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InCruises First Team Conference Call

InCruises review

InCruises review

We will be hosting our very first team conference call tomorrow evening (Monday January, 4th). The topic of the call is, “The Upcoming Launch of inCruises”.

This call will cover the importance of pre-building your inCruises team prior to the launch on the 16th. We will also share tips and lessons that we’ve learned over the past decade creating launches that will help set you and your team up for success. We will open the lines for live Q&A at the end.
Please note: This call is dedicated for topics related to the pre-launch, launch, and marketing, and not designed to be a ‘business overview’ call. The best place for everyone to get the overview of inCruises is the pre-recorded webinar.
However, if you have specific questions about inCruises, please save them until Tuesday the 5th. Why?
Because we will have a very special guest on the line with us on Tuesday. Mr. Michael “Hutch” Hutchison, the Founder/CEO of inCruises, will be joining us on Tuesday (January 5th) for a live inCruises Q&A conference call. The time, number, and pin will be the same for both days.
Call details – Please mark your calendars:
When: Monday January 4, 2016 and Tuesday January 5, 2016
Time: 8:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Conference Dial-in: 302-202-1108
Pin Code: 744715
YES, we will record the calls and make them available online if you or your team members cannot make the call. Links to the recordings will be sent out via email.
You are more than welcome to invite all of your team members to both of these calls. In fact, we encourage you to do so! All we ask is that you make 100% sure that they have seen the inCruises webinar first. (Note that we also have a Spanish version of the webinar. Let me know if you need that link as well to send out to your contacts.)
Also, for the respect of your guests, please know that on any and all conference calls, we (Rob, Cruise Club One) will be referring to us as “Cruise Club Partners” because the website is 100% generic and will become our future Team website. But most importantly, there’s a….
Major Announcement Coming Soon.
If you like what you see about inCruises thus far, prepare to take that to a whole new level prior to the pre-launch on January 16th. Please understand that I’m under an NDA and under a strict agreement not to share anything regarding this new news until Hutch makes the major announcement publicly.
All I can say is you will find yourself in a very good position if you continue to share the website with others and following the simple system on The only hint I can say is that you most definitely want to share the site and talk to *everyone*…
Hutch and the inCruises team are creating something very special, highly unique, and rare for us here… A very real, viable, and reliable vehicle for you to build a lifestyle business.
And as always – I am here to help you, Keem. You have someone here that has been through dozens of launches, several that generated 7-figures, marketing online for 17 years (that just made me feel old… ugh.), made it to the top of a few compensation plans in this profession, and 100% dedicated to helping and serving you and your team.
If you haven’t seen the inCruises compensation plan yet, please reply to this email. If we have not had the pleasure to speak on the phone yet, reply back with some days/times you are available. If we have already spoken on the phone, and you would like to chat again, let me know! 3-way calls? I’m here for you. Really.
The bottom line is that I’m here to help you build a long-term lifestyle business with inCruises… And of course, have FUN traveling the world with you, your family, and your team!
See you on the calls on Monday and Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it!



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