Thursday alone (doesn’t make much feeling to weekly cap affiliates if you’re just paying them someday a week).

Signing up with KingUni.
Affiliate subscription to KingUni is readily available at four levels, with just how much an affiliate spends for subscription being straight tied to their potential earnings:.
K– $100.
K1– $599.
K2– $1199.
K3– $1999.

Regardless of the hill of projections and targets offer on the KingUni website, the opportunity can be simplified into a straightforward fee-driven employment scheme.
The entire mobile gaming system works as little greater than a front for the system, with the firm absorbing affiliate costs and paying compensations despite the platform even being practical yet.
The reality is that the mobile gaming system has nothing to do with KingUni’s payment framework, with the company instead just mixing around affiliate fees amongst those that recruit one of the most.
Just how much an affiliate pays being straight pegged to their earnings capacity (assuming they, their upline or their team recruit), also introduces a pay-to-plan element to business model.
Worse still the revenue sharing part successfully introduces an investment facet as well. Affiliates get a placement for either $599, $1199 or $1999 on the assumption of a $1000 to $5000 ROI, increasable to $1,000,000 if they sponsor enough new affiliate capitalists in to the scheme.
Provided that affiliate costs are funding KingUni’s revenue sharing payouts, this drags the possibility into Ponzi plan region.
Along with the employment and affiliate-funded financial investment nature of the business, various other warnings consist of the failing to disclose affiliate charges on the firm web site, the failure to supply the general public and potential affiliates with the KingUni settlement intend on their internet site and a lack of offered information on the business’s owner(s).
Second red flags include the giving of a United States based business address that shows up to have absolutely nothing to do with KingUni, and “coming quickly” workplaces in China and Korea.
Advertising a good idea I’ve seen massive targeting of KingUni marketing in Spanish, intendeded for the South American demographic. Placing all of this with each other I ‘d claim we’re taking a look at yet an additional Chinese-based (or possibly Korea) recruitment scheme yet once more targeting South American affiliates halfway throughout the world.
When the recruitment of new affiliates and payment of fees dries up, so also will KingUni’s commission payments– with those at the base of the pyramid losing their cash.



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