Bring Home the Bacon – Review


Cycler lovers and risk takers!

Bring Home the Bacon is a New cycler from Asia and is open for registration.

The site is still on Beta testing but you can register and share your referral links now before your friends share their link to you.

Daily Subscription

Having a constant inflow of funds into the system daily = no stalling! First time advance payment of 12 days ($36). Thereafter, $3 will be deducted from your purchase wallet daily (if funds are available) to help purchase a new position.

Passive Cycler

We have additional specially-created cyclers for our members to earn extra bonuses and to help boost our main matrix even further! We will also introduce new cyclers (our own special recipe) in the near future to allow our members to earn more and bring home more bacons 😉

Automatic Re-entries

Automatic Reentry to help our members earn even more! Just one $3 position will get you 7 additional $3 position re-entry, 4 x $35 position and 1 x $90 position when fully cycled. (Not even counting the additional re-entries these entries will give!)

Be Rewarded For Referring

Great referral bonuses! Get referral bonuses every time your downline cycles.

2 Wallet System

Purchase Wallet – Funds will be used to purchase positions. Auto-deduction of $3 daily.

Cash Wallet – All funds are withdrawable! You may also top up your purchase wallet from your cash wallet or purchase positions directly from here. PS: You may send funds to your friends/downline to their purchase wallet ONLY and PIF them!

Cash Pool

Every $3 position that cycled level 6 will have $2 deducted from their earnings into the cash pool. Once the cash pool amount hits $30, 10 random members that have not cycled will get $2 deposited into their subscription wallet and $1 into their cash wallet. This will allow newer members to have a chance to earn more!



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