inCruises Facts: Technology is Rock Solid in Pre-launch Phase


InCruises review

InCruises review

This information passed by my InCruises sponsor Rob. H.

The short version for those who want just the facts:

1. The inCruises technology and back-end is rock solid and ready to go. That is extremely rare for a start-up company. January 16, 2016 is the launch date – set in stone.

2. We are seeing a lot of interest from many different types of people. I’ve personally never seen interest like this for a business/product.

3. Don’t delay, start marketing and sharing today.

4. I will start hosting live webinars in January.

5. Thanks, have a great day! Rob.

Now for the longer version for those of you like to know the nitty-gritty details:

I can’t help but have my “Launch Consultant” hat on for the upcoming inCruises launch. Even though I’m not on the corporate side, I’m constantly checking everything on my normal launch checklist to ensure all the lights are green for launch.

After all, I’ll admit I’ve been through a few disastrous launches in the past. And can you guess the one area that is responsible for probably around 95% of failed launches?


You couldn’t imagine the amount of technology, programming, software integrations, API’s, and more that is needed to launch and run a company – especially one that is going live into over 190 countries on day one, plus has a digital/virtual product like inCruises.

Here we are, 20 days away from the start of the pre-launch and I can tell you that the back-end technology is stable, rock solid, and ready to go. In my decade+ of being involved in dozens of launches, this is the first time I have ever seen everything ready this early.

I know this may not mean much to some of you, but for those who have been through or seen those “failure to launch” type launches over the years, you know that this is a huge deal.

I have been fortunate to have seen the full inCruises back office, all the bells and whistles, and how the innovative pre-launch marketing system is going to work. I have no doubt you’ll be very pleased and quite impressed with how professional and simple everything is. (Sorry, I’m under NDA and can’t say a peep about it until the 16th. However, I can share the full compensation plan PDF with those of you whom I have a conversation with on the phone. I’ll explain how you can get access to the comp plan then.)

So for me personally, it is a first to see a company ready for the “big show” more than two weeks in advance of a launch date. Normally the 36 hours leading up to a launch, everyone stays awake working hard to finish everything. (And sometimes things are not ready on the technology side and launches are delayed days, weeks, and yes, even months.)

That’s not going to happen here. January 16, 2016 is the big day for you and everyone on your team.

That’s the first *different*… To have green lights all across my ‘launch board’ this early prior to a launch. And believe me, the guys and gals behind the scenes worked like crazy at inCruises as well as their technology partner to accomplish this. We’ll need to all buy them a drink on our first cruise together. 🙂

Now the second *different* I’m a bit reluctant to share because I never want to come across as hyping anything about the inCruises product or business. In fact, I do my best to keep everything toned down and supply you with as much information as possible, while being 100% transparent. Both of which break the ‘normal marketing rules’ of a launch. However, as I learned the hard way over the years, you attract MUCH more qualified and awesome people like YOU Keem into your business.

Just keep the above in mind when you’re sharing inCruises with others online and off. No need to hype, show pictures of cars, mansions, or $$$. We’re not here to get rich quick or make crazy promises. We’re here to have FUN, make new friends, be in business with fun and amazing people and their families that we cruise the world with, and build an amazing lifestyle business together with inCruises.

So here’s the next *different* I’ll share with you: I have never personally seen so much interest in a business that is so diverse. And I’m hearing this from others whom have been in this profession for quite some time as well.

Meaning, we’re seeing interest from countless networkers with 15-20+ years of experience, to those with some experience, all the way to those who have said no to every networking company that ever crossed their desk for years and years – and inCruises will be their first.

And on top of that, interest in inCruises is coming from both sides – the direct sales side as well as the network marketing side. (Same profession, just 2 different business models.) In my own personal experience, the two do not cross paths that often.

For example, a direct seller who is used to hosting parties at their home and other people’s homes will typically stay on the direct sales side when they are searching for a new company to call home. And the same goes for networkers. Not of course it happens, people do go from one to the other, I’m just saying it’s not typical. Especially at the scale we’re seeing it happen.

Now combine that with a lot of people that are coming into this profession for the first time, I feel we have the makings of something very special and unique for all of us here… as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

And last, but certainly not least, the interest from those die-hard cruise lovers is amazing. From networkers, to direct sellers, to those who have never been involved in this profession. The same thing is happening. In fact, there are quite a few people that I’ve spoken to that are going on a cruise in January, 2016. Some will be on a ship and enrolling on the 16th. Talk about a great place to be and share the business and membership with others. (And enroll people into your business right on the ship!)

Basically all this means is that some stars could be aligning for all of us – if everyone is willing to put in some effort now, during the pre-launch, and post-launch to build a stable, long-term business. (Did I mention that launching any business requires at least some effort yet?) 🙂

After all, you could be handed the keys to your dream car tomorrow, but if you never put in the effort to get into the car, turn the key, put it into gear, and drive it, what’s the point? Everything worth going after in life for requires some effort.

I remember several years back, it took literally all my courage to ask a pretty girl sitting in a restaurant 2,000 miles away from my home if she was eating alone. She wasn’t. I ended up having dinner with her, her mother, and her mother’s friend. Years later, we’re married and have an awesome son. (Yes, I married the pretty girl, not her mother or her friend.) It takes effort to go after what you want in life. And sometimes it isn’t easy. But often times, it is more than worth it.

And right now, because of inCruises, you are going after the creation of a true lifestyle business. And I’m not here to define what that means for you because every single one of us has our own “ideal life” and “ideal business”. It could be an extra few hundred dollars a month coming in for many years to come, all the way to tens of thousands of dollars or more, tons of vacations for your friends and family, a vacation house, kids colleges paid for, working only 5 hours a week, donating it all to charity, building a shelter for the homeless, or whatever it is you’re going after. They are your dreams and goals.

So let’s get real for a second, Keem.

You are not exactly where you want to be in life at this very second, correct? Of course you’re not, or else you wouldn’t be here and neither would I. We want more out of life. We want more time, more freedom, more $$$, and more of whatever it is that we feel we’re missing that this business could provide us with.

But what if? What if inCruises could very well be that vehicle that you’ve been searching for? If we could somehow 100% guarantee that it was, but it would require some effort on your part starting right now for the next 90 days, what would you be doing every single day?

Now of course, there are no guarantees in this business – or in any business. However, what if you did give this (or any) business everything you had for the next 90 days? What would you really be out of if you failed? More importantly, what would you have if you succeeded?

The great news is that to enroll into inCruises during the pre-launch costs a whopping $0.00. You get to test the waters with zero risk. And if you like what you see, the cost to enroll as a Partner is $195. Or $295 and $100 a month if you also want to be a Cruise Club Member.

But in order to really see what is possible here, you need to see what is possible within. Are you spending time sharing the and the website with people daily? Are you talking to people daily? What are you doing to move your business and life forward on a daily basis? Start listing to Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins, read books like, “Think and Grow Rich”, watch movies like “The Pursuit Of Happiness” if you’re not already.

In the far majority of cases, people fail in this profession because of two reasons: For one, they fail to try. And second, they fail to try again. You will hear no. You will hear you should join ABC company instead. You will hear 10 reasons why you shouldn’t for every 1 reason you tell yourself you should.

Is it always easy? Nope. But is it worth the sacrifices, time, struggles, or fight?

Your dreams ARE worth fighting for, aren’t they Keem?

Of course they are.

A HUGE part of inCruises will be personal development, thanks to the relationships Hutch (The Founder/CEO of inCruises) has gained over the decades of being involved in that industry. And besides the fun, the cruises, the lifestyle, the friendships, and the commissions, the personal development side is what will be worth it’s weight in gold. Friends, $$$, etc. may come and go, but you will continue to grow – if you choose to do so.

Lastly, I’ll be starting to host live webinars for you and your team in early January. Watch your email for additional details.

Keep up the great work out there. I know it isn’t easy during this first phase, but delayed gratification is a very good attribute to have during a launch that can certainly pay off.

Thank you, InCruises Upline
Rob Hawthorn

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