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Buyezee review


Buyezee Review

Buyezee are integrated in the US state of Delaware and run in the e-commerce MLM niche.

In spite of providing standard information concerning the company on their internet site though, there is presently no info up as to that owns or runs Buyezee.

This is of particular worry considereding as Buyezee case to have actually initial included back in 2014.

Further research reveals Buyezee on their Facebook web page determining Daniela Claudia Szasz as CEO.

Citing “20 years of encounter”, on her blog Szasz (right) markets herself as a business advisor.

I advise managers, leaders and also entrepreneurs from business and companies (on) just how you authentically introduce successful returns, while thrilling your consumers with a self-confident and also persuading depiction.

As an outcome of my continuously organization successes, I am today an independent fitness instructor as well as professional for firms, network as well as companies in national and international companies.

As a personal development fitness instructor for company events, management courses as well as motivation seminars, I’ve amazed every audience with my clear, enchanting, functional, and skilled design.

MLM business Szasz has formerly been an affiliate with include Herbalife (President’s Team participant) and also PM-International (supplements). Her Facebook profile likewise exposes association with Asea as well as LifePlus.

Of note is that Szasz as just selected Buyezee’s CEO in late February of this year. Buyezee was incorporated in 2014, so she clearly does not have the company.

Buyezee would look based from Europe, with the company flaunting it is ‘a registered trademark for all Eurozone nations (since) June 2015’. In addition the Euro is the money utilized in the main Buyezee compensation plan documents.

For all intents and also objectives, it appears Buyezee exist in the US in name just. For currently and also for whatever reason, Buyezee typically aren’t disclosing that has the company.

As always, if an MLM company is not honestly in advance about that is running or owns it, believe long and also hard about joining and/or turning over any kind of cash.

The Buyezee Product Line
Buyezee retail an e-commerce portal full of “10,000’s of Brands from 1000’s of Top Retailers”.

Our design template for success is our consumer orientated emphasis to supply 100,000,000’s of items, from 1,000’s of top retail brands for individuals to quickly browse and also find the product they are searching for at the finest rates.

Buyezee declare their e-commerce portal gives ‘around 70 % payment (on) shopping, hotels, trips & neighborhood offers’, with replicated sites distributed totally free.

Commission rates through the Buyezee portal however are connected to just how much is paid for accessibility to it.

free portal = 20 % payment rate
EUR199 a year (access to finance products and advertising and marketing devices) = 45 % commission price
EUR799 a year (permits a portal owner to market their own items) = 50 % payment price
EUR1399 a year (access to “custom-made item pages”) = 55 % commission rate
EUR1999 a year = boosts compensation rate to 60 %.
EUR4999 (3 year certificate) = rises payment rate to 65 %.
EUR9999 (lifetime certificate) = boosts payment price to 70 %.
Undoubtedly this is some kind of partnership with one or even more third-party affiliate networks, however that Buyezee usage to supply the backend of their shopping portal is not made known.

The Buyezee Compensation Plan.
The Buyezee compensation plan pays affiliates to market e-commerce platform licenses to retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Buyezee Affiliate Ranks.
There are nine affiliate rankings in the Buyezee compensation plan.

Together with their corresponding certification standards, they are as adheres to:.

Shopreneur– join as a Buyezee affiliate for EUR39.
1 Star– required paid Buyezee e-commerce portal acquisition (cannot utilize totally free choice), generate 1000 GV a month (max 500 GV from any kind of one unilevel leg) and also personally hire and also preserve two affiliates.
2 Star– sustain paid Buyezee portal registration, generate 3000 GV a month (max 1500 GV from any kind of one unilevel leg) and personally hire and sustain two 1 Star or greater rated affiliates.
3 Star– maintain paid Buyezee portal membership, produce 10,000 GV a month (max 5000 GV from any sort of one unilevel leg) and personally hire and also sustain two 2 Star or higher ranked affiliates.
4 Star– sustain paid Buyezee portal subscription, create 25,000 GV a month (max 12,500 GV from any one unilevel leg) for 2 successive months, personally recruit as well as maintain two 3 Star or higher ranked affiliates and also done one TRI-9 cycle.
5 Star– keep paid Buyezee portal subscription, create 50,000 GV a month (max 25,000 GV from any type of one unilevel leg) for two consecutive months, directly recruit as well as maintain two 4 Star or higher rated affiliates and also total 2 TRI-9 patterns.
6 Star– maintain paid Buyezee portal registration, produce 100,000 GV a month (max 50,000 GV from any sort of one unilevel leg) for two consecutive months, personally recruit and also preserve 2 4 Star or greater ranked affiliates and complete 2 TRI-9 cycles.
7 Star– keep paid Buyezee portal registration, produce 250,000 GV a month (max 125,000 GV from any type of one unilevel leg) for two consecutive months, directly hire and keep two 6 Star or greater placed affiliates and also done four TRI-9 cycles.
8 Star– keep paid Buyezee portal registration, create 500,000 GV a month (max 250,000 GV from any sort of one unilevel leg) for two successive months, personally hire and keep 2 7 Star or higher ranked affiliates and also complete five TRI-9 cycles.
GV means “Group Volume” as well as is sales volume generated by an affiliate’s very own e-commerce registration, in addition to that of their recruited affiliates as well as retail e-commerce portal customers.

E-commerce Portal Shopping Commissions.
For every product marketed with Buyezee’s e-commerce portal, a third-party seller pays the company a compensation.

This commission is shown to Buyezee affiliates as afters:.

cost-free portal = 20 % compensation rate.
EUR199 a year = 45 % compensation price.
EUR799 a year = 50 % compensation rate.
EUR1399 a year = 55 % compensation price.
EUR1999 a year = 60 % compensation rate.
EUR4999 = 65 % commission price.
EUR9999 = 70 % compensation rate.
Recurring e-commerce portal commissions are paid out via a unilevel compensation framework.

A unilevel compensation framework places an affiliate on top of a unilevel group, with every directly recruited affiliate put directly under them (level 1):.


If any kind of level 1 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are positioned on level 2 of the initial affiliate’s unilevel group.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are positioned on level 3 and also so on etc down an academic limitless number of degrees.

Buyezee cap payable unilevel degrees at ten with a 10 % compensation paid out on each level.

The amount of levels a Buyezee affiliate could earn on is figured out by how much they spend for accessibility to the Buyezee shopping portal:.

cost-free portal = 10 % on levels 1 and 2.
EUR199 a year = 10 % on degrees 1 to 4.
EUR799 a year = 10 % on degrees 1 to 6.
EUR1399 a year = 10 % on levels 1 to 8.
EUR1999 a year = 10 % on degrees 1 to 9.
EUR4999 or EUR9999 = 10 % on degrees 1 to 10.
E-commerce Portal Commissions.
Buyezee affiliates are paid a direct compensation when they market the shopping portal to retail consumers or recruited affiliates as complies with:.

EUR199 a year license = EUR60 commission.
EUR799 a year license = EUR240 commission.
EUR1399 a year permit = EUR420 commission.
EUR1999 a year permit = EUR600 payment.
EUR4999 three-year license = EUR1500 compensation.
EUR9999 life time permit = EUR3000 commission.
TRI-9 Pay Commissions.
TRI-9 Pay commissions are paid when an affiliate creates 3 shopping portal sales.

Just how a lot of a payment is paid is established by which price-tier portal is grouped with each other:.

Starter (EUR199 a year)– EUR50.
Costs (EUR799 a year)– EUR200.
Expert (EUR1399 a year)– EUR350.
Ultimate (EUR1999 a year)– EUR500.
Ultimate Pro (EUR4999 for three years)– EUR1250.
Ultimate Life (EUR9999 one-time)– EUR2500.
A residual TRI-9 Pay payment is also paid out when directly recruited affiliates additionally sell shopping sites in teams of three.

Again, which price-tier is offered establishes exactly how much of a payment is paid out:.

Starter– EUR150.
Premium– EUR600.
Professional– EUR1050.
Ultimate– EUR1500.
Ultimate Pro– EUR3750.
Ultimate Life– EUR7500.
If three recruited affiliates earn TRI-9 Pay on any type of portal price-tier, the upline affiliate receives a “Double Pay” bonus offer compensation.

A Double Pay incentive compensation is equivalent to the above payouts, determined whereby portal price-tier has been offered (eg. Double Pay benefit on Ultimate Pro is EUR3750).

Note that affiliates who make use of the totally free Buyezee shopping portal do not get TRI-9 Pay commissions.

RoyalPay is an incentive 10 % commission on the sale of Buyezee shopping websites.

The commission is paid out as a 10 % percent of 25 % of the commissionable volume each portal sale generates, making use of the same unilevel framework residual portal sale commissions are paid out with.

1 Star– 10 % on levels 1 to 3.
2 Star– 10 % on levels 1 to 4.
3 Star– 10 % on levels 1 to 5.
4 Star– 10 % on levels 1 to 6.
5 Star– 10 % on level 1 to 7.
6 Star– 10 % on levels 1 to 8.
7 Star– 10 % on degrees 1 to 9.
8 Star– 10 % on levels 1 to 10.
A recurring commission on RoyalPay commissions gained by personally hired 3 Star or higher affiliates is offered, paid down 7 levels of employment:.

3 Star– 10 % on level 1, 5 % on level 2.
4 Star– 10 % on level 1 as well as 5 % on levels 2 and 3.
5 Star– 10 % on level 1 and also 5 % on levels 2 to 4.
6 Star– 10 % on level 1 and 5 % on degrees 2 to 5.
7 Star– 10 % on level 1 as well as 5 % on levels 2 to 6.
8 Star– 10 % on level 1 and also 5 % on level 2 to 7.
Note that the residual levels above are paid out on 3 Star or greater placed affiliates in the down lines of directly recruited 3 Star or greater rated affiliates.

Commissions made with RoyalPay and TRI-9 Pay are doubled monthly, with a cap on payments established by a Buyezee affiliate’s rank:.

1 Star– EUR500 cap.
2 Star– EUR1250 cap.
3 Star– EUR2500 cap.
4 Star– EUR5000 cap.
5 Star– EUR12,500 cap.
6 Star– EUR25,000 cap.
7 Star– EUR50,000 cap.
8 Star– EUR150,000 cap.
International Pool.
The Global Pool is comprised of 1 % of Buyezee’s yearly company-wide turn over, covered at EUR1 million EUR.

The perk is paid out each year among GlobalPay qualified affiliates.

To qualify as a GlobalPay ranked affiliate, a Buyezee affiliate should be 8 Star placed and contend the very least one directly recruited 8 Star ranking affiliate in their team.

Signing up with Buyezee.
Affiliate subscription with Buyezee is EUR39 yearly, on top of accessibility to the Buyezee e-commerce system (totally free to EUR9999).

The main distinction in between the e-commerce channel fees is compensation rates paid out for sale created via the portal (pay more, gain even more).

Historcally e-commerce MLM opportunities have brought the problem of marketing nothing more compared to access to price cuts.

Buyezee do have a system of their very own nonetheless, which seems inhouse. If so, the licenses the company offers would thus qualify as a solution, within the context of an MLM product or solution being offered to retail clients.

That claimed, the legitimacy of Buyezee depends upon whether or not the system is feasible on a retail level.

I do not believe it is, for the single factor that it’s a channel that’s focused on producing money.

For EUR39 a year, it comes affixed with an MLM business opportunity– that has the prospective to produce a lot more cash.

Both go together, and also I think that’s going to come at the cost of real retail sales.

If you can not find anybody to offer Buyezee e-commerce system to for EUR199 to EUR9999 to, inform them an added EUR39 a year gets them a company chance and also away you go.

At the cost of retail, this lends itself to chain-recruitment. If affiliate’s are the only ones purchasing the Buyezee shopping portal, you’re taking a look at a closed-loop flow of cash within Buyezee, where affiliate employment is thus the key resource of commission payouts.

Keep in mind that if this holds true, whatever revenue is hence sourced from third-party merchants through the e-commerce portal is unimportant (Buyezee do not themselves market these products, they simply offer access to them).

Buyezee themselves touch on this in their compensation plan:.

Shopreneurs can additionally present various other BUYEZEE SHOPRENEURS that can duplicate their initiatives and also advantage from their success from doing precisely the exact same.

“Introduce other Buyezee Shopreneurs” = recruit new affiliates, with duplication seeing recruited affiliates accomplishing “success” by hiring affiliates of their own.

The great information is setting up whether Buyezee’s platform is viable at a retail level is pretty straight-forward. Merely ask your prospective upline the amount of active retail portal consumers they have, and also contrast that for energetic recruited affiliates they have.

If the ratio is preferred to affiliates, that shows that the retail stability of Buyezee is possibly non-existent.

Digging deeper into Buyezee’s compensation plan, even with solid retail portal sales there’s still the concern of “pay to play”.

This is confirmed by the much more an affiliate spends on the shopping portal equating right into a greater commission payout.

In MLM variable payment rates should be figured out by an affiliate’s sales performance, not by just how much they invest themselves.

I simulated using Double Pay in the plan. Initially I wondered about why they didn’t just change both the TRI-9 Pay as well as RoyalPay commissions respectively. I worked out that this means an affiliate is paid double, no matter of whether they’re stronger in one component of the compensation plan over the various other.

It’s type of the very best of both worlds, controlled by a global cap (which would remain in area if they doubled RoyalPay and also TRI-9 Pay separately anyway.

Lastly, I’ll aim out that historically third-part merchant networks pay out peanuts per sale. These funds are shared in between Buyezee and also their affiliates, which takes peanut revenue and minimizes it even additionally.

That alone isn’t really a trouble (aside from reducing the viability of the shopping portal), however when contrasted with hundreds of EUR paid out on selling portal licenses, practically ensures portal licensing fees are visiting outdo whatever incomes shopping through the portal produces.

I’m bringing this up due to the fact that Buyezee’s pitch is very heavy on their portal giving accessibility to “100,000,000’s of products, from 1,000’s of top retail brands”.

From a company possibility perspective, it seems insincere to put a focus on the part of the company that’s most likely to produce the least amount of commissions. From a calculatedly misleading conformity standpoint, I could see why they would certainly do so (and also of course highly object).

In conclusion I really feel Buyezee is not likely to go beyond the historic issues of creating authentic retail interest in e-commerce based MLM companies. There’s absolutely nothing actually brand-new below, apart from demanding affiliates and also retail consumers hundreds of Euro for a shopping portal certificate.

In an age of free e-commerce affiliate programs, that’s most likely visiting be a tough sell.

Include anonymous company possession most likely based from Europe, that have actually for factors known only to themselves selected Delaware to include the company … see to it you thoroughly obtain to the bottom of points before diving in.



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