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There is no information on the Changes Worldwide website indicating that owns or operates the business. On the Changes Worldwide Facebook web page a corporate address in the United States state of Florida is offered, indicating this is where the company is based.
The Changes Worldwide website domain (“”) was signed up on the 12th of September 2013 and lists a “Timothy Baggett” as the owner. On his LinkedIn account, Baggett credit histories himself as the CEO of Changes Worldwide:.
On his blog site called “The Turn-Key System”, Baggett gives a quick past record of his MLM experience:.
My label is Tim and I am A MLM addict. It feels like I have actually attempted every MLM program from this earth (and some past) whenever absolutely sure that I ferreted out something huge.
I would certainly join. jump in with both feet and attempt to obtain everybody and their grandma to join the “NEXT BIG THING.”.
Yea, I was that person that everyone flew at family members reunitings (wedding events, banquets, sporting events, funerals … ect) and what was so bad is my enthusiasm attracted player to my company possibility the initial 3 or 4 times and after the 17th, well you understand.
Circa 2010 Baggett was a member with Lightyear Wireless, consistently showing up in the company’s leading 10 “sales entertainers” listings.
When Baggett left Lightyear Wireless is confusing, but he published a write-up on IBOSocial back in March of this year titled “10 Reasons I Joined Bids That Give”.
Proposals That Give (now BTG180) is designed on the Zeek Rewards Ponzi directs payment strategy. Aside from the common affiliate-funded revenue sharing and penny public auction system combo, Bids That Give included a charity aspect to business version.
In his article Baggett composes.
With BTG there are no marketing or recruiting needs, we are not a pyramid.
Of extra note is the involvement of Wayne Caraway, that accepts himself as Changes Worldwide’s Chief Operating Officer on his Facebook account:.
Caraway was likewise formerly entailed in Bids That Give, and in a blog site article entitled “Bids that give review (why I picked BTG)” shares his experience with the company:.
It came as a shock to a bunch of people when I made a decision to quit conventional mlm and sign up with a brand-new business.
I’m not boasting and many different reps from several different firms had been attempting to sponsor me for a long period of time with no excellence, the something that appeared to be typical know-how was, Wayne wouldn’t relocate.
So why did I determine to jump ship?
It’s truly quite basic … … The Money!
Though I had actually succeeded, sponsored numerous reps and was happy with the income, I acquired introduced to a concept that completely transformed my mind-set.
Exclusive profits sharing and day-to-day pay!
You obtain compensated or spent for sponsoring others in to the business … I could generate cash 2 means with BTG by recruiting a bunch of team members which I think is wise and all associates must be doing it. Or I could just sponsor two, acquire some wholesale proposals and take component in the everyday payment,.
Some have actually contrasted Bids that offer to Zeek rewards and have problems that the FTC will certainly close Bids that give down.
Allows talk about that momentarily. yes Zeek ended up an unlawful company and … BTG has actually made the essential modifications to the comp plan to not just make it more powerful but to make it legal. Every little thing has actually been sent to the FTC.
The reason I acquired included in the online business arena had not been for the products or benefits, it was for the cash. So to reiterate why I picked to sign up with BTG… ITS THE MONEY !!!!
Whether or not Baggett and Caraway are still actively associated with Bids That Give is confusing.
Read through on for a complete assessment of the Changes Worldwide MLM business possibility.

The Changes WorldWide Product Line.
Described as “ultimately an item that works” on the Changes Worldwide internet site, Thin Slym is a diet supplement that’s promoted to “boost your power and health and fitness”.
Thin Slym includes supplement B12, Chromium, Dicaffeine Malate, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Irvingia gabonensis seed extract and raspberry ketones.
Thin Slym can be found in capsule provide and is marketed at $69.95 for a one month provide.

The Changes WorldWide Compensation Plan.
The Changes WorldWide settlement plan mostly focuses on affiliates transferring cash in to the business on the assumption of a 24 month )100 % ROI.
Payments are likewise paid on the sale of the Thin Slym item and month-to-month affiliate membership costs.

Item Commissions.
Changes Worldwide offer a flat 15 % commission on the sale of their Thin Slym item.

Matrix Commissions.
Changes Worldwide pay out commissions on regular monthly associate subscription fees making use of a 3 � 5 matrix. A 3 � 5 matrix positions an affiliate at the best of the matrix, with 3 positions straight under them (degree 1).
Each of these very first 3 positions divisions out in to three additional placements each (level 2) and so on and so forth down a total amount of five degrees.
Positions in the matrix stand for sponsored charge paying members, with employment of pointed out affiliates either taking place straight or via the recruiting initiatives of an associates up and downlines.
Each month when member membership fees are paid, Changes Worldwide pay out a percentage of the charges by means of matrix compensations. Just how much of a portion is paid out is identified by the amount of a member themselves pays in subscription charges.

Bronze Membership ($50) -.
degrees 1 to 4– 1 %.
height 5– 5 %.

Silver Membership ($100) -.
heights 1 and 2– 1 %.
levels 3 and 4– 2 %.
height 5– 5 %.

Gold Membership ($250) -.
degrees 1 and 2– 2 %.
levels 3 and 4– 3 %.
height 5– 10 %.

Note that in order to apply for matrix commissions, a WorldWide Changes affiliate must personally recruit a minimum of 2 new members.
A FIFTY % matching perk is also provided on the matrix revenues of all personally sponsored affiliates.

Employer Pool.
5 % of the member subscription costs paid by WorldWide Changes each month are embeded just what they call the Recruiter Pool.
Affiliates could make shares in the Recruiter Pool via the employment of Gold charge paying members. For each 5 brand-new Gold charge paying associates recruited in any offered month, a member makes a single share in that month’s Recruiter Pool.
Keep in mind that certification in the Recruiter Pool is based upon a recurring demand that resets month-to-month.

Subscription Volume Pools.
Each month WorldWide Changes takes 25 % of the subscription costs paid by affiliates and places it in five Subscription Volume Pools (5 % each swimming pool).
Shares are allocated in the swimming pools similarly amongst qualifying affiliates, subject to the adhering to standards:.
Beginner (5 %)– $10,000 regular monthly sales amount from sponsored member subscription fees.
Grand (5 %)– $50,000 month-to-month sales amount from recruited member subscription costs.
Royal (5 %)– $250,000 month-to-month sales quantity from sponsored member subscription costs.
Imperial (5 %)– $500,000 monthly sales amount from sponsored member subscription charges.
Peak (5 %)– $1,000,000 month-to-month sales quantity from sponsored associate subscription charges.

In order to get any type of repayments via the above pools, an associate must personally recruit at the very least three Gold cost paying members. Also note that no greater than FIFTY % of the counted sales amount in the above standards can come from any one individual recruitment line.
A $600 month-to-month Car Bonus is also offered at the Grand level and over (payable as $300 if an associate does not wish to place it towards an auto).
Ultimately, Imperial associates are additionally provided a “brand name brand-new Mercedes”.

Discount Pack Revenue Sharing.
Changes Worldwide enable associates to down payment sums of $250, $1000, $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 for factors in a revenue-sharing pool. Factors are exchanged at a price of one dollar placed being equivalent to one point.
As above, advertising credit ratings are additionally packed with each down payment made, which show up to be linked in to company-run “phonerooms” that market the Changes Worldwide company opportunity.
Purchased earnings sharing points generate a day-to-day ROI (paid monthly), ending after 24 months.
In addition to calling for earnings sharing indicate receive an everyday ROI, Changes Worldwide associates additionally have to recruit a minimum of two affiliates to qualify for ROIs by means of the Promo Pack Revenue Sharing Pool.
Finally a 10 % referral payment is paid on money deposited by personally sponsored affiliates (degree 1), and a 5 % compensation on cash their recruited affiliates down payment (level 2).

Signing up with Changes Worldwide.
Member membership to Changes Worldwide is available at three price-points:.
Bronze– $FIFTY.
Silver– $100.
Gold– $250.

We’ve all listened to that “it’s everything about the product” or “Find a product or reason you could be enthusiastic regarding and excellence will certainly make sure to follow”. Well I disagree.
The reason I got included in the home office business arena had not been for the products or advantages, it was for the money.
-Wayne Caraway, Chief Operating Officer of Changes Worldwide.
With the above quote in thoughts and past involvement of both Timothy Baggett and Wayne Caraway in Zeek’esque Ponzi factors businesses, it’s simple to see where the suggestion behind Changes Worldwide stemmed from.
The 15 % compensation on the sale of Thin Slym capsules is noteworthy, nonetheless it’s totally weakened by the abundance of warnings existing in the remainder of Changes Worldwide’s settlement plan.
The matrix commissions and recruitment swimming pool are directly up pyramid plan region. Affiliates pay a cost and that fee is recycled and paid out to those member’s that have actually the largest recruited down lines.
Moreover the more a member pays in charges, the even more they stand to make off sponsored associates, which presents a “pay to play” element to business.
On the other hand the revenue-sharing element of Changes Worldwide is the now knowledgeable Ponzi company design, offered under the facade of guaranteed retail task.
Grand promises of “as much as 50 %” of the retail income from the sale of not-yet-released wireless solutions, “dime barrel auctions” and sports nourishment products are made, however the reality is that we’re considering yet one more affiliate-funded financial investment plan.
Below’s a detailed breakdown.
Affiliates make $250, $1000, $5000, $10,000 or $25,000 investments in “factors”, made under the guise of “promotion pack” investments and on the assumption that they’ll be paid a )100 % ROI over 24 months (the lifetime of claimed factors).
Where does this regular monthly ROI come from?
Fail to remember regarding the assured retail task, which every revenue-sharing MLM business to this day has fallen short to deliver, it comes from none other compared to freshly invested cash (discount pack “acquisitions”).
Normally Changes Worldwide will claim there’s no guaranteed day-to-day ROI yada yada yada and members are plainly going down hundreds of dollars in factors on an implied )100 % ROI.
Oh and they’ll even pay you out a higher portion on a daily basis if you promise to repurchase (reinvest), invest $FIFTY a month or even more on Thin Slym or pay an additional $29.99 regular monthly “marketing system” charge.
Changes Worldwide’s response to what is obviously disclosed to be a ressurection of Zeek Rewards’ Ponzi points business version?
“We are not a Ponzi plan if we don’t point out the word investment”.
The actual take-away from that disclaimer is the “no refunds” refund policy. The factor Changes Worldwide cannot supply refunds is since they utilize it to pay out existing member capitalists (as each the revenue flowchart above).
In coming by from Bids That Give and who knows exactly what else before that (perhaps also Zeek Rewards itself), it seems the only point Baggett and Caraway have found out is to reduce business financial obligation (or must I point out duty) on their end.
Whereas it’s normal in Ponzi points plans to pay digital ROIs daily, with Changes Worldwide they are still calculated daily and are instead paid out monthly.
The 24 month factor termination also draws out the ROI procedure, offering Changes Worldwide loads of wiggle-room and notification on the back-end if there isn’t really sufficient new money coming in to maintain )100 % ROIs over a rolling 24 month period.
And afterwards that’s even if they wind up long-term 24 months to start with. Zeek Rewards, the $600M Ponzi points design leader business introduced in January 2011 and was shutdown by the SEC in August 2012– marking 19 months of operation.
In addition to that at the time the SEC closed them down Zeek Rewards was 1 or 2 months at best from needing to pay more money each month than was being spent.
If Changes Worldwide relives the Zeek Rewards Ponzi glory, which’ s a quite huge if, the business could front-loading the daily ROI in their very first couple of months to acquire their early capitalists over the 100 % ROI line. Yet then that leaves little possibility for the lasting, as undoubtedly the day-to-day ROI percent has to go down and screw over later capitalists and those re-investing.
Reinvestment will just magnify the issue (no pun intended), enticing greatly ridiculous responsibilities been obligated to repay to associates well before twenty-four months is up on the original factors members spend for.
Long tale short, great luck attempting to persuade the SEC your associates are going down $25,000 a piece on “phoneroom” advertising and marketing credit histories. You’re certainly going to need it guys.



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