A Pragmatic Review of inCruises Exclusive Travel Membership Company


InCruises review

InCruises review

A Pragmatic Review of inCruises

If you are reading this article you must have heard of incruises, the secretive start-up with which aims to revolutionize the cruising industry. According to the video I watched, it allows you to earn money while traveling around the world. It will make you rich. Now if you’re a pragmatist like me your alarm bells are probably ringing by now. My knee jerk reaction was since it’s extremely vague on details, it must be a scam, but researching about it more I found out that not only is it REAL, it’s actually a VIABLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. So behind the veil of secrecy, what is it really? This review aims to clarify what Incruises is.

The Person Behind
Now before I start what Incruises is, let’s check who’s behind the enterprise. A good litmus test to see if something is a scam or not is to check the people behind it. Incruises is founded by Michael Hutchison, you can see his LinkedIn account here(https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhutch/) and his website(http://www.michaelhutch.com/). His personal history and achievements are incredible. Now ask yourself this, would a successful public speaker that actually focuses on CREDIBILITY in business, risk his career by launching a scam? As such we can declare that Incruises is not a scam.

What It Really Is
So what really is it? Incruises is an invite only membership club that focuses in cruise tours. Members pay a monthly membership fee ($100 a month) and in exchange, they get access to discounted cruise tours. This membership fee isn’t wasted, it gets turned into “Cruise Bucks”, the currency you use to pay for cruises within the system. Your membership fee is turned into Cruise Bucks at a rate of 2 Cruise Bucks for every dollar, so you get 200 Cruise Bucks per month. Think of it as costco for cruises combined with your average MLM networking scheme.

Now, doubling people’s money doesn’t look like a viable business model, but here comes Incruises brilliant strategy. You see they have two types of Cruising packages: Global Destinations and Dream Cruises. Global Destinations are your standard cruises you can buy from travel agencies and the like. When you book a Global Destination cruise, there’s a caveat, you are only allowed to use 50% of your Cruise Bucks. So you’re back paying $1 for $1. At this point you might ask as to the point of it. Well what incruises is about are the Dream Cruises.

Dream Cruises are special cruise deals exclusive for inCruises members. With Dream Cruises you are allowed to use 100% of your Cruise Bucks to pay for it. Now how is it viable, how are they getting deals? The answer is the power of group buy. Group buying is a tried and true strategy, used by groupon and other startups like the dollar shave club. By leveraging their members’ collective buying power, group buying clubs can negotiate lower prices from manufactures. This is the same strategy inCruises use to get better deals for Dream Cruises.

Closing Thoughts
As you can see the guy running the company is reliable, and the business is sound. However, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t plan of going to cruises or don’t know anyone that’s interested in cruises, you are better off not joining. If, however, you are interested in cruises, and you know people that are interested in cruises, there is no reason to not join the program. Heck, If you join now and recruit them immediately, you will find that their membership fees will pay for your own cruise and membership fees.

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