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Coinpressions Detailed Compensation Plan and Break Even Pool (BEP) Review


Hello my name is Frank Hester in this
video I want to share a new opportunity
called COINPRESSIONS. I will be launching
somewhere around mid August. We don’t
have an exact date set yet but we’re
tracking toward a mid-august launch. In
this video I’m just going to briefly
cover the COINPRESSIONS compensation plan part.
A lot of people have asked me for just a comp
plan video that they can begin sharing
to prefilled so that’s what this will be
so what we’re going to have as you can
see is a COINPRESSIONS 3X10 force matrix and we we
have what we think is a very attractive
starting point at $29.95 we wanted a price
point that allowed us to truly be a
global opportunity and will be accepting
cryptocurrency definitely Bitcoin pain
in Bitcoin pain out that is also going
to allow us to have a larger reach than
if we were taking credit card payment so
we will be accepting Bitcoin paying out
commissions and Bitcoin as you see what
we’ve done is a little bit different
than what a lot of people do with a
force matrix a lot of businesses they
will shorten the matrix make it you know
no more than five six seven levels deep
and what you see them doing is bottom
loading putting all the money on that
bottom level what does a lot of people
what that allows them to do is to have a
attractive COINPRESSIONS matrix with less people and
showing more potential income but the
reality is the majority of the members
never build to that fifth six or seventh
level they they just don’t get there and
they don’t get to that you know for that
bottom level and the reason is because
it takes when you do that and you don’t
put money at the top it takes too many
people to get into a breakeven or a
profit situation what we wanted to
create in a COINPRESSIONS three-wide matrix was a
three and free program with ten dollars
on the first level and only a $29.95 per
month subscription obviously if you
that first level fall then your monthly
is covered and it does not matter how
those three people get there if they are
from your efforts from assistance from
your upline from spillover if you end up
with three people on your first level
you’re going to be earning $30 which
covers your monthly and you have a free
business and you are in profit from
every person that falls into your
downline from that point forward the
rest of our comp plan is extremely
simple basically once we do the three
and three every person that falls into
your matrix again doesn’t matter how
they get there your me paid an extra
dollar for them on a monthly basis so we
purposely made the COINPRESSIONS matrix very large
because we want to have that income
potential there and as someone that has
built from large organizations in the
past with a very short matrix a lot of
leaders can have legs that go down five
six seven eight nine levels deep in as
little as a few days and they begin to
out build a matrix and lose some of that
income that’s beyond the matrix there so
so we purposely wanted a big matrix for
that reason and it just creates a great
potential for income but the thing
that’s going to attract the leaders and
it really excites me as someone that
likes to get happen recruit people is a
25% match rate matrix match on every
personal referral we know that with a
twenty nine ninety five that low price
point with almost a ninety percent
payout a lot of money going back to our
members that three and free to you know
get people into profit quickly we’re
going to have leaders in the industry
come in and personally sponsor 25,50, 100
plus people extremely fast into
COINPRESSIONS and that 25 percent matrix
match on their all their personal is
going to be a significant income for a
lot of people in this industry and an
income COINPRESSIONS because we looked at
at a unilevel but a unilevel would limit
the depth by making it a 25% matrix
match it really makes the comp plan
unlimited because it doesn’t matter
where your personals fall will they fall
under fifty six seven eight even the
ninth or tenth level or below you’re
going to earn through ten levels of
their matrix as they build so it really
creates an unlimited income potential in
this comp plan but the part that we are
really excited about that I’m excited
about is what we call the COINPRESSIONS break-even pool

or the BEP one of the problems in
this industry and it’s why you see so
many one-time payment programs out there
right now is most people on not the
majority of people are not going to be
in profit in 30 days and I understand
that it takes a while to build a
business if you don’t have a huge
following or list or you know or a huge
advertising budget to go out and you
know get to the masses that it takes to
get into profit on average of what I’ve
seen in my career is that most people
will stay with an opportunity anywhere
between two to four months usually
around that you know three to four month
range and they do just some basic
sharing with it they will usually get
into profit especially if you have what
we’re offering with a top loaded matrix
where it doesn’t take but three people
into profit with you know with spillover
and with your own efforts most people
will get into profit in about three
three month range on average and what we
wanted to do with this COINPRESSIONS Break Even Pool
was change the industry a little bit we
want to create an atmosphere where
people can come in and they are going to
stay around long enough to experience
success and how you know have a
profitable monthly income growing and
network marketing so what we’re doing
here is going to allow 100% of our
members to earn we’re going to take
three dollars from every
active member in COINPRESSIONS and with
active member I mean every renewal every
new member basically ten percent of our
total revenue is going to be set aside
into the break-even pool and it’s going
to be paid out to the members that are
not at break even or better that made a
renewal payment during any calendar
month so kind of here’s how that will
look. if we launch in mid-august as we
hope to that’s our schedule Thursday in
kind of rolls along as we want and we
get launched in mid-august obviously in
the month of August we will not have any
renewal payment because we just launched
but we would have renewal payments in
the month of September and then we would
have renewal payments in October November
December every month there after so the
way that would work is that we launch in
August we have a renewals in September we
would take a snapshot of our business
from September 1 to September 30th and
we would identify every member that made
a renewal payment and then we would take
that list and we compress it down to
every member that made a renewal payment
but did not earn $29.95 a month or more
during the calendar month of September
not renewal but calendar month you know
the first month the last month all
commissions paid if they earn less than
$29.95 during that calendar month they
get a share of the break-even pool and
will be broken into equal shares equal
to the number of people that are not yet
in profits and then will pay those out
now you see that it caps at $29.95 the way
that will work is we are not going to
create a passive program that’s not our
intention here we’re not a passive
business we’re a COINPRESSIONS forced matrix
and we’re out there we want our members
out there sharing do the things that it
takes to build a business you know we
don’t want anyone join and not sharing
the opportunity that’s not what we’re
about what we’re about is
creating a atmosphere and a culture that
says it takes three to four months to
get into profit for the majority of the
people that’s on an opportunity their
honor that small three to five percent
that so they make money and everything
because they have a following is that
that group that we’re trying to target
with this BEP and and eventually you
now show them how they can have success
in this business and we’re going to help
them so let’s just say the pool comes
back at twenty dollars for the month of
September the way that would work is any
member that made nine ninety five or
less during the month of September would
get a full payment and that may or may
not get them up to twenty nine ninety
five any member that made $10 or more if
the payout was twenty we’ll get a
partial payment that were tap at $29.95 it
basically gets them back to break-even
didn’t cost the business didn’t cost
them anything and they remain active
until they earn from the matrix for our
goal here is to keep people active and
give them an incentive or a sort of a
rebate back to keep them active until
they are in profit from the COINPRESSIONS matrix so
we’re going to eliminate some of the
risks eliminate some the stress involved
in a monthly payment program because a
monthly payment program creates residual
income and leverage the things that make
network marketing great so we what we
really think we’ve created here is the
BEP it really creates a built in team
approach and what I mean by that is
we’re taking three dollars from every
member all even the members that are in
profit and that’s going to be you know
you sent back out to the members that
are not yet in profit that are out there
working the business to kind a assist
them it’s almost like a membership
assist program to help them remain
active until they are in profit so it’s
really going to be a really create a a
built in team approach to our COINPRESSIONS community
well that is what we
are doing with COINPRESSIONS
hopefully you like what you see and we
think it’s going to be a lot of fun for
one and we’re going to have I believe
one the highest retention rate for a
monthly payment program in the network
marketing industry well if you have any
questions at all and you know how to
reach out to me feel free to do that if
not get back to the person to share this
COINPRESSIONS video with you hopefully they’re
building a pre-launch list we should you
know we should have links and everything
available we hope by the middle of
August and be ready to launch the public
but if you want to get on a pre build
list right now get back with the person
to share this COINPRESSIONS video with you and I’m
sure they will get their link to you as
soon as they have it and we’re launched
to the public thank you and again any
questions reach out to me
take care




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